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The Renwick-Wilkes Connection

Jane Jeffrey Renwick  (pictured) and Lieutenant Charles Wilkes married on April 26, 1826. The couple  eventually settled in Washington, DC, where they raised their four children:

  1. John “Jack” Wilkes (March 31, 1827-July 6, 1908) m. Jane Renwick Smedberg of New York City; (These are the "Jack" and "Jeanie" who would settle in Charlotte, NC.)
  2. Jane “Janey” Wilkes (January 3, 1829-August 17, 1921); 
  3. Edmund “Em” Wilkes (February 4, 1833-November 24, 1913) m. Bessie Van Buren of Ohio and  
  4. Eliza Wilkes (July 18, 1838-August 16, 1908).