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Carolina Room Surname and Biography File Holdings

Surname and Biography files can be valuable research tools. They are not cataloged, and each one contains a variety of information. Newspaper clippings, copies of family histories left by other genealogy researchers and copies from newsletters and magazines make up the majority of the files. Biography files are about notable individuals from Mecklenburg County. Family files usually cover families with connections to the Carolinas.

Researchers can make best use of these files by visiting the Carolina Room to examine them in person. See our Reference/Research Policy for information about limited assistance and photocopies by mail for a fee. Staff will be glad to share brief information about the content of specific files by telephone at (704) 416-0150 or email at

Please help us by keeping your inquiries brief so that we can assist others. Investigative inquiries are subject to our Reference/Research Policy if they exceed 15 minutes of staff time.

The following surname or biography files may be found in the Robinson-Spangler Room as of January 26, 2010.

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Abbott, Mr. and Mrs. F. C.
Abercrombie Family
Abernathy Family (3 files)
Abernethy, Julius W.
Abney, J. R.
Abshire / Absher Family
Ackerly, Mary Denham "Our Kin"
Adams Family
Adams, Mrs. Gertrude
Adams, Henry B.
Aderholt Family
Aiello, Salvatore
Aitken, Doug
Albergotti, Julian S.
Albers, Josef
Albright, R. Mayne
Albright, Robert L.
Alderman Family
Aldridge Family
Alexander Wills of Mecklenburg Co., NC, 1800-1850
Alexander Family of Pickens Co., SC
Alexander Family (8 folders)
Alexander, Abraham
Alexander, Col. Adam
Alexander / Cole, Shirley
Alexander, Dr. Annie
Alexander, Benjamin
Alexander, Clayton B.
Alexander, Elias
Alexander, Fred
Alexander, James
Alexander, Hezekiah
Alexander, Dr. Janet
Alexander, Dr. John Brevard
Alexander, John McKnitt
Alexander, Julia
Alexander, Kelly, Jr.
Alexander, Kelly, Sr.
Alexander, Martha B.
Alexander, Moses
Alexander, Gov. Nathaniel
Alexander, Philip
Alexander / Powell, Roger S.
Alexander, Sydenham
Alexander, Violet
Alexander, Wade Hampton Family
Alexander, William
Alexander, William Wallace
Alexander / Powell, Roger S. Alexander / Query Families
Alexander, Zechariah
Allan Family
Allen Family
Alley, Judge Felix
Allison Family (2 files)
Allison, Bobby
Allman Family
Allston Family
Alston Family
Ancrum, Private William A.
Anderson Family
Anderson, Esley
Anderson, Lt. Gen. Richard H.
Anderson, Wates (outlaw-pseudonym Charles R. Hood)
Andrew Family
Andrews, Lt. Budd
Andrews, Mildred Gwin
Angel, Royce N.
Angell Family
Angelou, Maya
Anlyan, Dr. William G.
Anthony Family
Arbuckle, Howard
Ardrey Family
Arey Family
Arhelger, Lillian
Armfield, Henry
Armistead, General Lewis A.
Armstrong Family (2 files)
Armstrong, James & Bollinger, Betty C.
Arndt Family
Arnold Family
Arthur, William Joseph Eudy
Asbury Family
Ashcraft Family
Ashcraft, Tom
Ashe Family
Ashe, Samuel A' Court
Ashley-Cooper, Sir Anthony
Atwater, Lee
Atkinson Family (2 files)
Atwood Family
Austin Family
Autrey, Rod
Averitt Family
Avery Family (2 files)
Avery, Isaac Erwin
Aycock, Charles Brantley
Aycock, William Brantley

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Babb, Jim
Babington Family
Bagley, Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Bagley, Worth
Bahakel, Mr. and Mrs. Cy N.
Bailey Family
Bailey, Allen
Bailey, Senator Josiah William
Bain Family
Baird Family
Bailey, W. H.
Baird, Major and Mrs. J. G.
Baird/ Beard Family
Baity, Herman
Baker Family
Baker, Buddy
Bakker, Jim
Bakker, Jim and Tammy
Balch, Hezekiah
Baldwin, Ruth McDow
Balfour, Andrew
Ball Family
Ballenger, Bruce Garrison and Ballenger Family
Balmer, David
Bandy Family
Banks, Richard
Barbee Family
Barbee, George Filas / Barbee, Eugene
Barber, Samuel/ Eastman, Edith
Barber Family
Barham Family
Barkley Family
Barlow Family
Barnes Family
Barnes, John T.
Barnett Family
Barnhardt Family
Barnsdale, E. K.
Barr Family
Barrett Family
Barringer, Osmond L. and Family
Barringer, Gen. Rufus (3 files)
Barry Family
Bartlett, Mr. and Mrs. Paul
Bartram, William
Barwick Family
Bashore Family
Bass, John (of VA)
Bates Family
Bates, Dr. Carl
Batten, James
Battle, George
Baucom Family
Baugh, Jack
Baumgarten, Henry
Bavier, Frances ("Aunt Bea " of Mayberry)
Baxter Family
Baxter, Herbert
Beacham Family
Beal / Beel Family
Beale, Maria Fletcher
Beam Family
Beam, Grier
Beard Family
Bearden, Romare (7 files)
Beatty Family (2 files)
Beatty, James "Jim"
Beatty, Marvin E.
Beaty, Keith
Beaver Family
Bechtold Family
Bechtler, Andreas
Beckwith, Margaret
Bedwell / Gamble, Moses Gamil
Beecher Family
Beem Family
Beeson Family
Begley, Rev. Michael Joseph (2 files)
Belk Family
Belk, Wm. Henry & Family (2 files)
Belk, Bill (1949- )
Belk, Henderson
Belk, Henry (Goldsboro, NC)
Belk, Irwin
Belk, John
Belk, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M.
Bell Family (2 files)
Bell, J. Spencer
Bell, Upton
Bellew / Bellew, Wm.
Belton Family
Benjamin, Judah P.
Bennett Family
Bennett, Betsy McSpadden & Walter H., Jr.
Bennett, Dr. Hugh Hammond
Bellinger Family Reunion, Charleston, SC
Benton Family
Berg, Gordon
Berger Family
Berkey Family
Berkheimer Family
Berman, Mr. and Mrs. Michael (Alice Hulbert)
Bernardin, Cardinal Joseph
Berry Family (see also deBerry) (2 files)
Berry, Harriett Morehead
Berry, Martha
Berry, Philip O. & Family
Berry, Thomas
Berryhill Family
Bessent Family of GA
Best Family
Bethune Family
Bethune, Sallie
Bickett Family
Bier, Dr. Justus
Biggers Family
Billings Family
Billingsley Family
Bingham, Fannie Lou

Bingham, James P./Thomas Bingham
Bisaner Family
Bishop Family
Bissell Family (2 files)
Bissell, Marilyn (Mrs. Harold A.)
Bjerg Family
Black Family (3 files)
Black, Larry
Blackburn, James
Blackmer, Sidney
Blackmon Family
Blackwelder Family
Blackwell Family
Blackwood, John Johnston
Blain Family
Blair Family
Blair, Dr. J. Allen
Blaisdell, Glenn
Blake, Clinton
Blake, John S.
Blakeley, Capt. Johnston
Blakeney Family
Blanchette, Teresa
Bland Family
Blevins Family
Blount Family
Blount, William A.
Blue, Clifton
Blum Family
Blumenthal Family
Blythe Family
Bobbitt, Mr. and Mrs. William H.
Bobo Family (3 files)
Boger Family
Boggan Family
Boggan, Henry
Boggs Family (2 files)
Boggs Family (Aaron Boggs)
Bolch Family
Bolick Family
Bolling Family
Bolt Family
Bond Family
Boney Family
Bonds Family
Booe, William H.
Boone Family (2 files)
Boone, Daniel
Booth, Doug
Boren Family
Bost Family
Bost, Dr. Thomas Creasy
Bott / Winkler / Clement Families
Bowden, Ernie
Bowers, Moses (of North Carolina )
Bowers, Paul
Bowles, Erskine
Bowles, Hargrove
Boyce Family (additional information in the NCR vault)
Boyce, William Moore
Boyd Family
Boyte, Jack
Boyd, Boston Napoleon
Boyd, Ty
Boyer, Mr. and Mrs. Miles and Family
Boyette, Tom
Boykin Family
Boyleston Family
Boysworth Family
Braaten, Thomas
Brackett, Martin
Bradford Family
Bradford, James
Bradley Family
Bradshaw Family
Bradshaw, G. Douglas
Bradshaw, Robert W., Jr.
Bradfford Family
Bramlett Family
Branch, Alpheus
Brandon Family
Bransford Family
Branson, Eugene Cunningham
Braswell Family
Brazelton Family (3 files)
Brenizer Family
Brennan, Louise
Brevard Family
Brewer Family
Brewer, Kidd
Brewster Family
Brewster, John and Elizabeth (1720-1870)
Bridges Family
Bridges, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Bridges, Rev. J. R.
Briggs Family
Bringle Family
Brinkley, David
Brinkley, Randy
Britt, David M.
Britt, Joe Freeman
Britt, Dr. Morris and Dr. Anne
Brizendine Family
Broach, Dr. Claude
Broadnax Family
Broadway / Bradway Family
Brock, Jim
Brockmann Family
Brockmann, Charles R. (2 files)
Brockmann, Felix E.
Brodie Family (S.C.)
Brodie, Dr. H. Keith
Brookin / Brooking Family
Brooks Family
Brooks, John
Brookshire, Stanford
Broome Family
Brossman Family
Brothers Family
Brotherton Family
Broughton, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Melville, Jr.
Brown Family
Brown, Charlotte Hawkins
Brown, Dorothy Mae
Brown, Harold C. "Old Waysides"
Brown, James (singer and musician)
Brown, John Lewis
Brown, Nappy
Broyhill, James Thomas
Broyhill, Paul
Bruton, T. Wade
Bryan Family
Bryan, Joseph M., Sr.
Bryant Family
Bryant, Donald G.
Bryant, H. E. C. "Red Buck"
Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. James R., Sr.
Bubaker, Harold
Buchanan Family
Buck, Paul
Bullard, W. Irving
Bulwinkle, Alfred Lee
Bumgarner Family
Bunker, Eng and Chang
Bunn Family
Bunnell / Harlow / Adair

