Mecklenburg County Divorces

Mecklenburg County divorce records indexed on this site are available at the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room and the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. To request a complete copy of the record from the library, please contact us at 704.416.0150, or email us. The abstracted records available at this site will only have the name of the plaintiff, the defendant and the year of the divorce.

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Plaintiff Last Namesort descending Plaintiff First Name Defendant Last Name Defendant First Name Year
Beckett Jennie Beckett N. 1935
Beckham Calvin Beckham Blanche B. 1934
Beckham Jean Howie Beckham Julius D. 1941
Beckham Julie Beckham Raymon 1935
Beckham Kathleen Beckham Robert L. 1936
Beckwith Alvin M. Beckwith Pauline McKnight 1955
Beckwith Bettie Beckwith Walter G. 1942
Beckwith Elizabeth May Beckwith James Lynch 1948
Becoat William Becoat Agnes 1913
Bedard John Bedard Connie Felder 1940
Bedendorf A. J. Bedendorf Carolina R. 1944
Bedington T. C. Bedington Catherine 1944
Beede Betty Lou Beede Leon Leroy 1951
Beeker Alice Lee Beeker J. C. 1938
Behan Catherine Hunter Behan Francis J. 1950
Belair Amanda S. Belair Joseph A. 1947
Belk Carlton H. Belk Harriet Mumma 1948
Belk Carlton H. Belk Harriett Ridenhour 1948
Belk Emma Lee Peterson Belk Hollie 1955
Belk Eva Pressley Belk Eugene F. 1954
Belk Florence Belk K. Lee 1944
Belk H. E. Belk Mary Alice 1944
Belk H. G. Belk Kate L. 1920
Belk John Lafayette Belk Cornelia 1936
Belk Mary Jordan Belk Howard Earl 1947
Belk Mattie H. Belk Walter 1943
Belk Ralph A. Belk Ruth J. 1947
Bell Joseph Bell Willie Mae, nee Rice 1946
Bell Hubert W. Bell Doris G. 1951
Bell John E., Jr. Bell Betty Kent 1950
Bell Margaret M. Bell Earl Jackson 1954
Bell Allen Bell Laura 1947
Bell Anna Mae Bell John Henderson 1953
Bell Bonnie Hawkins Bell James Claud 1947
Bell Dolly Sipe Bell Edgard N. 1946
Bell Earl Jackson Bell Beda Eleanor 1941
Bell Frances Williams Bell Edward M. 1949
Bell Mamie Lee W. Bell Everett W. 1950
Bell West Bell Florine 1945
Bell Ella Bell Frank 1924
Bell Ella Bell Garfield 1920
Bell Martha Z. Bell Hector 1922
Bell Isaac Bell Katie Lee 1948
Bell Harold, Jr. Bell Lenora 1946
Bell Jack Bell Margaret 1943
Bell Melsie Bell Newton 1941
Bell Sallie Mae Bell R. L. 1931
Bell Robert Lee Bell Ruby Mae 1947
Bell Lewis Bell Ruth Nelly 1928
Bell Elaine Bell Willard T. 1945
Bell Fannie I. Bell William L. 1946
Belue Hattie Lou Belue Frank R. 1948
Belue Grace Helen Lavender Belue Fred W., Sr. 1943
Benabu Sarah C. Benabu Charles D. 1951
Bence Bermeta Jameson Bence Christopher F. 1946
Bender Lillie Woodside Bender Henry 1930
Benfield Jack O. Benfield Buella Johnson 1946
Benfield Brice A. Benfield C. S. 1937
Benfield Harold L. Benfield Doris Mae 1943
Benfield Velma Benfield Joson 1946
Benfield C. P. Benfield Reta Belle 1938
Benjamin W. J. Benjamin Lessie 1900
Benner Evelyn Russell Benner Dean Herbert 1949
Bennett Bessie Lee Dixon Bennett Clyde T. 1942
Bennett W. F. Bennett Eleanor Ruth Arnold 1938
Bennett Ottis Bennett Elizabeth Fite Benton 1952
Bennett Lula Bennett Fred 1916
Bennett William Roy Bennett Gertrude Kirkpatrick 1942
Bennett Jo Ann W. Bennett James Fuller 1955
Bennett Scottie Hawes Bennett John Kemp 1952
Bennett Juanita Phillips Bennett John Thomas 1944
Bennett Emma Bennett L. P. 1890
Bennett Daisy Payne Bennett Lucius M. 1940
Bennett Cornelius Turner Bennett Margaret Furr 1955
Bennett Glennis M. Bennett R. L. 1941
Bennett Norma (Gantt) Gantt Everett Lee 1944
Bennett Mary B. Bennett Walter 1944
Bennett Mary Garrett Bennett William Allison 1938
Bennett R. Marian Harrington Bennett William McKenzie, Sr. 1948
Bennick R. W. Bennick Helen Weaver 1955
Bennick Mae Untz Bennick Grady E. 1949
Benning C. Joseph Benning Alice Dansereau 1939
Benson Della Benson A. M. 1912
Benson William C. Benson Annie Julian 1947
Benson Hurlie Benson C. H . 1940
Benson John Keith Benson Marjorie Ruth 1953
Benson Dorothy Barnett Benson Raymond F. 1954
Bentley Laura Bentley J. C. 1948
Bentley Artie V. Bentley Rosie C. 1944
Benton Estelle Lee Benton Bruce W. 1939
Benton Lavata Benton Chester 1918
Benton Odessa Benton Hoyle 1932
Benton Yates Douglas Benton Lucy Elizabeth 1954
Benton J. H. Benton May 1920
Benton Bruce W. Benton Pearl A. 1945
Benton Lena Fisher Benton W. Howard 1942
Benton Christena Benton Will 1917
Benton Lucy E. Benton Yates D. 1953
Berardi Mabel Wolfe Berardi Venard J. 1950
Berghorn F. Berghorn A. 1943