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38th Evac

The book, 38th Evac by LeGette Blythe, compiled from letters written to family members at home, is an account of the contribution to patient care of the 38th Evac. Hospital unit during WW II.

38th Evac
Billy Grahamís Reflections of Growing Up in Mecklenburg Co., NC

Reverend Billy Graham looks back at special memories of his childhood. The son of a dairy farmer, he lived near the present-day intersection of Woodlawn and Park Roads in Charlotte. After graduating from Sharon High School, he left Mecklenburg County to attend college and eventually became a world-renowned evangelist.

Rev. Billy Graham Courtesy of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Celebrating the Mecklenburg
Declaration of Independence

Historical accounts of events celebrating the signing of the debated "Meck. Dec." Facts regarding the document are also presented, allowing patrons to decide for themselves if it is history or hoax.

Celebrating the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence
Charlotte City Directory 1879-1880

Charlotte's population was only 7,094 people in 1880. Look up local families, businesses and view ads.
Charlotte City Directory 1879-1880
Charlotte Photographers
and Their Works: 1855 - 1925

Look back in time and explore the artistry of early Charlotte photographers in this exhibit. Many photographers are identified, with splendid examples of their work provided.

Charlotte Photographers and Their Works: 1855 - 1925
Divorce Records Index:
Mecklenburg County, NC 1846-1969

Genealogists often assume a spouse died, when second families are created. Other couples married and divorced twice. Search by name the individuals and families whose relationships were impacted by divorce.

Mecklenburg County Divorces
The Doughboys & Camp Greene
Mecklenburg County, NC 1917- 1918

An in-depth look at Mecklenburg's involvement in "the war to end all wars". Includes personal accounts, online books, virtual tours and image galleries.

The Doughboys & Camp Greene
Gold Star Veterans

When World War II ended in 1945, many of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, North Carolinaís servicemen came home, but over eight hundred could not. Volunteers created files of information about these veterans. These files were used as the foundation for an exhibit and database to insure that those who had given their lives to preserve our freedom would not be forgotten.

GoldStar Veterans
History Timeline

Welcome to over 400 years of history at your fingertips. This timeline provides information about events significant to Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. Events of broader historical significance also appear to offer context.

History Timeline
The Home Front:
Charlotte-Mecklenburg 1941-1946

Wonder what was going on locally while a war was being fought in many places in the world? Visit this site to learn more about the lives, times and sacrifices of our fellow citizens during and immediately after World War II.

The Home Front
North Carolina Room: Historic Maps

The Carolina Room map collection includes a wide variety of items including NC Sanborn insurance maps, flood and topographic maps. This unique list will provide a description and guide for the historic maps, which have never been cataloged like other items in the library.

North Carolina Room: Historic Maps
Hornet's Nest

Hornet's Nest was published in 1961 by the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. Although now dated in its approach and lacking in coverage of the latter part of the twentieth century, this book by LeGette Blythe and Charles Brockman continues to be a comprehensive source of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County history.

Hornets Nest
Images of Charlotte

Enjoy a bit of Charlotte history through photographs and images. Features include 1899 newspaper items, studies of Charlotte's growth, and even a St. Patrick's Day parade from 1957.

Click the image to the right, and a list of features will appear below.

Images of Charlotte 1899 - 1996
Known Cemeteries
of Mecklenburg County

This fascinating online exhibit offers an index of local cemeteries, a directory of local funeral homes, and information about local stone cutters. Each cemetery listed includes location, approximate number of interments, condition of cemetery, and current photographs.

Known Cemeteries of Mecklenburg County
Marriage, Death & Other Notices:
Early Mecklenburg County, NC Newspaper Abstracts

Notices appearing in county newspapers before 1900. Providing information, from details on individuals, to business and neighborhoods, to the sale or transfer of land and slaves.
Marriage, Death & Other Notices
Mecklenburg County Historic Maps

Mecklenburg County Mapping/GIS Services is scanning and digitally archiving an entire set of full size aerial photographs of the county. A complete digital historical map archive is developing, and the Library's historic maps from the Carolina Room are included.

Mecklenburg County Historic Maps
Mecklenburg County, North Carolina and the Spanish - American War
April 25, 1898 - April 11, 1899

View an exhibit about Mecklenburg County, NC and the Spanish-American War, including a database of veterans who served, excerpts from an unknown soldier's diary and other historical resources.
Spanish-American War
North Carolina Civil War Rosters

Begin your Civil War research by reading Dr. J. B. Alexander's list of companies of Mecklenburg County Confederate soldiers. Hear the Rebel yell, originally performed on WBT radio, by former Confederate soldiers.
North Carolina Civil War Rosters
PLCMC - A Century of Service

Over 100 years ago, in January of 1891, a group of prominent Charlotte citizens gathered at the Law Library on North Church Street. Their intent was to organize a library for the people of Charlotte, a library which would be the forerunner of today's Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.

PLCMC - A Century of Service
Carolina Room Image Collection

Curiosity seekers and researchers alike can now locate historical photographs and postcards of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County online. Now with hundreds of new images!

Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room Photograph Collection
Turn of the 20th Century:
Life in Charlotte 1900 - 1910

Our time traveling website takes you to Charlotte, NC during the early 1900s. Discover what life was like over one hundred years ago.
Turn of the 20th Century: Life in Charlotte 1900 - 1910

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