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War Sites

Interactive War Site Map

To view information about war effort sites in North Carolina, move your mouse-pointer over any of the highlighted areas on the map below.

Asheville Lake Lure

Charlotte Monroe Greensboro/Winston-Salem/Highpoint Area Laurinburg/Maxton Area Fayetteville/Aberdeen/Southern Pines Area Raleigh/Durham Area Southport Goldsboro Holly Ridge Jacksonville Greenville Morehead City Cape Lookout/Beaufort Area Edenton Elizabeth Manteo/Nagshead Area Cape Hatteras Area New Bern Cape Fear Atlantic - Atlantic Field (USMC) North Carolina War Effort SitesNorth Carolina War Effort SitesNorth Carolina War Effort Sites


  1. Asheville - Asheville Convalescent Center, Henderson Airport (AAF), Grove Park Inn (R&R Center), US Naval Hospital (Kenilworth Park), Moore General Hospital (Swannanoa)
  2. Lake Lure - Army and Air Force Redistribution Rest Camp
  3. Charlotte - Charlotte Army Air Base, Morris Army Airfield, Charlotte Quartermaster Depot
  4. Monroe - Camp Sutton (US Army)
  5. Greensboro/Winston Salem/Highpoint - Fairchild Aircraft Co. (Burlington), Overseas Replacement Depot (Greensboro), Winston-Salem Airport (AAF, USN), AAF Basic Training Center (Greensboro)
  6. Laurinburg/Maxton - Laurinburg/Maxton Army Air Base
  7. Fayetteville/Aberdeen/Southern Pines - Fort Bragg (US Army), Pope Army Airfield (Spring Lake), Camp Mackall, Hoffman (US Army), Knollwood Army Airfield (Pinehurst),
  8. Raleigh/Durham - Camp Butner (US Army), Raleigh-Durham Army Air Base
  9. Goldsboro - Seymour Johnson Army Airfield
  10. Cape Fear/Wilmington - NC Shipbuilding Co., Bluethenthal Field, Wilmington Army Airfield, Fort Davis Army Airfield, Fort Caswell (US Army), Fort Fisher (US Army)
  11. Southport - Southport Naval Station
  12. Greenville - Greenville Airport (USN, AAF, USMC)
  13. Holly Ridge - Camp Davis (US Army)
  14. Jacksonville - Camp Lejeune (USMC), Montford Point (USMC)
  15. New Bern - Barbour Boat Works, Camp Battle (US Army), Cherry Point (USMC Air Station), Havelock (USMC Air Station)
  16. Morehead City - Morehead City Naval Station
  17. Edenton - USMC Air Station
  18. Elizabeth City - Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corp., US Naval Air Station (LTA = Lighter Than Air)
  19. Manteo/Nags Head - Manteo Naval Air Station, First German U-boat sunk by US Forces in World War II (U-85)
  20. Cape Hatteras - Submarine Patrols (hostile and friendly), Ocracoke Naval Station, British Cemetery (Ocracoke)
  21. Cape Lookout/Beaufort - Cape Lookout (USCG), Fort Macon (US Army), German U-boat: First enemy submarine sunk by US Coast Guard in World War II (U-352)
  22. Atlantic - Atlantic Field (USMC)

Other Interesting Facts

  • North Carolina's coastal waters were one of the major battle areas of WWII. More Allied ships and more Axis submarines were sunk here than anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Over 360,000 men and women from North Carolina served in the Armed Forces from 1941 to 1945.
  • The state was a large training ground for over two million soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines.
  • North Carolina farmers produced cotton, cottonseed oil, corn, hay, peanuts, wheat, soybeans, tobacco, oats, sweet and Irish potatoes, truck garden vegetables, poultry, hogs and dairy products. The state also had a substantial fishing industry.
  • Mines gave us mica, feldspar, bromine, gold, phosphate and tungsten and manganese ores.
  • North Carolinians worked in plants and factories that produced ships like the 10,000 ton "Liberty Ships," parachutes, aircraft components, munitions, landing barges, radar components, lumber, furniture, ceramics and textiles. The state's clothing industry supplied the armed forces with more clothing than any other state during the war years.