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90s Charlotte 1990-1999

1997 - NFC West Champs

January 5, 1997 - The Carolina Panthers beat the Dallas Cowboys 29-6 in their division playoffs at the new Ericsson Stadium. They are now the NFC Western Division champs! Later this month, the Panthers will lose the conference championship game against the Green Bay Packers in Wisconsin's frigid cold. But fans will long remember the Panthers' stunning first season at Ericsson Stadium.

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1992 - African American Album

March 15, 1992 - The Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County publishes An African American Album. Families throughout the community have shared their treasured photographs. The result is this handsome book, edited by Elizabeth Randolph, that tells the story of Mecklenburg's black heritage. Library publishes An African-American Album

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1997 - One Man's Vision

March 6, 1997  - NationsBank executive Joe Martin has an idea. It's called Race Day, but it has nothing to do with cars. He urges all Charlotteans to have lunch once each week with a person of a different race. Although Martin struggles with Lou Gehrig's disease, he remains a passionate advocate for civil rights and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community.

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