Marriage, Death, and Other Notices

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Harty, J. T. Mr. and Witherspoon, Lula A. Miss
Davis, J. M. Mr. and Kidd, M. J. Miss
Bell, Mrs. and Reid, T. N. Dr.
Furr, Andrew J. Mr. and Allen, Lenora Miss
Barron, Thomas A. Mr. and Wilson, Mamie Miss
Wearn, George Mr. and Allen, Addie Miss
Harmon, E. L. Mr. and Holton, L. (Laura?) J. Miss
Hood, J. Watt Mr. and Biggers, Mary E. Miss
Dixon, Charles A. Mr. and Alexander, Bettie Miss
Cashion, William T. Mr. and Alexander, Bettie C. Miss
Barnett, W. M. Mr. and Hinsdale, Minnie Miss
Smith, J. W. Mr. and Biggart, Mary Neal Miss
Kirksey, William Mr. and Lawing, Martha Miss
Leslie, John C. Mr. and Harty, Bessie Miss
Lipe, Luther A. Mr. and Barringer, Mariah Miss
McCall, Jr., James Mr. and Hargett, Annie Miss
Earney, William O. Mr. and Balch, Lucy Miss
Blanton, Burwell Mr. and Ramsey, Pattie Miss
Blackwelder, Clay Mr. and Goodman, Laura Miss
Barnett, W. C. Mr. and Derlin, Maggie Miss
Bailey, Madison A. Dr. and Marse, Mollie Miss
Beatty, J. W. Mr. and Usshur, Annie Miss
Houston, William C. Dr. and Parsons, Nina Miss
Houston, William C. Dr. and Nina, Parsons Miss
Allen, W. A. Mr. and Overcash, Minnie Miss
Helms, Harvey Mr. and Hasty, Eliza Ellen Miss
Barnhardt, George W. Mr. and Blackwelder, Linda Miss
Tillson, George Mr. and Auton, Martha Miss
McGill, Charles B. Mr. and Beattie, Ella Miss
Phifer, Edward W. Mr. and Adams, Annie E. Miss
Haynes, Tyler D. Mr. and Wilkie, Bettie Miss
Heafner, C. L. Mr. and Warlick, Liillie Miss
Pierce, Franklin Smith Mr. and Wriston, Mary Virginia Miss
Baker, J. Taylor Mr. and Stanford, Katie Miss
Asbury, Egbert Toss Mr. and Hall, Jessie Miss
Schiff, Louis Mr. and Rosenthal, Carrie Miss
Beatty, Jasper Mr. and McCord, Nora Miss
Hall, G. W. Mr. and Smith, E. S. Miss
Jenkins, James Mr. and Hayes, Junius W. Miss
Harrill, A. B. Dr. and Black, Hattie Miss
Asbury, Oria Mr. and Smith, Emma Miss
Hambrick, Alonzo Mr. and Lattimore, Addie Miss
Abernathy, J. F. Mr. and Abernathy, Sue C. Miss
Abernathy, J. F. Mr. and Abernathy, Sue C. Miss
Marsh, Bascom Mr. and Ashcraft, Annie Miss
Redfearn, J. A. Mr. and Barnett, Lula Miss
Johnston, Rufus Mr. and Alexander, Grace Miss
Huff, John Mr. and Grizzle, Mollie Miss
Baile, Baxter Mr. and Hagler, Mary Miss
Alexander, Frank Mr. and Brown, Fairie Miss
Hamilton, J. T. Mr. and Secrest, Phronissa Miss
Griffith, S. A. Mr. and Mensing, Mary Miss
Cunningham, W. E. Mr. and Cunningham, Bobbie Miss
Biggers, A. W. Mr. and Pyron, Cora J. Miss
Austin, Thomas Mr. and McKenzie, Maggie Miss
Ardrey, J. P. Mr. and Rone, Ida Miss
Alexander, R. W. Mr. and Galloway, Lillie Miss
Wetmore, Thomas C. Mr. and Allen, Nancy E. Miss
Heaver, Christie Mr. and Carpenter, Elta Miss
Hall, Frank Mr. and Kizer, Miss
Brown, William Mr. and Hartgrove, Miss
Armstrong, R. L. Mr. and Howard, S. S. Miss
Blankenship, J. M. Mr. and Kendrick, Mamie Miss
Stevens, W. S. Mr. and Morris, Laura Miss
Houston, J. A. Mr. and McLelland, Mollie Miss
Weathers, C. M. Mr. and Beall, Mary Jones Miss
Nixon, Alfred Mr. and Robinson, Iola J Miss
Watts, E. B. Mr. and Barringer, Carrie Miss
Neal, Luther Mr. and Hipp, Annie Miss