Burford Family
Burgevine, Henry Andrea
Burke, Sister Mary Thomas
Burke, Selma
Burke, Gov.Thomas
Burkhalter, David A.
Burkheimer, Eloise B.
Burkot, Alexander Roman
Burleson Family
Burnette Family
Burney, G. Jackson
Burns, Otway
Burrell Family
Burton Family
Burris Family
Burwell Family
Burwell, Capt. Armistead
Burwell, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Carter
Busbee, Mrs. Julian
Busby, Walker Hall
Bush, Tom
Butler Family
Butler, Sarah
Butt, C.N.G.
Buxton Family
Byars/South Carolina
Byars (2 files)
Byers Family
Byers, Walter
Bynum, William Preston
Byram Family
Byrd Family
Byrne, Dr. Edward G.
Byrnes, James F.
Byrum Family

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Cabarrus, Stephen
Caesar, Shirley
Cain Family
Caldwell Family (1 file, 1 booklet)
Caldwell Family (R. A., originally from York Co., SC)
Caldwell, David (1725-1824, 2 files)
Caldwell, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pearson
Calhoun Family
Calhoun, John C.
Call Family
Callahan Family
Callahan, Jack
Callahan, Wm. / Bollinger, Betty
Callum Family
Cameron Family
Cameron, Benehan
Cameron, Charles C.
Cameron, Kate
Camp, Steve
Campbell Family (2 files)
Campbell, Duncan Greene
Campbell, James V.
Canipe Family
Cannon Family
Cannon, Bobby
Cannon, Dr. Gaine
Cannon, Joseph
Cansler Family
Cansler, Edwin T., Sr.
Carlton, Phillip
Cantey Family
Carmack Family Tree
Carothers Family (2 files)
Carpenter Family
Carr Family
Carraway, Gertrude
Carrier Family
Carriker Family
Carriker Family by David Carriker
Carriker, George (also Kiker)
Carroll Family
Carrow Family
Carruth Family
Carson Family
Carson, Capt. Andrew (Rev. War patriot)
Carswell Family
Carter Family (2 files)
Carter, Luther
Cary Family
Case, Everett
Cash Family
Cash, W. J. (biography file)
Cashion Family
Cashion, Elwell G.
Caston Family
Caswell, Richard (8/3/1729-11/10/1789)
Cates Family
Cathey Family - Cathey Kith and Kin -shelved with periodicals
Cato Family
Cauble Family
Caudill Family
Caudle Family
Caudle, Theron Lamar
Cave, Rev. Julian
Cavin Family
Cayce Family
Chaffin Family
Chafin-Rash, Betty
Chambers Family (Iredell Co., NC)
Chambers Family "Chambers Helping Chambers"
Chambers, Rev. Joe
Chambers, Julius
Chambers, Lenoir
Chambliss Family
Chandler Family Association Newsletter - shelved with periodicals
Chandler, John W. & The Chandler Automobile
Chaplin Family
Chapman Family
Charles II, King of England
Charlotte, consort of George III, King of Great Britain (3 files)
Chase, John Bryant
Chase, Richard
Chastain Family
Chatham, Paul
Chavis, Ben
Chavis, John
Chernoff, Mrs. Goldie
Cheshire, Rev. Joseph Blount
Chesnut, Sen. James and Mary Boykin
Childers Family
Chirico, Edna
Chitwood Family
Choate Family
Christenbury Family
Churchill Family
Citron, Dr. David
Claiborne Family
Claiborne, Jack (2 files)
Claiborne, Margaret (Mrs. Jack C. Claiborne)
Claiborne, Slug
Clapp / Klapp Family
Clark Family
Clarkson Family
Clarkson, Francis, Jr.
Clarkson, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Osborne
Clarkson, Heriot
Clay, James
Clemmer Family
Cleveland Family
Cleveland / Cleaveland Family
Cline Family
Clingman, Thomas L.
Cloninger Family
Clontz Family
Close, Hugh William
Cloud Family
Coates, Albert
Cobb Family
Cobb, Miss Beatrice
Coburn Family
Cocke Family
Coddington, W. I. and Gladys
Codey Family
Cody Family
Coffey Family
Cohen, Herman E.
Coker Family
Cole Family
Cole, Grady
Coleman, Warren
Collins Family
Collins, Billye
Coltrane Family
Coltrane, John
Colvard, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Wallace
Colyer, Leigh
Comer Family
Conder Family
Cone Family (2 files-Cone Mills Family)
Cone, Bonnie
Conley Family
Connell Family
Connor, Robert D. W.
Conrad, Elizabeth
Conway Family
Cook Family (1 notebook)
Cook / Cooke Family
Cooke Family
Cooper Family (2 files)
Cooper, William Arthur
Corbitt/Corbett Family
Cordon, Mr. and Mrs. Norman
Corkey, Dr. Elizabeth
Cornwallis, Lord (1 file, 1 booklet)
Cornwell Family
Corts, C. Mark
Cosden Family
Costner Family
Cothran, James S.
Cotter Family
Cotton Family
Council Family
Courtney Family
Cousart Family
Covington Family
Cowles, Calvin Josiah (Assayer for the Mint 1869-1885)
Cox Family
Cozart Family
Craft, Eugene
Craig Family
Craige Family
Craighead Family
Craighead, Alexander
Cramer, Stuart Warren, Sr.
Cramton, Martin
Crane Family
Cranford Family
Crank Family
Craven Family
Craven, Jennie Erwin (Mrs. Walter Craven)
Crawford Family
Crawford, Earl
Creech Family
Cress Family
Creswell, Charles M.
Crigler, Rev. and Mrs. John F.
Crim Family
Criminger / Kriminger Family
Crittenden, Dr. Christopher and Family
Crockett Family
Croft, Sidney
Cromartie Family & Doris Cromartie
Crook Family
Croom Family
Cropsey Family
Crosby, John
Crosby, Mrs. Kathleen "Kat"
Crosland Family
Cross, Dwight and Family
Crowder Family
Crowder, Richard
Crowell Family
Crowell, John E.
Crowson Family
Crummer Family
Crump Family
Cruse Family
Crutchfield, Charles H.
Crutchfield, Edward E.
Cry / Crye Family
Crymes Family
Cuddy Family
Culbertson, Robert D.
Cullen, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Culp / Kolb Family
Culp, Bill
Cunningham Family
Cunningham, John Rood
Cunningham, William "Pete"
Curlee Family
Curlin, William, Bishop

Currie Family
Curtis, Moses Ashley
Cuthbert Family
Cuthbertson Family
Cutter Family and George King Cutter

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Dabbs, John
Dail Family
Dalton Family
Dalton, Harry L.
Dalton, Mr. and Mrs. Robert I., Sr. & Jr.
Daly Family & Augustin Daly
Dame Family
Daniel Family
Daniels Family
Daniels / Daniells Family
Daniels, Jonathan
Daniels, Josephus
Darby Family
Dare, Virginia
Darnell Family
Davant Family
Davenport Family
Davidson Family
Davidson, A. B.
Davidson, Dr. Chalmers (4 files)
Davidson, Clement
Davidson, Colonel Edward Lee Baxter
Davidson, Ephriam
Davidson, Mary Louise
Davidson, Sallie
Davidson, Samuel
Davidson, Gen. William Lee
Davie, William Richardson
Davis Family (3 files)
Davis, Archie
Davis, George
Davis, James (1st state printer of NC)
Davis, Jefferson (Pres. of Confederacy)
Davis, Mildred
Davis, Ray
Davis, Robert
Dawkins Family
Dawkins, Koy
Dawson Family (see Vasser/Dawson)
Deal Family
Deane Family and Tenney Deane
DeArmon Family
de Berry Family
Dees, Rev. James Parker
Deese Family
DeHart, Wayne
Dekle, Ben
Dellinger Family
Dellinger Family in GA
Dellinger, Clyde
Dellinger, Raymond
Deyton Family
De La Howe, John
DeLaney Family
Denney Family
Denton, Donald
Despain Family
DeVane Family
Devereux Family
De Weese Family
Dickey, Philena A.
Dickson Family
Dickson, Rush Smith and Family
Dickson, Zeb Vance Kitchin
Diehl, Bill
Diehl, Marion
Diehls Family
Dillard, William
Dillehay Family
Dillingham Family
Dillon Family
Dimmock Family
Dixon, Thomas
Doar, Mrs. Harriet
Dockery Family
Doggett, Estella Cartwright (Mrs. G. O. Doggett)
Dole, Elizabeth Hanford
Donnelly, Dr. John
Donnelly, Ralph W. (Civil War Writings)
Donohue, Bishop John F. (installed Dec.18, 1984 -diocese of Charlotte)
Dooley, Tom
Doster Genealogy
Dougherty Family
Douglas, Ben Elbert and Family
Douglas, Mrs. Mary Peacock
Doughton Family
Dowd Family
Dowd, W. Carey, Jr.
Dowd, Willis Frank
Dowdle Family
Downs Family
Dowdy Family
Dowdy, George W.
Downing Family
Drake, Dr. Stanley
Draper, Arthur J.
Draper, Earle Sumner
Drayton Family
Drayton, Thomas Fenwick (Confederate General)
Drewry Family
Driehuys, Leo
Drummond, Jere
Drummond, William
Drye Family
Dugger, Shepherd
Duke Family
Duke, Angier Biddle
Duke, Charles M., Jr.
Duke, Doris
Duke, James Buchanan
Dulin Family
Dula Family
Duls Family
Dunaway, Mr. and Mrs. H. Y.
Dunbar Family
Duncan Family
Dunlap, Sam
Dunlop, George
Dunn Family
Dupuy, Carla
Durden Family
Durham Family
Durham, John Augustus
Durham, Plato
Dwelle, Mrs. Harold Cothran (Mary Morgan Myers)
Dysart Family

