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2018-07 - News from the Carolina Room

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018 - 17:21

News…From the Carolina Room

Jane Johnson

Manager, Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room

Main Library, 310 N. Tryon, Charlotte, NC



A new exhibit, “Weather Events in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Prior to Official Records,” is now available on Whether you are a weather watcher, or just a curious observer, you can now learn about significant weather events between 1816-1877 here and around the Queen City at Compiled by our ace volunteer, Ken Saunders, Librarian Tom Cole has made Internet sleuthing options flexible, so you can search the weather chronologically, by weather type, or by day of the month. On these hot summer days, you might want to read about the snow storms last!

We have many books that are biographical histories and genealogies of many of the leading citizens of various counties. Several of the titles below are just the type of book some of you are searching for because they have the family, educational and business background of prominent men. Sometimes they have a photograph or drawing of the individual! I have often included the date of publication to indicate the time the sketches were completed. Some of the men mentioned in the book were often at the height of their careers. If the book was published around the turn of the last century, some of the people included were often born before 1850. The sketches are better than birth and death certificates because the people are often providing their own information for the publishers, who are just compiling what returned to them. You might call them a “vanity press” publication.

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These materials were added to our collection between 6/3/2018 and 6/30/2018.

  • A Biographical History of Central Kansas, Vol. I (1902)
  • A Biographical History of Central Kansas, Vol. II (1902)
  • Biographical History of Cloud County, Kansas, Biographies of Representative Citizens
  • Brockville, A Pictorial History (Ontario, Canada)
  • Dodge County, Nebraska Marriage Records, Book 5, 7 February 1886 thru 24 February 1889
  • Every name Index to the 1911 Plat Book of Red Lake and Pennington Counties, Minnesota
  • Folsom 1888-1988, Then and Now (NM)
  • Goodhue County, Minnesota, Past and Present
  • Hickman Co., Tennessee Cemetery and Bible Records, Vol. 2
  • Hickman County Tennessee Bible, Family and Tombstone Records
  • Historical and Biographical Record of Southern California, Part 2 of 2 (1902)
  • Historical Markers, State Highway Commission of Montana
  • History of Labette County, Kansas and Representative Citizens (1901)
  • History of Montgomery County, Kansas (1903)
  • History of Neosho and Wilson Counties, Kansas (1902)
  • History of the First Maine Calvary 1861-1865
  • History of the Fourteenth Regiment, Connecticut Vol. Infantry
  • History of the Great Kanawha Valley, With Family History and Biographical Sketches., Vol. 1 (WV)
  • Jefferson County Pennsylvania, Her Pioneers and People, Vol. II (1917)
  • Logan County Kentucky Abstracts of Pensioners-Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and Indian Wars
  • Newspapers on the Minnesota Frontier 1849-1860
  • Old Families of Louisiana
  • Our Links to The Past, 1833-1996 Cemetery Records of Neshoba County, MS
  • Spruce Grove Township, 1889-1999 (Becker County, MN)
  • The Grave Markers of Hennepin County, MN, Vol. 1
  • The Story of Brockville, Men and Women Making a Canadian Community on the United States Frontier, 1749-2007
  • Two Hundredth Anniversary Slate Ridge Presbyterian Church, Cardiff, Maryland (1950)
  • Ulster County New York Probate Records
  • Vital Records of Londonderry New Hampshire