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Colossal Constructions

Wachovia Bank Building under construction

Charlotte Landmarks Under Construction

Photo: 6/13/57 - Article: 6/14/57. Local architects Odell and Associates and builder J.A. Jones took the 15-story Wachovia Bank project from drawing board to completion at 129 West Trade Street.

Photo c. 1960-1961 - Related article: 9/25/61. Cowan’s Ford Dam was built to tame the Catawba River and produce hydroelectric power. Completed in 1962, the waters of Lake Norman began to rise and the turbines opened in 1963.

Photo: 8/17/78 (John Daughtry) - Article: 8/18/78. Wrecking balls and crumbling walls are a common sight in uptown Charlotte. This location was cleared for Discovery Place.

Photo: 7/28/86 (Diedra Laird) - Article: 7/29/86. A major underground project vital to Charlotte was the new water main. Designed to quench the thirst of Charlotteans for years to come, the construction took approximately twelve months.     

Photo: 4/1/87 (Davie Hinshaw) - Article: 4/2/87. The NBA Hornets needed a hive. Construction of the new coliseum moved the focus of sports fans from Independence Boulevard to Tyvola Road.

Photo: 10/21/92 (Bob Leverone) - Article: 10/22/92. NationsBank, as it was known at the time, opened its corporate headquarters in this tower at 100 North Tryon Street.

Photo: 9/22/94 (Gary O’Brien) - Related article: 2/5/95. The process of constructing the city’s largest public building to date began in 1989. The FWA Group led the design team for the $141 million project. This mammoth construction project provided employment for many local businesses and individuals. The first event at the convention center was February 1995.

Photo: 9/22/94 - (Gary O’Brien) Related article: 5/29/95. Jail Central was planned to house 1,004 inmates and employ more than 400 people. F.N. Thompson managed the $56.3 million project.

Photo: 9/22/94 (Gary O’Brien) - Related article: 6/29/96. The Panthers needed a playing field. No less controversial than the coliseum’s site and financing, Ericsson Stadium became the home of the Panthers. An entertainment complex that will incorporate the stadium and a third coliseum has been proposed for adjacent property.



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