Crosland, John B. Mr. and Asbury, Hallie Miss
McBee, Thomas Sumner Mr. and Avery, Sudie W. Miss
Cathey, A. F. Mr. and Hipp, Annie Miss
Austin, James Mr. and Simpson, Isabel Miss
Barnett, Edward E. Mr. and Batson, Kate P. Miss
Barnett, Edward E. Mr. and Batson, Kate P. Miss
Stephenson, D. Francis Mr. and Allison, Eva Miss
Heathcock, Walter Mr. and Killam, Martha Miss
Bridgers, John Mr. and Bookhart, Jane Miss
Babcock, James W. Dr. and Guion, Kate Miss
Freeman, G. H. Mr. and Austin, Alice Miss
Beam, David Mr. and Jetton, Ella Miss
Vanderburg, Robert Mr. and Watts, Lessie Miss
Noland, N. H. Mr. and Aderholdt, Ida E. Miss
Jenkins, Charles Mr. and Bell, Etta Miss
Batcehlor, Kemp B. Dr. and Dewey, Freebee G. Miss
Haynes, Perry L. Mr. and Alexander, Nellie Miss
Huff, W. S. Mr. and Graham, Julia Evelyn Miss
Brenizer, Gilmer and Waddell, Ellen Miss
Beasley, George M. Mr. and Austin, Ellie Miss
Beasley, George M. Mr. and Austin, Ellie Miss
Haynes, Perry S. Mr. and Alexander, Nellie Miss
Little, R. E. Mr. and Bennett, Mary Miss
Pitts, W. H. Mr. and McGathy, Mollie Miss
Heart, N. M. Major and Gifford, Janie Miss
Alexander, Will Mr. and Hargett, Mamie Miss
Alexander, Will Mr. and Hargett, Mamie Miss
Rhodes, Charles Mr. and Heafner, Effie Miss
Atkinson, W. R. Reverend and Thompson, Crisse Miss
Weaver, Frank O. and Martin, Minnie
Atkinson, Dr. WR Reverend and Thompson, Crissie
Stenhouse, TG and Edwards, Docia
Bryan, Harry S. and Oates, Anne Pegram
Alexander, W. S. Mr. and Davis, Lillian F. Miss
Drakeford, J S and Miller, Genie
Black, Elbridge Mr. and Hipp, Mater Miss
Black, Elbridge and Hipp, Moter
Simmonds, Mr. and Schiff, Miss
Mack, Alex Dr. and Lucas, Mary
Hunter, William Elmo and Harkey, Lizzie
Robison, William and Grier, Minnie
Johnson, Will and Nichols, Mamie
Carroll, John and Miller, Lizzie
Lane, W. A. Mr. and Austin, Lily Miss
Blankenship, W. A. Mr. and Davis, Essie Miss
Elliott, J W Mr. and Graham, Sallie Miss
Parker, Charles Mr. and Anthony, Louise Miss
Bell, Frank Mr. and Holland, Annie Miss
Barkley, G. A. Mr. and Derr, Mamie Miss
Abernathy, J. T. Mr. and Smith, Hattie Miss
Cashion, T. J. Mr. and Ballew, Mattie Miss
Huffman, F. L. Mr. and Cannon, Laura Miss
Winecoff, Thomas E. Professor and Black, Alice Miss
Howie, Frank and Gribble, Pet
Wesson, Albert Mr. and Borders, Johnnie Miss
Ross, J. O. Mr. and Alexander, Minnie Miss
Robinson, D. H. Mr. and Heavnier, Annie E. Miss
Ross, J. O. Mr. and Alexander, Mamie Miss
Boyce, E. E. Mr. and Nelson, Sallie Miss
Black, J. C: Dr. and Black, Emma Miss
Baruch, Joseph Mr. and DaVies, Lizzie Miss
Couch, Raymond Mr. and Allen, Anna Miss
Littlejohn, R. N. Mr. and Blanks, Maggie L. Miss
Hanna, Wylie Mr. and Farris, C. C. Miss
Alexander, John C. Mr. and Glass, Watson Miss
Bess, Charles Dr. and Beam, Lizzie Miss
Bess, Charles Dr. and Beam, Lizzie Miss
Watson, William Mr. and Ardry, Etta Miss
McCain, John W. Mr. and Belk, Minnie Miss
Andrews, E. M. Mr. and Sergeant, Ella Miss
Wilks, John Francis Mr. and Beale, Anna E. Miss
Adams, M. R. Dr. and Rhyne, Lula Miss
Barringer, John H. Mr. and Smith, Gertrude Miss
Baxter, John Mr. and Mauney, Ida Mr.
