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Dearest Jeanie

Dearest Jeanie… Highlights of the Wilkes - Smedberg Papers (1853-1913)




This exhibit is comprised of photographs and letters written to and from Jane “Jeanie” Smedberg Wilkes, her husband, John “Jack” Wilkes, as well as extended family members, friends and business acquaintances, the Wilkes-Smedberg Papers offer a rare glimpse of daily life in three very different locations: New York City, Washington, DC and Charlotte, North Carolina during the nineteenth and early part of the twentieth century. The story starts with their courtship years and will follow the couple throughout their life together in Charlotte.

Table of Contents


Parts of this Exhibit:


The Intertwined Ancestries of John and Jane Wilkes     

Jack and Jeanie's Early Years,

Jack and Jeanie’s Courtship

Wedding and Relocation to Charlotte