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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
William V. Cabeche Helen Cabeche 1938
Clara Elena Cabiness Thomas G. Cabiness 1951
Lillian Cable George Cable 1921
D. B. (two folders) Caddell Faye S. Caddell 1953
Fay S. (two folders) Caddell D. B. Caddell 1953
Raymond J. Cade Wilma B. Cade 1948
Omathine B. Cadieu Robert H. Cadieu 1948
Frances Godfrey Cagle James Clarence Cagle 1950
J. L. Cagle Donnie Cagle 1933
James Clarence Cagle Frances Godfrey Cagle 1951
Radford Cain Lula Fletcher Cain 1944
John W. Cairns Lilly Belle Cairns 1918
Bertie D. Calafrancisco Armando Calafrancisco 1946
Albert Caldwell Vivian Caldwell 1920
Alberta W. Caldwell Albert A. Caldwell 1952
Anne Elizabeth Brown Caldwell Thomas Porter Caldwell 1951
Archie Caldwell Mary Caldwell 1916
Audrey Caldwell Claude Caldwell 1955
Belva Caldwell Ralph T. Caldwell 1930
C. A. Caldwell Henrietta Caldwell 1919
Drayton Caldwell Elma Leak Caldwell 1942
Esdale E. Caldwell Eddie C. Caldwell 1946
F. B. Caldwell Virginia Caldwell 1943
Frances McClellan Caldwell Forest Caldwell 1942
Hattie Caldwell Earl Caldwell 1944
Henry Caldwell Alice Caldwell 1895
J. M. Caldwell Molly Caldwell 1944
Jeannette Caldwell Avery N. Caldwell 1944
Juanita Caldwell James P. Caldwell 1952
M. M. Caldwell W. A. Caldwell 1947
Marie Fisher Caldwell Robert Russell Caldwell 1937
Mary T. Caldwell Mack Caldwell 1947
Myrtle Caldwell Albert Caldwell 1928
Otho F. Caldwell Pauline Elizabeth Caldwell 1933
Otho F. Caldwell Viola V. Caldwell 1939
Otis Folsom Caldwell Mary Frances Eaves Caldwell 1947
Paul E. Caldwell Myrtle Aline Fickling Caldwell 1947
Richard A. Caldwell Peggy Ann Caldwell 1940
Richard Boyce Caldwell Katherine M. Caldwell 1954
Sam Caldwell Eva Caldwell 1916
Virginia Caldwell F. B. Caldwell 1938
Frances (Caldwell) McClellan Forest Caldwell 1942
George L. Calebro Margie M. Calebro 1946
Helen Ruth Hartsell Calebro Lester L. Calebro 1951
Edith B. Calhoun Roy Tilmon Calhoun 1955
Helen Calhoun Sam Calhoun 1944
Hugh Foster Calhoun Stacie C. Calhoun 1941
Jack M. Callaham Betty George Callaham 1948
Charles P. Callahan Lois Hamrick Callahan 1948
Paul E. Callahan Annie P. Callahan 1937
Maisel Gregory Callaway Ralph W. Callaway 1950
Willie Callaway Ella Wade Callaway 1947
Willie F. Callaway Annie Hicks Callaway 1945
Judith Frazier Callicutt Joseph Lee Callicutt 1952
Lillian Calvert Albert Calvert 1929
A. E. Cameron Margaret Cameron 1933
Marian Graham Cameron Kenneth Ray Cameron 1953
Kate T. Cammer Leslie Leroy Cammer 1948
Effie Camp Vick Camp 1925
Eula M. Camp T. D. Camp 1937
Helen Marie Camp Joseph Daniel, Jr. Camp 1946
James V. Camp Elizabeth Ann McDonald Camp 1952
Loretta Perry Campanelli Albert J. Campanelli 1946
Alice E. Campbell Paul T. Campbell 1945
Barnie Howard Campbell Lola Belle Campbell 1945
Bernice L. Campbell Aileen M. Campbell 1947
Blanche B. Campbell William Stough Campbell 1943
Ethel Campbell Jack Campbell 1952
Forrest J. Campbell Etta Lee Campbell 1945
Gertrude Mehling Campbell Morton Benford Campbell 1944
Grace Walters Campbell William Herman Campbell 1933
Hilda Campbell James B. Campbell 1945
James F. Campbell Rita Ann Campbell 1951
Joe C. Campbell Margie Scarboro Campbell 1911
John E. Campbell Dorothy Jackson Campbell 1947
Lola Campbell Luther Campbell 1951
Margaret Russell Campbell John Thomas Campbell 1953
Mary Evelyn Campbell Donald Durant Campbell 1945
Mary Lee Campbell Lawrence R. Campbell 1947
Morton B. Campbell Gertrude Mehling Campbell 1948
Robert M. Campbell Dora H. Campbell 1945
Russel E. Campbell Ruby Lee Campbell 1939
William R. Campbell Violet Crawley Ingram Campbell 1943
C. A. Campo Helen Campo 1924
Wayne Everette Campo Bernice Deese Campo 1968
Lillian McCraw Camby James V. Canby 1947
J. Boyd Candler Louise Kirkpatrick Candler 1951
Charles Dee, Jr. Cannon Arline Jenkins Cannon 1939
J. H. Cannon Esther W. Cannon 1928
Kate Lee Cannon Max Clifford Cannon 1952
Laura L. Cannon J. H. Cannon 1931
Laura M. Cannon E. J. Cannon 1952
Ola Cannon Coy Cannon 1943
Paul J. Cannon Kay Hunter Cannon 1954
Pearl Ford Cannon D. F. Cannon 1922
Ruth Loggins Cannon Wallace Edwards Cannon 1949
Wanda Goldwyn (same folder with Pearl Ford Cannon) Cannon Frank Cannon 1924
William Jefferson Cantrell Grace Paulene Cantrell 1938
Gladys Eleanor Canty Robert Louis Nelson Canty 1952
Deana Fowler Canup Gilmer H. Canup 1954