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Eads Family
Eagles Family
Eaker Family (2 files)
Earp Family
East, John
Easterling, Mrs. Ruth Moss
Economy, Nick
Edison, Thomas A. (in North Carolina- 1 booklet)
Edmisten, Rufus
Edmunds Family
Edmunds, Dr. Helen Gray
Edwards Family
Edwards, Carol
Edwards, James B
Efird Family
Eggers Family
Ehringhaus, John Christoph Blucher (1882-1949)
Elam, Harper J.
Ellenburg Family
Eller, Essie Mae
Elliott Family
Ellis Family
Eloff Family
Englander, Mark
English Family
Ennis Family
Enochs Family
Epley, Joe S.
Epps / Epes / Eppes Family
Ervin, Joseph W. (3/3/1901-12/25/1945)
Ervin, Samuel J., Jr. (2 files)
Ervin, Judge Sam, III
Erwin Family
Eskridge Family
Esser, George H., Jr.
Etheridge Family
Eubanks, T. C. and Family
Eudy Family
Eure, Thad
Evans, Sen. Martha and Charles Evans
Everett Family
Ewart Family
Ewing Family
Exley Family

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Fair Family
Faircloth Family
Faison Family
Falwell, Jerry
Fanning, David and Edmund
Farmer Family
Farnsley Family
Farr Family
Farrington Family
Farrow Family
Faulkner, Janice
Feezor, Betty (2 files)
Feimster Family
Fellows, Edith
Ferguson Family
Ferguson, James (Attorney)
Ferris, W. P.
Felts Family
Few Family
Fincklea Family
Ficklen, William M.
Fields, Walter III
Finch Family
Fincher Family
Finger Family
Finger, Barnard H.
Fink and Boger Families
Finley Family
Finney, Ernest (1st Black Member of SC Supreme Court)
Fisher Family
Fisher, Dr. Adam
Fitchett Family
Fite / Fight Family
Fitts Family
Flenniken Family (2 files)
Fletcher Family
Fletcher, Maria Beale (Mrs. James Harold Growdeon, Jr.)
Fling, John
Flow / Flowe Family
Flowers Family
Floyd Family
Foard / Ford Family
Foley, Mr. and Mrs. Peter
Folk, Chris
Folsom Family
Fontaine Family
Foote Family
Ford, Leighton (2 files)
Fordham Family
Fordham, Christopher
Fore Family & Mr. and Mrs. James Albert Fore (2 files)
Forgac, Albert
Forgy Family
Forney Family
Foster Family
Foster, Stephen
Fountain Family
Fountain, L. H. (2 booklets)
Foster, Mrs. Jo Graham
Foust, John
Fowler Family
Fowlkes Family
Fox Family
Fox, John W.
Foy Family
Francis Family
Francisco, Peter
Franklin Family
Franklin, Mrs. E. Washington (Tempie)
Franklin, John Hope
Frazier Family
French, Mrs. Laura (E. Bryant French)
Freeman Family
Freeman, Dr. Sidney
Fretwell, E. K.
Frercks Family
Friday, William C.
Fripp Family
Froneberger Family
Frost, Charles
Fry Family
Frye, Henry
Fulbright Family (2 files, 1 family tree chart)
Fulenwider Family
Fulton, Eileen
Funderburk Family

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Gabriel Family
Gage Family
Gaines, Clarence E. "Bighouse"
Gales Family
Galifianakis, Nick
Galloway Family
Galvin, Robert L.
Gambrell Family, Charles G. and Sarah Belk
Gammon, Edgar C.
Gantt, Harvey (5 files)
Gardner, Ava
Gardner, George
Gardner, James
Gardner, Mrs. O. Max., Jr.
Gardner, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Max (Fay Webb Gardner)
Garibaldi Family
Garinger, Elmer H.
Garland Family
Garmon Family
Garmon / Bost / Barber / Little Families
Garner Family
Garrett Family
Garrison Family
Garrison Family (History of the Garrison Family from 1728-1941 by Juanita Coltrane Garrison)
Garrison, Jim
Garth, Mr. and Mrs. J. G.
Gary, Kays
Gash, Leander Sams (1866-1867)
Gaston, Judge William and Gaston Family
Gatling, Richard J.
Gatling, Willard I.
Gault Family
Gentry Family
George III (King of England)
Gerber, Dr. Israel J.
Gerdes, Phillip E.
Gerns, Peter and Gerns Family
Geter, Lenell
Geton / Jetton Family
Gibbon Family
Gilbert Family
Gilchrest Family
Gibson Family
Gilchrist, Cecil Waltham "Pat" and Family
Gill, Edwin
Gillean, Troy
Gillespie Family
Gillett, Mr. and Mrs. Rupert (Mary)
Gilliam Family
Gilmore Family (2 folders)
Gilmour Family
Gilmour, Dr. Monroe T.
Gist, Lucy
Givens Family
Glasgow Family
Glascock Family
Glass Family
Glasscock and Related
Glymph Family
Goddard Family
Godfrey Family
Godfrey, Thomas
Godley Family
Goldsborough, J. Carter
Goode, Seddon "Rusty", Jr.
Goodman Family (2 files)
Goodman, Raymond
Goodner Family
Goodwin, Patsy Smith
Goodyear, George
Gordon Family
Gosnell Family
Gowen Family
Graffenried, Christopher de
Graham Family (3 files)
Graham, Dr. Alexander (9/12/1844 to 11/2/1934)
Graham, Chuck
Graham, Deneen
Graham, Frank Porter (2 files)
Graham, Joseph
Graham, Ruth, (Mrs. Billy Graham)
Graham, Rev. Billy/Life Productions (Correspondence Reports)
Graham, William E.
Graham, William A.
Grant, J. Marse
Graves Family
Graves, Carrie
Gray/Grey Family
Gray, Bowman
Gray, Gordon (2 files)
Gray, Helen
Gray, James Alexander
Gray, William
Graybill Family
Green Family
Green, Fleet
Green, Jimmy
Green, Paul
Green, Susan
Greene Family (2 files)
Green(e) Family (Nathan Green)
Gregory, Samuel, Sr. / Dr. Barbara Gregory (Boundary Dispute) Grier Family (2 files)
Grier Family / Steele Creek
Grier – Slaves & Black Family
Grier, Arthur S.
Griffin Family (2 files)
Griffin, Arthur
Griffin, John (1 booklet)
Griffith Family
Griffith, Andy
Griffith, Brodie
Griggs Family
Grimes, Alston
Grimes, Bryan
Grizzard Family
Groner Family
Grover Family
Guion Family
Gullege/Pettigrew Letters
Gunn, John O.
Gupton, Emma
Gurley Family
Gurley, Frank
Guthery Family
Gutmann, Leon
Gwyn, Jr., Owen/Hunt
Gwyn, Owen (2 folders)
Gwyn, Richard
Gwynn Family

