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Meck Dec: History or Hoax?


Throughout the years, a mystery has evolved around the supposed historical document known as the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence written on May 20, 1775. Although there is no physical document to prove its existence, Mecklenburg county residents and the entire state of North Carolina have celebrated it and its ideals for over 100 years.
Here are some facts to consider:If this declaration actually existed, then it would predate the national Declaration of Independence which was written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776 by more than a year. View a recreation of the Meck. Dec document yourself. Do you think Jefferson borrowed from any of its concepts or wording? Or was it the other way around?

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Many events have been planned in its honor over the years and the signing date as become locally known as “Meck. Dec.” day. Even U.S. Presidents Taft, Wilson, Eisenhower and Ford have visited Charlotte to help celebrate this important date.

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Special coins have been minted, numerous articles and documents written and even a play “Shout Freedom” was created and produced in the event’s honor. The date May 20th, has been observed in the past as a state and local holiday with parades, fireworks and other festivities.

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The men who supposedly signed the Meck. Dec. document were influential citizens of Mecklenburg County. Many of the original signers and their families have provided testimony supporting the documents existence. Would these men have risked their reputations by falsifying the document’s existence? Find out more about these signers for yourself.

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Was the Mecklenburg Declaration a real document that was written in 1775 or was its existence a fabrication?