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Bishop Charles Manuel Grace

Charles Emanuel Grace arrived in the United States in the 1920. Often referred to as "Sweet Daddy Grace", he preached and traveled throughout the eastern U.S. His ministry began with tent revivals that drew hundreds of followers.

In Charlotte, he recognized a need for more churches to serve black communities, and founded the United House of Prayer for All People. The church grew into a denomination that had House of Prayer churches in many cities. A charismatic figure, Bishop Grace was noted for his flamboyant lifestyle and preaching style. He relocated to Washington, D.C., bit each September he returned to Charlotte for his legendary parade, where he was welcomed by throngs of the city's church members.

When he died in 1960, his body was returned to Charlotte.vA final funeral parade marked the end of his ministry but the House of Prayer for All People remains a strong and active denomination.

Even after the death of "Sweet Daddy" Grace, the church he founded continued to grow. Today the United House of Prayer for All People has over 100 congregations.

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