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Haas, Phil
Hackett Families
Hackney Family
Hagemeyer, Richard H.
Hager Family (2 files)
Hagler (John) Family of Mecklenburg Co., NC & Some of His Descendants (booklet)
Hagler, Lilla Rodgers
Hagood, Mrs. W. W.
Hahn Family
Haigler Family
Hair, Elizabeth Green (Mrs. Sam)
Hairston, Capt. Peter (1752-1852)
Halberstadt Family
Hall Family
Hall, Harold
Hall, Helen Thomson
Hall, E. Patterson & Family
Hall, Rich
Hall, Dr. Warner Leander
Hallman, Family
Ham Family
Hamilton Family
Hamilton, George IV
Hammond Family
Hamner, W. Clay
Hampton Family
Hampton, Joseph Wade
Hamrick Family
Hanchett, Thomas
Handler, Dr. Philip
Hanes Family
Hanes, Robert M.
Hankins, Irving White, JR.
Hanks, Nancy (in N.C.)
Hanna Family
Hannon, Bob
Hansford Family
Hardee Family
Harden, John
Hardin Family
Harding, Edmund
Harding, Harry P.
Harding, Larry
Hardy Family
Hardin, Paul, III
Hargett, Hergedt/Hargate/Hargett/Hargitt/Hargart Family
Hargett Family
Hargrove Family (2 files)
Hargrove, Marion
Hariot, Thomas
Harman Family (Messer related)
Harnett, Cornelius (1723-1781)
Harper Family
Harper, Katherine
Harper, Mrs. Margaret (Mrs. James)
Harrill Family
Harrington Family
Harris Family (2 files)
Harris/Caldwell/Dudgeon Family
Harris, Alva
Harris, C. R. ("Pete")
Harris, Grady "The Flower Man"
Harris, Major James and Family
Harris, James J. (Mr. and Mrs.)
Harris, Johnny
Harris, Ken
Harris, Sydney
Harris, W. T.
Harris, Col. Wade Hampton (1857-1935)
Harris, Col. Wade H. Family
Harrison Family
Harrison, Griffin/Albert E. Harrison
Harriss Family
Harshaw, Julia
Hartford, Winslow H.
Hartis Family
Hartley Family (3 folders)
Hartman Family
Hartsell/Hirzel Family
Harty, Frank R.
Harvey, John (1725-1772)
Hartt Family
Harwell Family
Hasty Family
Hatch Family
Hatcher, Mrs. Reuben
Havener Family
Havner, Vance
Hawes, George Aubrey
Hawke, R. Jack, Jr.
Hayes Family
Hays, Brad
Hayes, J. Brad
Hayes, Chuck
Hayne/Haynes Family
Haynsworth, Clement Furman
Haywood Family
Haywood, Andrew P.
Hawkins Family (a newsletter from 1984-1986)
Hawkins Family
Hawkins, Benjamin
Hawkins, R. A.
Hawkins, Thomas W.
Hayman Family
Headford, George S.
Heafner/Heffner Family
Heard (Hird) Family
Heard, Ike
Heasley, William and Bruce
Heath Family
Heaton, Dr. George D.
Heckard Family
Hedrick, Fred
Heffner Family
Hefner, Bill
Heil, Peter/Ruth H. Cathey
Heineman, Dannie
Helm/Helms Family
Helm, Israel
Helms Family (2 files)
Helms, Fred (Judge)l
Helms, Jesse (4 folders)
Helms, Parks
Helper, Hinton Rowan
Hemby Family
Hemphill Family
Henderson Family (3 files)
Henderson, Archibald (Mr. and Mrs.)
Henderson, Mrs. Cornelia
Henderson, D. E.
Henderson, David H. (book of poetry)
Henderson, Leonard
Henderson, Willie I.(Family)
Hendon, Bill
Henry, Beulah
Henson Family
Herman Family
Herrin/Herron Family
Hewes, Joseph (Signer of Dec. of Independence from NC)
Hewlett, Addison
Hewson, Harry Morris
Heyward, Carter
Hicks Family
Hicks, Ernest
Higdon Family
Higgins Family
High Family
High, Kermit
Hildreth Family
Hill Family (1 file, 1 notebook)
Hill, Whitmel
Hill, D. H., Jr.
Hill, Green
Hilton Family
Hilton Twins (Daisey & Violet-Siamese Twins)
Hinchey, Patterson/Frank Hinchey
Hinkle Family
Hinson Family
Hinson, Eli H. (Family)
Hinton Family
Hipp/Hipps Family
Hirshinger, Jay (Family)
Hise Family
Hiss, Mrs. Bertha Thomas
Hitch, Herbert
Hitchcock Genealogy
Hobby, Wilbur (Mr. and Mrs.)
Hodges, J. D. (1844-1936, Professor of Augusta Academy)
Hodges, Luther (6 files, 1 booklet)
Hodges, Mr. and Mrs. Luther
Hodges, Luther, Jr. (Mr. or Mrs.)
Hoey, Clyde Ruark
Hoffman Family
Hogan Family
Hogewood Family
Hogg Family
Hogg (James) Family
Hogshead Family
Hoke, Dr. Harold
Hoke, Robert F.
Hoke, Roy Earl
Hoke, William Alexander (Chief Justice of NC)
Holbrook Famil
Holden, Gov. William W.
Holderman, Jim
Holding Brothers (Robert P., Frank Brown, Lewis)
Holland Family
Holland, Mary "Polly"/Margaret H. Van Eck
Hollings, Senator Ernest
Hollingsworth Family
Holmes Family
Holshouser, James Eubert
Holshouser, Mrs. James
Holt, Don (Mr. or Mrs.)
The Houlton---Holton Family
Holton, Thomas J.
Honeycutt Family
Honigan, Hinda
Hontz Family
Hood Family
Hood, Calvin
Hood, Dan (Mr. or Mrs.)
Hook(s) Family
Hooper, William (June 28, 1742-Oct. 19, 1790)
Hooper, William (1792-1876)
Hoose, Herman J.
Hoover Family (2 files)
Hoover, Henry M.(Paw Creek area)
Hope, C. C. and Family
Hopkins Family
Hopper, Mary
Horn, Carl (Buddy)
Horn, Carl, Jr.
Horne Family
Horsefield, George, Henry/Ron George
Horton Family
Horton, Ben and Family
Horton, George (Negro Poet of Chapel Hill, North Carolina)
Houck Family
Hough Family
House Family
House, Robert Burton
Houser Family (2 files)
Houston Family
Houston, David Franklin
Houston, Jack
Houston, Jake
Hovis Family
Howard, Martin (Chief Justice of NC)
Howe Family
Howe. Col. Joseph
Howe, Major General Robert
Howell, John and Family (Stokes Co.)
Howell, Maria
Howerton, Philip (Mr. and Mrs.)
Howey/Howie Family
Howser, Charles Philip
Hoyle Family
Hubbard Family
Hubbel, C. G. (Tommy; Civil engineeer 1890-1957)
Hucks Family
Hudgins Family
Hudson Family
Hudson, Jack
Huey Family
Huff, Marilyn
Huffman Family
Huffstatler Family
Hughes Family
Hughes, Dr. Carswell
Hulender, Martin
Hull Family
Hulme Family
Humber, Robert Lee
Humble, Thomas
Humphries Family
Humphries/Humphrey Family
Humphries, Green/Jean Smith
Humphries, Pelham/Weast
Humphries, William (3 folders)
Hunt, Gov. James "Jim" (3 files )
Hunt, Joseph M., Jr. (Mr. and Mrs.)
Hunter Family (4 files)
Hunter Family (Anson Co., NC)
Hunter, Cyrus Lee
Hunter, Ernest B. (Mr. and Mrs.)
Hunter, Herbert B.
Hunter, James Boyce (Mr. and Mrs.)
Hunter, Jim "Catfish"
Hunter, Dr. Lester W. (7-26-1853/10-26-1937)
Hunter, Dr. William Myers (3-20-1883/8-4-1941)
Huntington, James B.
Huntley Family
Hurley, Jimmy
Hurt Family
Huske Family
Hutchins/Hutchens Family
Hutchison family
Hutchison, Cyrus & Family
Hutchison, David Parks (Mr. and Mrs.)
Hutson Family
Hyde, Edward (1650-1712)

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Ingersoll, John E.
Ingram, John and Ingram Family
Inman Family
Iredell, James
Irvin/Irwin/Irvine Family
Irwin, John
Irwin, Robert/William J. Erwin, Jr.
Isbell Family
Isenhour/Eisenhower Family
Ives Family
Ives, Mrs. Ernest
Ivey Family
Ivey, Joseph Benjamin

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Jack Family(2 files)
Jackson Family
Jackson, Andrew (7 files)
Jackson, Anna Morrison
Jackson, Della
Jackson, Daniel
Jackson, Emma
Jackson, Jesse
Jackson, Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" and Mrs. Anna Morrison Jackson (2 files)
Jacobs, Harriet
James Family
James, Mrs. Amay Martin (1876/12-11-1944)
James, Brooks
James, Jesse (Charlotte Chief of Police)
Jamison Family
Jarrell Family
Jarrell, Randall
Jarvis, Thomas Jordan
Jeffers, T. (Thebaud)
Jeffrey Family
Jefferies Family
Jenkins Family
Jenkins, Dr. Leo
Jenkins, Leroy
Jenrette, John W., Jr. and Mrs. Rita Jenrette
Jernigan, Charlton C.
Jeter, William
Jetton Family
John Family
Johnson Family
Johnson, Andrew
Johnson, Betty
Johnson, Gerald W.
Johnson, Harold
Johnson, Larry
Johnson, Sam
Johnston, David R.
Johnston Family
Johnston, Frontis Withers
Johnston, Samuel (1733-1816)
Jonas Family (2 files)
Jonas, Charles Andrew
Jones Family
Jones, Arthur H.
Jones, Bob
Jones, Bobby
Jones, Charles
Jones, Edwin L.
Jones, Freeman R. and Family
Jones, Hamilton C.
Jones, Houston G.
Jones, James Addison
Jones, James Archibald
Jones, Jehu
Jones, John Paul
Jones, Paul
Jones, Rolland W. (Supt. of Char-Meck Schools)
Jones, Willie
Joplin Family
Jordan Family
Jordan, B. Everett
Jordan, David
Jordan, Michael
Josie family
Joyner Family
Julian Family
Justice Family
Justice, Charles

