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Divorce Records

For divorce records from the year 1970 or later , please contact the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court (704-686-0400).
The Carolina Room has records for Mecklenburg County divorces dated 1846-1969, There is an index to them on this site, and the full records can be read on microfilm in the Carolina Room. Please select "Contact" above to request assistance from the Carolina Room.

Plaintiff First Name Plaintiff Last Name Defendant First Name Defendant Last Name Year of Divorce
Ethel W. Pool A Vaughn Pool 1939
Ethel W. Pool A Vaughn Pool 1939
F. Berghorn A. Berghorn 1943
Violet Derr Howard A. A. Howard 1936
Myrtle F. McFadden A. A. McFadden 1955
Ella (Lella) McKenzie A. A. McKenzie 1918
Nellie Gray Biggers A. B. Biggers 1943
Maggie Chaney A. B. Chaney 1918
Ruby J. Everett A. B. Everett 1929
Margaret B. Rosen A. B. Rosen 1944
Margaret B. Rosen A. B. Rosen 1944
Ethel A. Anderson A. C. Anderson 1943
Cora Butler A. C. Butler 1916
Eunice Conklin A. C. Conklin 1924
Laura Ellis A. C. Ellis 1934
Loucile Graham A. C. Graham 1944
Jeretha Melton A. C. Melton 1934
Dorothy Spears A. C. Spears 1946
Naomi Thrower A. C. Thrower 1934
Oleane Freeman A. C., Jr. Freeman 1952
M. L. Jordan A. D. Jordan 1926
Nancy Kaylor A. D. Kaylor 1948
Nannie Melton A. D. Melton 1910
Roslyn Edwards Rhodes A. D. Rhodes 1942
Roslyn Edwards Rhodes A. D. Rhodes 1942
Josie Tatum A. D. Tatum 1950
Dorothy Koutro A. E. Koutro 1944
Ada May Spurlock A. E. Spurlock 1929
Ollie Hinshaw Love A. F. Love 1946
Annie Mae Warren A. F. Warren 1926
Evvie C. Helms A. Frank Helms 1926
Mona Banks A. G. Banks 1924
L. C., Mrs. Bright A. G. Bright 1910
Florence H. Brown A. G. Brown 1954
Dorothy Boone A. G., Jr. Boone 1953
Mildred K. High A. G., Jr. High 1951
Ruby L. Banks A. H . Banks 1937
Katherine Herman Bridges A. H. Bridges 1942
Almetta Virginia Broom A. H. Broom 1904
Katherine E. Lyle A. H. Lyle 1928
Brownlee Spencer Meyer A. H. Meyer 1933
Madie D. Williamson A. H. Williamson 1936
Virginia Miller Agnew A. Howard Agnew 1936
Frances Pitts Henderson A. I (Alimony) Henderson 1944
Rosa Lee Blankenship A. J. Blankenship 1946
Frances Bunn A. J. Bunn 1937
Maude Green Orr A. J. Orr 1933
Edna Wise Young A. J. Young 1952
Lillie J. Dunn A. L. Dunn 1925
Mabel Kiser A. L. Kiser 1926
Jennie Furr A. L. (alimony) Furr 1927
Cleo Allred A. M. Allred 1920
Della Benson A. M. Benson 1912
Belle C. Lansford A. M. Lansford 1929
Lillian M. Timmons A. M. Timmons 1931
Courtney Jones Willis A. Murat Willis 1947
Eudora Blakeney Parker A. Otis Parker 1933
Marie DuLong A. P. DuLong 1946
M. B. Gately A. P. Gately 1931
Annie Manning A. P. Manning 1922
Buelah Ruth Neal A. P. Neal 1929
Pauline Mary Price A. Roy Price 1939
Pauline Mary Price A. Roy Price 1939
Virginia Kirby Broom A. S. Broom 1946
Edith Setzer Gaither A. S. Gaither 1927
Lucy W. Morgan A. S. Morgan 1945
Zula Russell A. S. Russell 1933
Zula Russell A. S. Russell 1933
Lillian W. Williams A. Thomas Williams 1940
Frances R. Wooten A. W. Wooten 1934
Cara Collins Nance A. Washington, Dr. Nance 1933
Bessie Finlayson A. Weldon Finlayson 1949
Mrs. A. Y. Miller A. Y. Miller 1929
Ethel Beatrice Womack A.F. Womack 1937
Doris J. Lewis Daugherty Aaron Daugherty 1942
Marjorie B. Brooks Aaron C. Brooks 1947
Callie Mae Boggs Aaron D. Boggs 1926
Loraine Schoolcraft Aaron S. Schoolcraft 1946
Loraine Schoolcraft Aaron S. Schoolcraft 1946
Gladys H. Gibson Aaron W. Gibson 1950
Lillian Mazor Abe Mazor 1926
Mayme Robinson Abraham Robinson 1935
Mayme Robinson Abraham Robinson 1935
Zeb Craig Ada Craig 1945
Elam Gray Ada Gray 1924
Lee G. Miller Ada Miller 1905
John T. Truesdale Ada Truesdale 1936
Turner Ferrell Ada Alley Ferrell 1942
P. N. Glenn Ada B. Glenn 1907
William Boyette Hinson Ada Bell Hinson 1946
Medford A. Edwards Ada Crawford Edwards 1945
W. A. Johnson Ada Elizabeth Johnson 1935
L. B. Scism Ada Elizabeth Scism 1952
L. B. Scism Ada Elizabeth Scism 1952
Thomas W. Knowles Ada Harris Knowles 1947
Frank Wilson Ada Hatcher Wilson 1949
C. R. Duck Ada Hill Duck 1926
A. D. Deaner Ada Jane Deaner 1935
Willie Neal Pettus Ada Lee Pettus 1944
Clyde Clarence Taylor Ada Louise Bowen Taylor 1941