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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
Thomas Jackson Yeargain Lois E. Yeargain 1950
Maude Orr Yeargin John Cecil Yeargin 1943
Gladys Hatfield Yeazell Edgar Howard Yeazell 1944
Eloise Yeldell Foster Yeldell 1945
Robert L. Yelton Mildred A. Yelton 1948
V. J., Sr. Yelvington Minnie C. Yelvington 1952
Eugene Yerton Connie Robinson Yerton 1940
Nan Baker Yett Harry Yett 1950
Janet Ewing Yongue Pearle F. Yongue 1939
H. B. Yorke Kathryn Yorke 1935
Mabel L. Younce Charles Kepley Younce 1936
Albert W. Young Lucinda Young 1927
Andrew J. Young Elma Young 1949
Beatrice Morris Young E. C. Young 1926
Burnell Pettice Young Earl Young 1947
Charlie Young Minnie Young 1930
Constance Young Rosie Belle Grier Young 1945
Dora Young Dock Young 1926
Edna Wise Young A. J. Young 1952
George Henry Young Bessie T. Young 1953
Gilbert Young Naomi Young 1942
Harriet H. Young Reid M. Young 1935
Hugh Young Alice Young 1934
J. L. Young Bettie Glenn Young Young 1931
Julia Burton Young Joe. F. Young 1941
L. Young E. Young 1924
Lois Potts Young Jethro Young 1967
Louise Young Truman G. Young 1952
Mable Huntley Young Pinky Young 1954
Macie Zadie Young Charlie Fred Young 1940
Mary Elizabeth Young James Allen Young 1945
Naomi Jackson Young Roy G. Young 1940
Sarah Young R. A. Young 1950
Wallace Young Lois B. Young 1941
Wallace Young Minnie Young 1906
Will Young Alice Young 1908
Willie B. Young Fannie Young 1939
Effie Moore Youngblood James E. Youngblood 1939
J. E. Youngblood Melvina Youngblood 1925
Julia Smith Younger John Logan Younger 1946
James Franklin Younginer Bessie Loriane Dennis Younginer 1943
Shirley Long Yow Roy R. Yow 1954
Charles L. Zack Gladys E. Zack 1952
Esther Schofield Louis Zapantis 1932
Esther Schofield Louis Zapantis 1932
Margaret McCaskill Zeide Manuel Zeide 1949
Dora Zeigler Jerry Zeigler 1943
Jerry Zeigler Dora Zeigler 1943
Jerry Zeigler Dora Zeigler 1944
Clara R. Zigler Ernest Zigler 1916
Azalee P. Zimmerman Odell F. Zimmerman 1949
Alice Zimtbaum Mark Zimtbaum 1929
Annie May Hatfield Zorn William Harold Zorn 1944