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Cemetery in Crown Harbor

Cemetery Size: 
less than 25 graves
Organization Affiliation: 
Cathedral Way

This cemetery has mostly unmarked graves. The graves not marked are hard to determine because of the natural erosion on this hilly property and the number of fallen trees in this wooded area. The many dead trees and limbs make access difficult. There were only three readable stones found in 2003. This cemetery is believed to have once been a church cemetery, but it is unknown whether others in the community ever used it. Due to the dates on the stones, it does not appear to have been used since the 1910s at the latest. This is not a complete list of burials. The cemetery is located at the top of a hill and is the first property on the left corner on Cathedral Way. There is evidence that a wire fence once surrounded the property.



(1) Jane Johnson abstracted this cemetery in February 2003. 

Condition of Location: 
Abandoned/Poor Condition

Burials in this Cemetery

Last Name First Name Date of Death Cemetery
C. A. / / Cemetery in Crown Harbor
Wallace Luther 7 / 25 / 1917 Cemetery in Crown Harbor
Watson Ida 3 / 16 / 1914 Cemetery in Crown Harbor