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Kale Family
Kaplan, Stan & Sis
Kay Family Quarterly
Keber, Peter
Keener Family
Kell Family
Kelleher, Rev. Joseph
Kellenberger, John (Mr. and Mrs.)
Kellerman Family
Kelley and Kelly Family
Kelly, Dr. and Mrs. Luther
Kemp, Hal
Keenan Family
Kenan, William Rand (1872-1965)
Kennedy Family
Kennedy, John P., Jr.
Kerns Family
Kerr Family (2 files)
Kerry, Coleman
Ketner, Ralph
Kidd Family
Kiker / Karcher Family
Kiker, George
Kilgo Family
Kilgo, John
Killian Family (2 files)
Kimbrell Family
Kimmel Family (2 files)
Kinard Family
Kincaid Family
King Family
King, Richard
King, William, V. P. of the U.S.
King, Victor
Kinsey, C. Ralph
Kirk, James
Kirkman Family
Kirkpatrick Family
Kiser/Kizer Family
Kistler Family
Kitchin, A. Paul
Kizziah Family
Klein, Walter J.
Kluttz Family
Kluttz, J. D. (Mr. and Mrs.)
Knauff, James W. (Billy)
Knight Family
Knowles Family
Knox Family
Knox, Charles E.
Knox, Dorothy
Knox, Haden Edward "Eddie"
Koch, Frederick
Kokenes Family
Koontz, Mrs. Elizabeth D.
Kortheuer, Dayrell, Mr. and Mrs.
Kramer Family
Kratt, Emil F. and Mary Randolph Norton Kratt and family
Kraus, Mme Lili
Kreth Family
Kreps, Dr. Juanita M.
Krimminger Family
Kron, Dr. Francis Joseph
Krug, David
Krzyzewski, Mike
Kuester Family
Kuhn, Willis E.
Kulwicki, Alan
Kunkle/Kunkel Family
Kuralt, Charles & Family
Kuykendal family
Kyser, Kay and Family

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Lacey, Brad
Lacy, Benjamin R.
Lacey, General Edward
Ladd Family
Lafayette, Marquis de
Lafferty Dr. Robert H.
Lail, Leroy
Lake, I. Beverly (Mr. and Mrs.)
Lambert/Lambeth Family
Lance, Philip Layette (1 file, 1 booklet)
Land Family
Lander Family
Lane Family
Lane, Joel
Lane, General Joseph (1801-1881)
Laney Family
Langston, John Bobo
Lanier, H. Glen
Lanier, Sidney & Family
Larkins, Mr. and Mrs. John D.
LaRoch Family
Lassiter, Robert, Jr. and Family
Lathan Family
Latimer, Edwin P.
Latta Family (10 files)
Latta, Edward Dilworth and Wife
Lawing Family
Lawing, Craig
Lawing, Morris
Lawler (Lollar) Family
Lawrence Family
Lawson, John
Lay, Herman W.
Laycock Family
Lea Family
Leake, George
Leary, John S.
Leatherwood Family
Lebo Family
Ledford Family
Lee Family
Lee, Agnes
Lee, Ann C. (Daughter of Gen. R. E. Lee)
Lee, Howard
Lee, Robert E.
Lee, Robert E.-Stratford (home)
Lee, William States Sr., Jr., III
Leeper, Ron
Leggett, Gene
Lemmond Family
Lennon, Alton
Lenoir Family
Lenoir, Gen. William
Lentz Family
Leonard Family
Lesene, Charlie
Lethco Family
Lever, Mrs. Edith (T. H.)
Levine Family
Lewis Family
Liddell Family
Ligon, Mr. and Mrs.Cater
Liles Family
Lillington, Alexander
Lilly Family
Lincoln, Abraham
Lindsay Family
Lineberger Family
Lineberry, Stanhope
Lingle, Dr. Walter Lee
Lingle Family
Linker Family
Linker, Jerry
Lipe Family
Lippard Family
Little Family (4 files)
Little, David H.
Little, E. H.
Little, Dr. Luther and Mr.
Littlejohn, Frank N.
Littles, Gene
Litton Family
Livengood Family
Livingston Family
Lloyd Family (3 charts to be used with the book Llhuyd, Loyd, Lloyd, Lide by Mildred Caroline Lide Fair)
Locke, Matthew and other Locke families
Locke, Mrs. Pat
Lockhart Family
Lockman, Whitley
Logan Family
Logie Family
Lomax, Thomas H. Bishop
London Family (Catham Co. and Charlotte, NC)
Lonergan Family
Long Family (1 file, 1 booklet)
Long, Lem
Loomis Family
Looney Family
Lore Family
Lorick, F. W. and Family
Love Family
Love, Franklin Sadler
Love, Jack
Love, James & Family
Love, L. A. "Lonnie", Sr.
Love, Rose Leary (manuscript)
Loving Family
Lowe, Charles
Lowe, Pat
Lowrance, Bill Arp
Lowrie Family
Lucas Family
Lucas, John Paul, Jr.
Lumley Family and Nathan Lumley
Lynch Family
Lynch, Mary (1860-1928)
Lynch, Phyllis
Lyon Family
Lynn Family
Lytle Family

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Mac /Mc

MacAlister Family
McAden, Rufus Yancey
McAden, Sidney Yancey & Family
McAfee Family
McArthur Family
McAtee Family
McAulay, Daniel
McBee Family Notes
McBee, Vadry
McBride/McBryder Family
McCain Family ( 2 folders, 1 booklet)
McCain, Franklin
McCarty Family
McCall Family - 2 folders, 1 booklet - An Analysis of Francis McCall (1710-1794) Family Lore
McCaskill Family
McCleary Family
McClelland Family
McClendon, Baxter "Cyclone Mack"
McClelland Family
McClintock Family
McClung Family
McClure Family (2 files)
McCollum Family
McCombs Family
McConnell Family (3 files)
McConnell, David M.
McCord Family (2 files)
McCorkle Family
McCormick Family
McCoy Family
MacCracken Family
McCrary Family
McCraw, Carl G.
McCray Family
McCrum/McRum Family
McCullock Family
McCurdy, Archibald (1 files and 2 magazines that are duplicates)
McDonald Family (1 file and 1 magazine)
McDaniel, Mary
McDonald, Donald Francis
MacDonald, Flora
McDonald, John
McDonald, Ralph
McDowell Family (3 files)
McDowell, Charles and Joseph
McDowell, Mrs. Grace Bradford (Mrs. R. E.)
McDowell, Jane Parks
McDuffie, James
McElmoyle Family
McEwen Family
McEwen, Carl J.
McFadden Family (4 files)
McFall Family
McGaughey, Carroll
McGee Family
McGinn Family (2 files)
McGinnis Family
McGivern Family
McGregor, Gil
McGuire, Al
McGuire, Frank
McGuire, Wm. B.
McGuirt Family
McHaffey Family
McIntosh, Col. Daniel N.
McIntyre Family
McIntyre, Katherine Kennedy
McIntyre, William E.
McIver Family
McIver, Dr. and Mrs. Charles Duncan
McKamey Family
McKay, Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Witherspoon
McKee Family
McKee, Jimmie
McKeel, Family
McKeithan, Debbie
McKeithen Family
McKelway Family
McKenzie Family
McKinney Family
McKinney/Neel Family
McKinney, Horace Albert
McKinney, Theophilus E. and Martha "Marie
McKnight Family
McKnight, C. A. "Pete"
McKnight, Rev. James
McKnight, John
McKnitt Family
McLarty Family (2 files)
McLaughlin Family
McLean Family
McLean, Gov. and Mrs. Angus Wilton
McLean, Carrie
McLean, Clyde
McLean, Mable
McLean, Winifred
McLemore Family
McLendon Family
McLennan/Jamison Family
McLeod Family
McLeod, Dr. Jonnie Horn
MacLyon Family
McMackin/McMickin Family
McMahon Family
McManaway Family
McManus Family
McMaster Family
McMichael Family
McMillan Family
McMillan, Judge James B.
McMillan, J. Alex
McMillan, James Palmer
McMillan, Ralph
McMinn Family
McNair, Ron
McNeel, Luciel
McNeely Family
McNeill Family (2 folders, 1 magazine)
McNeill, John Charles (2 files)
McNinch Family
McNutt, Franklin Holbrook
McPheeters Family
McPherson Family
McQueen Family
McRacken, James Dougal
McRae/McRee Family
McRae, Mr. and Mrs. John A.
McRee Family (2 files)
McWhirter/McWhorter Family

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Mack Family
Mackie Family
Macon, Nathaniel
Maddox Family
Madison, Dolly
Magill, Thomas Rogers
Makemie Family
Mallett Family
Mallonee, Julius N.
Mangum Family
Mann Family
Manning Family
Marion Family
Marion, Francis
Marion, Paul
Mariscano, Michael
Marks Family
Marlette, Doug
Marlin Family
Marlowe Family
Marney, Dr. Carlyle
Marquardt, Adam (Lutheran Minister)
Marsh Family
Marshall Family
Marshall, E. C.
Marshall, Gen. George C.
Marshall, Henry of Stanly Co., NC
Martin Family (2 files)
Martin, Governor Alexander
Martin, David Grier (Davidson College Pres.)
Martin, David Grier, Jr.
Martin, James Andy
Martin, James Grubbs (3 files, 1 pamphlet)
Martin, Joseph B.
Martin, Keith
Mason Family
Massegee Family
Massey Family
Masterson, Dorothy
Matheson, Dr. james Pleasant (11-1878 to 8-5-1937)
Mathis, Ray and Carolyn
Matlock, Jack F., Jr.
Matthews Family
Mattingly, Sarah Irwin (Mrs. Cyprian Mattingly)
Mattoon, Rev. Stephen
Maulden, Julia
Mauldin Family
Mauney Family (Lincoln Co.)
Maupin, Armistead
Maxwell Family (2 files)
Maxwell, Bertha
Maxwell, Charles K.
May Family
Mayer Family
Mayes, Douglas
Mayo, J. A.

Meadows Family
Means, Gaston Bullock (1879-1938)
Mecklenburg, Duke of and Family
Medlin Family
Medlin, Smith
Meek Family
Medearis Family
MeHaffey Family
Meier, Meyers, Myers Families
Mencken, H. L.
Mendenhall Family
Merrell Family
Mesrobian Family
Messer Family
Metz Family
Michaux, H. M. "Mickey"
Mickle, Russell
Middleton Family
Mikkelson Family
MIles Family
Miller Family
Miller, Dr. Julian S.
Miller, Leroy
Miller, Dr. Robert Grier
Mills Family (2 files)
Millsaps Family
Millwee Family
Mincey Family
Mingo Family
Minor, Nanette
Minter, Elisha
Miscellaneous County Records (Petteway files-Mecklenburg, Union, Cabarrus Cos.)
Misenheimer Family
Mitchell Family
Mitchell, Elisha
Mitchell, Memory
Mittag, Dr. John F. G.
Mizell, Wilmer (2 brochures)
Mo, Charles
Mock Family
Monk Family
Monk, Thelonious
Montgomery Family
Monteith Family (2 files)
Moody Brothers
Moody, Stowe & Family
Mooneyham, Lamar
Moore Family (2 files)
Moore Family from Lois Moore Yandle
Moore Family from Larry Phillip Leonard papers)
Moore, David Family (2 files)
Moore, Dr. Burmah Dixon
Moore, Dan K.(2 files)
Moore, Mrs. Dan
Moore, Herman
Moore, Isaac Hudson & Family
Moore, Maurice (1735-1777)
Moore, Moses
Moore, Dr. Oren
Moore, Rev. Oren, Jr.
Moore, Thomas
Moose Family
Moose, Philip
Morehead Family
Morehead, John Motley
Morgan, Robert
Morgan, Rufus
Moroso, Rob
Morrill, Dan
Morris Family
Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Speight
Morris, William (Rev. War Soldier, Burke Co.)
Morris, Zebulon Vance & Family
Morrison, Cameron (3 files)
Morrison, Joseph Graham
Morrison, Rev. Robert Hall
Morrow Family
Morton, Hugh McRae
Morton, John
Moseley Family
Moses Family
Moss Family
Mosteller Family
Mothershead, Ivan
Motley, Rowe
Mott/Motte Family
Mouzon Family
Mudd Family
Muhleman, Max
Mull Family
Mullen Family
Mullins, Michael P.
Mullis Family
Munday Family
Mullinax Family
Mullis, Kary
Munroe Family
Murdock, David (NC textile mills)
Murdoch Family
Murphy Family
Murray Family
Murrell, John A.
Murril, Col. Hugh A.
Murrow, Edward R.
Muse Family
Myers Family
Myers, Caroline
Myers, Joseph R.
Myers, Michael (artist)
Myers, William R.
Myrick, Sue

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Nail Family
Nahory, Mr. and Mrs. William F.
Nance, Bud
Nance Family
Nantz, Jim
Nash, Francis
Navey Family
Neal (Neal, Neil) Family (4 folders)
Neal, Jesse C.
Nebel, William
Neblett Family
Neel Family
Neely Family (5 folders)
Neely/Jackson Family
Neely, Jim (York Co., SC)
Neely/Miller (York Co., SC)
Neely, Thomas J.(York Co., SC)
Neill Family
Nelson Family
Nelms, Winifred and Joseph Ingram
Nesbitt Family
Newcomb, Alan Harrison
Newcombe Family
Newell Family
Newlin Family
Newsom, Dr. Lionel H.
Newsome, Ray
Newton Family
Ney, Marshall
Ney, Michel
Nichols Family
Nicholson Family
Nicholson, Maggie Lamb
Niel Family
Nisbet Family
Nivens Family
Nixon Family
Nixons of Texas
Norman Family
Northern Family
Nutt Family

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Oates Family
O'Boyle, Maureen
Ochiltree Family
O'Connell, Rt. Rev. Dennis J.
O'Dell Family
Odom Family
Odom, Thomas LaFontine "Fountain"
O'Donoghue, Dr. Dennis
Oettinger Family
Officer, James & Family
Ogilvie, Philip Smythe
Oglesby Family
Oglukian, Levon Mardiros
O'Herron Family
Oldenburg, Douglas (Minister of Covenant Presbyterian Church)
Olive, Henry C.
Olive, Hubert E.
Ormand Family
Orr Family (2 files)
Orr, Henry
Orr, Louis (1 file, 1 booklet)
Orr, Dr. William W.
Orvin Family
Osborne Family
Osborne/Bost Families
Osborne, Francis I.
Ostwalt Family
Outen Family
Ovens, David (1 file, 1 booklet)
Overcash Family
Overcash, Reece A.
Overman Family
Owen Family
Owens, Rev. Robert Bruce
Oyler Family

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Page Family
Page, Robert Newton
Page, Walter Hines
Pahl, Larkin
Palmer Family
Palmer, Arnold
Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. Roy A.
Pappas Family
Park, Roy
Parke Society (newsletters) -shelved with periodicals
Parker Family (2 files)
Parker, Charles W.
Parker, Inez
Parker, Judge John Johnston
Parker, S. I.
Parks Family - 1 folder, 1 booklet (“Harvey Baxter Parks’ Civil War”)
Parler Family
Parrish Family
Paschal Family
Parson Family
Parsons Family
Partlow Family
Pasour Family
Patrick Family
Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay
Patterson, Pam
Patton Family
Patton, Benjamin (Mecklenburg Signer)
Patton, James
Patton, Robert L. (Teacher and Humorist)
Patterson Family (2 files)
Paul Family
Paxton Family
Payne, Gene
Peace, William
Peacock, Edwin B., Jr.
Peacock, Phyllis
Pearson, Albert T.
Pearson Family
Pease, J. Norman
Peed Family
Peek Family
Peithmann Family
Penick, Bishop Edwin Anderson
Penn, John (1740-1787)
Pennington, Raymond
Penny Family
Peoples Family
Perkins Family
Perkinson Family
Perrin Family
Perry Family
Perzel, Dr. Edward (UNCC History Teacher)
Peterson Family
Pethel Family
Petrea and Petree Family
Petteway Family
Petty Family
Petty, Richard (1 files, 1 brochure)
Peyre Family
Pfohl Family
Pharr Family
Phelan Family
Phelps Family
Phelps Family News (Newsletter of the Phelps Family Assoc. of America) -shelved with periodicals
Phifer Family
Phillips Family (2 files)
Phillips, Charlie
Phillips, Charles W., Sr.
Phillips, Craig
Phillips, Dwight Ledwell
Phillips, John
Phillips, Mary Louise
Philpott, Harvey Cloyd
Pickens Family
Pickney Family
Pierce family
Pierrepont Family
Pitchlynn, Col. Peter P.
Pinckney Family
Pitcher Family
Pitt, William, Earl of Chatham
Pitman Family
Pitman/Rodden Families
Pittenger, Robert
Pittman Family
Place, Jeff and Mary
Player Family
Plemmons Family
Pless Family
Plont Family
Plonk, Laura
Plott Family
Plott, Donald
Plumblee Family
Plunkett Family
Plumides, John and George Mitchell
Plyler, John L.
Poe, Dr. Clarence
Poe, William E.
Poindexter Family
Poinsett, Joel Robert
Polk Family (3 files, 1 booklet)
Polk, Charles and Family
Polk, James Knox (2 files)
Polk, Leonidas Lafayette
Polk, Thomas
Polk, William
Polk, William Tannahill
Pollock family
Poole Family
Pope Family
Porter Family ( 4 files)
Porter, John J. and Sarah Ann and Family
Poovey (Povey) Family
Poplin Family
Porshia Family
Poston Family
Poteat, Dr. Isabella
Potter, Robert and Family
Potts Family (2 files)
Pound, Mr. and Mrs. Ralston Murphey
Powell Family
Powell, Benjamin E.
Powell, Lew
Powell, William S.
Potter, Judge Robert (Bibliography from The Charlotte Observer 1988-1991)
Pratt Family
Pratt, Joseph Hyde
Presley/Pressly Family
Presley, Elvis
Presson Family
Presson, Mrs. Sam (2 files)
Preston Family
Preyer, Richardson (1 folder, 2 booklets)
Price Family (3 files)
Price, Father Thomas Frederick (1860-1919)
Price, Issac, Jr.
Price, Issac, Sr. ( 2 files)
Price, Issac Floyd
Price, J. Baxter "Clan" (1 booklet)
Price, John
Price, Thomas Moore
Price, William E.
Price, William S.
Primm, Prumm, Lydecker Family (1 booklet)
Prince Family
Prince, Cecil
Privette, Coy
Proctor Family
Propst Family
Pruette, Dr. and Mrs. L. R.
Pruitt Family
Puett Family
Pugh Family
Purcell Family
Purdie Family
Pursley Family (2 files)
Purser Family
Purser, Roy M.
Purviance Family
Putman Family

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Quarles, Mr. and Mrs. James Perrin (3-13-1877 to 2-16-1956)
Query Family
Quinby/Quimby Family