Davidson, Ed Mr. and Galloway, Lillie M. Miss
Houser, J. F. Mr. and Alexander, Nannie Miss
Hatchet, John D. Mr. and Gibson, Jennie L. Miss
Bixby, John A. Captain and Bixby, Mrs.
Beam, David A. Mr. and Rudasill, Emma Miss
Gaston, J. R. Mr. and Armstrong, Sarah Miss
Hager, William Mr. and Lang, Roberta Lang Miss
Bolick, D. E. Mr. and Ballard, Cora Miss
Bolick, D. E. Mr. and Ballard, Cora Miss
Blackwelder, Asa Mr. and Litaker, Loula Miss
Armstrong, W. Dr. and Hunter, Irene Miss
Neel, W. H. Mr. and Albright, Annie Miss
Allen, F. J. Mr. and Fields, Claudia Miss
Russell, William Mr. and Black, Jennie Miss
Sikes, T. A. Mr. and Flow, Ada Miss
Hinshaw, John Mr. and Wilson, Minnie Miss
Sossamon, J. S. Mr. and Barnett, Sallie Miss
Snider, D. A. Reverend and Bivens, Mittie Mrs.
Dowd, Frank Mr. and Babbington, Anna Miss
Steele, Jay (John) Newton Mr. and Billue, Emily Miss
Kritz, Frank Mr. and Marsh, Annie Miss
Almond, Jethro Mr. and Hilton, Annie C. Miss
Amthony, George W. Mr. and Holt, Mary M. Miss
Cobb, Beverly C. Mr. and Wright, May A. Miss
Anderson, George Mr. and Smith, Amanda Miss
Ritchie, Henry Y. Mr. and Blackwelder, Eva Miss
Edwards, E. A. Mr. and Harris, Susan Miss
Elliott, J. W. Mr. and Brown, Maggie Miss
Blackwelder, Charles B. Mr. and Stradley, Mary Miss
Alexander, J.. Mc. Mr. and Fraser, Lula E. Miss
Meloon, W. G. Mr. and Dodge, Mamie Miss
Griffith, Isaac Mr. and Parker, Carrie Miss
Griffith, Isaac Mr. and Parker, Carrie Miss
Nesbit, J. B. Mr. and Yandle, Mollie Miss
Mauney, M. A. Mr. and Wallick, Condace Miss
Faulkner, James Mr. and Osborne, Ala Miss
Wolfe, S. S. Mr. and Williamson, Minnie Miss
Blythe, M. M. Mr. and Beard, Mary Miss
Black, A. M. Mr. and Brookhardt, Maggie Miss
Blakeney, James A. Mr. and Martin, Maggie T. Miss
Wilkins, O. E. General and Ball, Lucy A. Miss
Kimball, J. L. Mr. and Benson, Kate Miss
Hanna, G. L. Mr. and Wise, Mamie Miss
Cook, John E. Mr. and Armstrong, Saraj Miss
Black, Mr. and Beam, Mary Miss
Black, (not listed) Mr. and Beam, Mary Miss
Bean, Sylvester Mr. and Wright, Dovie Miss
Beam, Sylvester Mr. and Wright, Dovie Miss
Auten, Duffy Mr. and Shrum, Sally Miss
Abernathy, John Mr. and Link, Mamie Miss
Archey, L M. Dr. and Reed, Kate C. Miss
Baker, E. M. Mr. and Stanford, Maggie Miss
Armstrong, W. F. Mr. and Wyatt, Katie Mrs.
Armstrong, W. F. Mr. and Wyatt, Katie Mrs.
Arrowood, Luther C. Mr. and Willis, Laura Miss
meacham, W. B. Mr. and Belk, Lelia Miss
Bell, Oscar Mr. and Neely, Anna Miss