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Charlotte Traffic, 1957

Transportation Options from the 1950s to the 1990s

Photo: 2/11/57 - Article: 2/12/57. “Traffic Moves at a Rapid Pace on Charlotte’s Streets.” Solving traffic jams by eliminating on-street parking is not an option today.

Photo c. 1960 - 1961 - Related article: 12/11/94. No longer associated with the Seaboard Airline Railway, the depot built in 1898 now houses the Urban Ministries. Its sister depot for Southern Railway was torn down in 1962 because it was an “eyesore.”     

Photo: 1/27/57 - Article: 1/29/57. As a major distribution center of the Southeast and an ideal transfer point for the major airlines, Charlotte’s Douglas Municipal Airport saw a rapid increase in air travel in the 1950s.

Photo: 11/12/73 (Phil Drake) - Article: 11/16/73.  This sultry 70s advertisement for Charlotte’s city buses was compared to the infamous National Airlines “Fly Me” campaign. It was generally declared harmless, though irrelevant to bus riding.    

Photo: 10/13/87 (Wes Bobbitt).- Article: 10/15/87. The “modernized” Trailways Bus Terminal was restored to its original appearance. Located at 414 W. Trade St., it has since been demolished.

Photo: 4/7/95- Article: 4/9/95. Called the Uptown Circuit, the 22-passenger electric minibus began operating in February of 1995. As of June 1996, ridership was about half of what was expected. It was sponsored by a consortium of business and government.

Photo: 9/22/94 (Gary O’Brien) - Article: unknown. In 1994, more than 6,000 containers and trailers per month were loaded and unloaded at the Norfolk and Southern Intermodal Operation. Products ranged from raw rubber to fine clothing for local department stores.

Photo: 9/22/94 (Gary O’Brien) - Related article: 1/11/95 The southern leg of I-485 is part of the 63-mile loop that will circle the outer edges of Mecklenburg County. It will cost $1 billion and should be completed in 2009. This portion is about one-half complete.


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