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Ragan Family
Ragan, Caldwell, Sr. (2 booklets)
Ragan, Daniel Franklin, Esq. (2 booklets)
Ragan, George Washington (2 booklets)
Raines Family
Rainey Times (Rainey Family) (2 issues)
Raleigh, Sir Walter
Ramey Family (2 files)
Ramsaur/Ramsour Family
Ramsey Family
Ramsey, Liston
Rand Family
Randolph Family
Randolph, Elizabeth
Rankin Family
Rankin, Edward
Rankin, Watson, M. D.
Ranson Family
Raparlier Family
Rape Family
Rappe, Harold
Rash, Dennis
Ratcliff/Ratcliffe Family (2 files)
Ratchford Family
Ratcliff, Richard Bulletin (3 issues)
Rattray Family
Rauch, Marshall
Ravenel, Arthur
Ravenel, Charles "Pug"
Rawlinson, J. M.
Ray Family
Ray, Tom
Rayner Family
Rea Family
Redd Family
Redden Family
Redding Family
Redding, Oliver Franklin Family
Reddy, T. J.
Redhead, Dr. John A.
Redmond Family
Reed Family
Reed, Charles S.
Reeder Family
Reep Family
Reese Family
Reese, Addison E.
Reeves Family (of Georgia, 1 booklet)
Register, Dr. Martha
Reibold, Kay
Reid Family (1 file, 1 booklet)
Reid, Don
Reid, John Calvin and Family
Reid, Richmond and Family
Reilley Family
Reilly, Laura
Reinhardt Family
Relic, Peter
Renfrow Family
Renfrow, Edward
Renfrow, John Robertson
Rent, Clyda
Reynolds Family
Reynolds, Richard J. (Jr. & Sr.)
Reynolds, Richard Rice
Rhea/Ray Family
Rhea, Samuel (1 booklet)
Rhine, Dr. Joseph Banks and Dr. Louisa
Rhyne Family
Rich Family
Richardson Family
Richardson, Mr. and Mrs. Don
Richardson, Edward
Richardson, Jerry
Richardson, Jim
Richardson, R. Smith
Richardson, Rev. William
Richter, Moses
Riddick, Micki
Riggins Family
Rights, Douglas LeTell (9/11/1891-12/1/1956)
Riley, Dick
Rinehardt Family
Rink Family
Risk, Paul
Ritch Family
Ritchie Family
Rivers, Joel Thomas (update to information in the book Your Inheritance)
Roark Family
Robbins Family
Robbins, Grover, Harry and Spencer
Robbins, Haywood
Roberts Family
Roberts, Bruce and Nancy
Roberts, Coleman
Roberts, (Dodo) Lola V.
Robertson family
Robertson, Descendants of Christopher and Edward (1 booklet)
Robinett Family
Robinson Family (2 files)
Robinsons of American Newsletter (1 issue)
Robinson, Charles
Robinson, Jay
Robinson, M. W. and Susan
Robinson, Russell
Robinson, Ruth
Rodden Family
Rogers Family ( 2 files)
Rolfe/Bolling Families
Rollins Family
Rollins, H. T.
Rondthaler, Bishop Edward
Rorie Family
Rose Family (3 files)
Rose, Charles (Rep. "Charlie" Rose)
Rose, Charlie (entertainment business)
Ross Family (4 files)
Ross, Mrs. Robbie Lee Gillis (Mrs. Grady Ross-charts for book:Your Inheritance)
Ross, Sandy Caswell
Rose, Lee
Roseborough Family
Rothrock Family
Roundtree, Dovey Johnson
Rousso, Al
Rowe Family
Rowe, Crayton Edward
Rowe, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver
Royall, Kenneth C.
Royce Family
Rozzelle Family
Rucker Family
Rudisill Family
Rudisill, Marie
Rumfelt Family
Rumple, Dr. Jethro
Rushton Family
Russell Family
Russell, Donald
Russell, Junius A.
Ruth, Earl Baker (1 file, 2 booklets)
Rutherford Family
Rutherford, Gen. Griffith
Rutledge Family
Rutzler Family
Ryan, John J.

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Sample Family
Sanburg Family History Timeline (1 booklet)
Sandburg, Carl
Sanders/Saunders Family
Sanford, Terry, Gov. (4 files)
Satchwell Family
Savage Family
Sawyer Family (3 files)
Scarborough Family
Scarborough, Judge Bill
Scattergood Family
Scheer, Carl
Scheer, Julian
Schenck Family
Schorr, Ken
Schwartz Family
Schwartz, Elliott
Scoggins, Dorothy County
Scott Family
Scott, Ralph
Scott, Randolph
Scott, Robert (3 files)
Scott, Mrs. Robert (Jessie Rae Osborne)
Scott, W. Kerr & Family
Scranton, John & Family (copy of a book)
Scruggs, Earl
Scrum Family
Seagle Family
Seagrave Family
Seawell, Herbert F. (Chub)
Seawell, Malcolmb B.
Sechrist Family
Seignious, George M.
Seitz Family
Selden, George
Self Family
Self, William
Sellers Family
Sellers, Boris
Selwyn Family
Semans, Mary and Jim (2 booklets)
Sentelle, Judge David Bryan
Severs Family
Sevier, John
Shanklin Family
Shannon Family
The Shapeley Connection (1 issue)
Sharp Family
Sharp, Judge Susie
Sharpe Family
Sharpe, Bill
Shaw Family (Shaw-Brockman Families)
Shaw, Dr. Angus R.
Shearer Family
Sheid Family
Shelby Family (5 files)
Shelby, Isaac
Shelton, Ed, Charlie and Family
Sheton, Thomas M
Shepherd Family (Anson Co.)
Sheridan, Dick
Sherrill Family
Sherrill, Frank Odell and Family
Shine Family
Shinn, George
Shipp Family
Shipp, William Marcus
Shoaf Family
Shober, Dr. James Francis
Short Family
Short, Milton
Shotwell, Thorn, Feake, Bowne Families
Shrum Family
Shufford Family
Shull Family
Shute Family
Sibley Family (Descendants of Robert Sibley of Mecklenburg Co.)
Sifford Family
Sikes Family
Sikes Family (1 booklet)
Silver Family (2 files)
Silverstein Family
Silvey Family (2 pamphlets)
Simkins, Modjeska
Simmons Family
Simmons, Bill
Simmons, Floyd "Chunk"M., Jr.
Simmons, Furnifold M.
Simms, William G.
Simpson Family
Sims, Allen H.

Sing Family
Sitgreaves Family
Skidmore Family
Skinner Family (4 files)
Slater Family
Slaughter Family
Slaughter/Keenan Family
Sledge Family
Sloan Family (2 files)
Sloop, Dr. Mary T. Martin
Small Family
Smart/Smartt Family
Smith Family
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur and Ralph
Smith, Alexander and Family (1747-1828)
Smith, Benjamin (Gov. of NC)
Smith, Bruton
Smith, Dean E.
Smith, Gibson L.
Smith, Jessie Caldwell (Mrs. Clarence H.)
Smith, McNeill
Smith, Michael
Smith, Peter
Smith, Roy S.
Smith, W. J. (Jr. and Sr.)
Smith, W. W.
Smith, Willis
Smyre Family
Snepp, Frank W. and Family
Snipes Family
Snock, Mr. and Mrs. Harry "Pat Lee"
Snyder Familyl
Snyder, George
Snyder, Jimmy "The Greek"
Sorrels Family
Sowell, Thomas
Sowers Family
Sowers, Roy, Jr.
Spaine Family
Spangler, C. D., Jr.
Spangler and Allied Familes
Sparrow, Dr. William
Spaugh Family
Spaulding Family
Spearman, Walter
Spears Family
Speer Family
Speir Family & Spiers
Speizman, Morris
Spencer Family
Spencer, Cornelia Phillips
Spencer, Samuel, Jr.
Spencer, William
Spiers, Jack
Spong, John (Bishop)
Spoon, Roy
Spratt Family (3 files)
Spratt, Thomas (The Pioneer- 1 booklet)
Spray/Berry Family
Springs Family (2 files)
Springs, Mr. and Mrs. Eli, II
Springs, Col. and Mrs. Elliott White
Sprinkle, William J.
Sproul Family
Sprunt, Alexander, D. D. (1853-1937)
Spurrier Family
Squires, M. Catherine
Stackhouse Family
Stafford Family
Stahl, Mr. and Mrs. Donald
Stallings Family
Stanback, Thomas M.
Stanbery Family
Stancill Family
Stansfield/Stanfield Family
Stanton Family
Stapleton, Ruth Carter
Stark, Rufus, III
Starnes Family
Starr Family
Staton, Rev. John & Family
Staytan Family
Steadman, Charles Manley
Steadman, Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. (Alice)
Steele, John and Steele Family
Steere, James E.
Stegall Family
Steger, C. Don
Stegmeir, Hans
Stenhouse, James A.
Stephens Family (Oglethorpe Co., GA)
Stephens, Alexander (1729-1814)
Stephens, Mr. and Mrs. George
Stephenson Family
Stevens/Stephens Family (GA & VA)
Stevens, Williams
Stevenson/Stephenson Family
Stevenson, Sarah
Stewart, Carl (Speaker of the House of Rep.)
Stickley, John Leon
Stinson Family
Stockton Family
Stokes Family
Stolpen, Spencer
Stone Family
Stone, Pam
Strong Family
Storrs, Thomas I
Story Family
Stough Family
Stout, Garland
Stovall Family
Stowe Family
Stratford, Willie
Strawn Family
Strawn, Zeb C.
Street Family
Strickland Family
Stringer Family of Lawrence Co., MS (1 booklet)
Stringfield, Lamar
Strode Family
Stroud Family
Stroud, Anita
Stroud, Gerson
Stroup/Stroupe Family
Stroupe, Dr. A. U.
Strudwick Family
Stukes, J. Ed
Styron Family
Suggs Family
Sullivan Family
Sullivan, Walter
Summerow Family
Summers Family
Summerville Family
Summerville, A. C.
Sumner, Ted
Sumter Family
Surgeon Family
Surtman Family
Sustare Family
Suther Family
Sutton Family
Swain David Lowrie
Swan Family
Swann, Darius & Vera
Swearingen Family
Swicegood, Dan
Swing Family
Swisher, Arnold Tipton
Sykes Family
Symons-Simons Family (2 newsletters)

