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Mecklenburg County Home or Poor House Cemetery

County Quadrant: 
Southeast Quadrant
Cemetery Size: 
More than 100 graves
Organization Affiliation: 
This cemetery is directly across the street from the University City Regional Library, 301 East W. T. Harris Blvd.

This cemetery was for the residents of the Mecklenburg County County Home, which was originally located nearby. Residents who could not provide for themselves became the responsibility of Mecklenburg Co. On January 3, 1939, a decision was made to place markers on the graves, using money from the Poor Fund Emergency Fund. Each marker was to be 8 inches wide, 2 inches thick, and from 20 to 22 inches high. The gravestones are all facing W. T. Harris Blvd. Because this cemetery was used before desegregation, there is a separation of graves. The earliest known burial was 1930. The cemetery is located in a wooded area that cannot be seen from the street. Access is provided by a narrow drive between the cemetery and a shopping center.



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Condition of Location: