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Shuman Cemetery

Corner of Remount Road and Youngblood Street..

The cemetery appears on a 1923 surveyor's map of "Shuman Property."  The map shows "Shuman Avenue," which has now become part of Remount Road, at its intersection with South Boulevard.  The cemetery is located at the corner of  Youngblood Street, which did not exist at the time the map was made. The lot size is 100 x 110, so it appears to have been a very small family cemetery.

Persons working to establis the locations of the final reting places for unfree laborer in Mecklenburg County have investigated this location. If it holds the bodies of any enslaved persons, they were not associated with the Shuman family. Persons by the name of "Shuman" first appear in the Mecklenburg County census  in 1850. None of them was listed as a slaveowner in either the 1850 or the 1860 Slave Schedules of the Federal  Censuses.


(1) Mecklenburg County Map Book 3, p.62, 8/1923, J. B. Spratt, surveyor

Burials in this Cemetery

Last Name First Name Date of Death Cemetery
Shuman Dumpie / / Shuman Cemetery
Shuman Eddie / / Shuman Cemetery
Shuman Frank / / 1900 Shuman Cemetery
Shuman Frank / / 1904 Shuman Cemetery
Shuman Jane / / Shuman Cemetery
Shuman John / / Shuman Cemetery
Shuman Levi / / Shuman Cemetery
Shuman Margaret / / Shuman Cemetery
Shuman Martha / / Shuman Cemetery
Shuman William / / Shuman Cemetery