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Taggart Family
Tanner, Simpson Bobo
Tanner, Mrs. Mildred
Tarleton Family (1 file, 1 booklet)
Tate Family
Tate, Alice
Tate, Jack & Dolly
Tate, John A. and Tate Family
Tate, Thad L.
Tatum, James Moore
Taylor Family
Taylor, Bernard
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Rev. Gardner
Taylor, Guinn
Taylor, Hoyt Patrick
Taylor, J. Randolph
Taylor, James E.
Taylor, John
Taylor, Marble Nash
Taylor, Roy A.
Templeton Family
Terrell Family (2 booklets)
Terrills Family
Tevepaugh Family (2 files)
Thies Family
Thomas Family (3 files)
Thomas, Ethel
Thomas, R. Zack
Thompson Family
Thompson Family (Peter & Wilson)
Thompson, David
Thompson, Jan
Thompson, Paul
Thompson, Rudy
Thompson, Max
Thorpe, Jim
Thornton, William
Thurmond, Strom
Tiddy, Richard
Tidwell, Isaiah
Tillett Family
Tillett, Charles W., Sr. and Carrie Patterson Tillett
Tillett, Charles, Jr. and Gladys Avery Tillett
Tillett, Dr. Charles, Dr. Grace and Laura A. Tillett
Timberlake, Bob
Timrod, Henry
Tindall Family
Tison, Ben
Todd Family
Tolbert, Berlinda
Tomberlin Family
Tomlinson Family
Tompkins, D. A.
Torrence-Banks Family
Torrence Family
Townsend Family
Travis, Randy
Traynham Family (3 files)
Tredwell Family
Trimble Family
Trosch, Minette
Tross, Dr. J. S. Nathaniel
Trotter Family
Troutman Family
Troy Family
Trull Family
Truett, George W.
Truitt Family
Tryon, Gov. William
Tucker Family (3 files)
Tucker, Tilghman Family
Tufts Family
Tufts, Edgar A.
Tufts, James
Turner Family
Turner/Russell Family
Turner, Gutherie L.
Turner, Rev. Robert
Tutterow Family
Tuttle Family

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Umstead, William Bradley (1895-1954)
Underhill Family (1 booklet)
Union Co. Men (Biographical Materials from The Monroe Enquirer 2-1-1912)
Utley Family

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Vaillancourt, Gerry
Valentine, I. T., Jr.
Valk, Lisa
Valvano, Jim
Van Buren, Mr. and Mrs. Martin
Vance Family
Vance, Zebulon Baird (2 files)
Vanderbilt, George & Family
Van Every Family
VanEvery, Phillip
Van Landingham Family
Vann Family
Vanstory, Cornelius M.
Van Zant Family
Varner Family
Varner, Fleming, McCord, McFarland and Kennedy (2 files)
Vasser/Dawson Family
Vaughan, Etc. (1 newsletter)
Veeder, William J. (City Manager)
Venable Family
Vest, W. E.
Victor, H. M
Vines, Mack M.
Vinroot, Richard
Vinson Family
Voyles Family

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Wacaster Family
Waddell, Dr. Joyce
Wade Family
Wadsworth Family
Wages Family
Wakefield Family
Walker Family (2 files)
Walker, Dr. LeRoy
Walker, Sylvanus & Family of Sugar Creek, Mecklenburg Co., NC (2 folders)
Walkup Family
Walkup, Israel Pickens
Wall Family
Wallace Family (2 files)
Wallis Family
Walser, Richard
Walsh Family
Walsh, Stephen R.
Walter, LeRoy
Walters Family
Walton Family
Walton, C. W.
Walton, Robert "Bob"
Wanzer Family
Ward Family
Ward, Snow, Harris and Yeaw Families
Wardlaw, Mrs. Helen C.
Ware Family
Warlick Family
Warren Family
Warren, Casper C.
Warren, Lindsay C.
Washam Family
Washburn Family
Washburn, Dr. Ben
Washington, George (in NC & SC)
Wasson Family (2 files)
Wasson, John Addison
Wasson, John Franklin
Wasson, John Wassinger
Wasson, Robert (2 files)
Watkins Family
Watkins, Thomas B.
Watkins, John Bullock III
Watson Family
Watt/Watts Family
Watts, Melvin
Watts, Rolanda
Waugh Family
Way Family
Waynick, Mr. and Mrs. Capus
Wearn Family
Weatherford, Dr. Willis Duke
Weatherly, Mr. and Mrs. James Harry
Weatherford, W. D.
Weaver Family
Webb Family
Webb, James E.
Webber Family
Webster Family
Weddington, James Henderson (1845-1922)
Weekly, Rev. Gordon
Weeks, Stephen Beauregard
Weidner or Whitener Family
Weigel or Wikle Family
Weill Family
Weill, Mr. & Mrs. Will
Welborn Family
Welsh, Constance
Weldon, Wilson O.
Wells Family
Welton, David Goe, M. D.
West, Gov. John
Westbrook Family
Westbrooks, Allegra
Westerman Family
Westmorland Family
Westmoreland, Gen. Wm.
Wheeler Family
Wheeler, Dr. Raymond
Whelchel Family
Whiddit Family
Whistler, Ann McNeill "Whistler's Mother"
Whitaker Family
White Family (Index to the book We have Identified Thousands, Enoughand 2 other files)
White, John
White, J. Clyde
White, Wendell
Whitehead family
Whitener Family
Whitener, Basil
Whitesell Family
Whiteside Family
Whitfield, Dr. Theodore
Whitley Family
Whitney Family
Whitney, Mr. and Mrs. Grant
Whitsett, Kenneth & Family
Whitsett, William Thornton
Whittington, James B.
Wideman Family
Wiggins Family
Wiggs Family
Wilder Family
Wiley, Calvin H.
Wilfong Family
Wilkes Family (John, Jane and J. Frank)
Wilkes, Mrs. John (Jane Renwick Smedberg) (autobiography from 1905)
Wilkinson Family
Williams Family (2 files)
Williams-Eley-Whitehead-Killingworth-Ledingham-House-Hogan-Little and Allied Lines
William Family Bulletin (7 issues)
Williams, Charles A.
Williams, David M. "Carbine"
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, Prof. Horace
Williams, J. T.
Williams, Robert
Williams, Dr. William H.
Williamson Family (2 files)
Williamson, Hugh
Williford Family
Willis Family (1 booklet, 1 folder)
Wilmer, Henry B.
Wilmoth Family
Wilson Family (2 files)
Wilson, Mr. & Mrs. George E.
Wilson, Henry Hall
Wilson, James S.
Wilson, J. W. (Supt. of Mecklenburg Co. Schools)
Wilson, Louis Round (2 files)
Wilson, Woodrow
Wilson, Zaccheus (Signer of the Meck. Dec. of Independence)
Winborne Family
Winchester Family
Winecoff, Michael
Winfield, Wingfield, Windfield Families
Wingate Family
Winston, Dr. Ellen
Winters Family
Wireman, Billy
Withers Family
Wishart, David
Witherspoon Family
Witherspoon/Youree/McKenzie Families
Wittkowsky, Samuel
Woefler Family
Wohlford Family
Wolff/Wolf/Wolfe Family
Wolf, Philip
Wolfe, J. Lester
Wolfe, Thomas
Womack family
Woo, Lillian
Wood Family
Wood/Woods Family
Woodall Family
Woodard Family
Woodburn Family
Woodruff Family
Woods Family
Woods, Frank
Woods, Mark
Woodside Family
Woodson Family
Woodward Family
Work Family
Workman family
Worley, Bland
Worth Family
Worthy, James
Wootten Family
Wray, Mrs. Augusta
Wright Brothers (2 files, 1 booklet)
Wright Family
Wright, Angela
Wright, Helen John
Wright, L. M., Jr.
Wriston, Miles L.
Wyant Family
Wyatt Family
Wyche family
Wyche, Isabella
Wylie, Dr. Walker Gill
Wynne Family

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no files

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Yager, Dexter
Yancy, Henry
Yandell, Charles
Yandle Family
Yarbrough and Yarborough Families
Yarborough, Cale
Yarbrough, Roy
Yardley Family
Yates, Graem
Yearwood Family
Yoder Family
York Family

Young Family (2 files)
Young, Dolph & Family
Youngblood Family
Younts Family
Younts, Paul

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Zeigler Family
Zerof, Herbert G.
Zimmerman, Joan

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