Mecklenburg County Divorces

Mecklenburg County divorce records indexed on this site are available at the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room and the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. To request a complete copy of the record from the library, please contact us at 704.416.0150, or email us. The abstracted records available at this site will only have the name of the plaintiff, the defendant and the year of the divorce.

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Plaintiff Last Namesort descending Plaintiff First Name Defendant Last Name Defendant First Name Year
Barton Emma J. Barton James B. 1951
Barton Homer Barton Betty Anne 1955
Barton Lila Barton J. Roger 1940
Barton Mary S. Barton Grandon D. 1945
Bass Stella Mae Cacus Bass Travis 1946
Bass Vernie Bass O. L. 1953
Bass W. H. Bass Beatrice P. 1951
Bass Barbara Fisher Bass Fleetwood J. III 1954
Bass C. R. Bass Ollie 1943
Bass Charles Calvin Bass Jacquelyn Dawn Andrews 1954
Bass Faydelia Bass Wilburn Edward 1954
Bass Frances M. Bass J. B. 1952
Bass James S. Bass Bessie Belle 1940
Bass Jesse Rea, Jr. Bass Agatha Rebecca Lipscomb 1946
Bass Lu Ann Cornelius Bass Richard Earl 1953
Bass Mary Ellen Bass Howard 1954
Bass Robert O. Bass Mildred A. 1947
Bass Rozella C. Bass Walter H. 1946
Bastian Edith Lee Bastian William Nelson 1941
Bates Ernest M. Bates Pearl M. 1932
Bates Evelyn Hooper Bates Richard L. 1948
Battle James Wesley Battle Hazel D. 1934
Battle Melzetta Johnson Battle William 1951
Baucom Daniel L., Jr. Baucom Betty Jean 1953
Baucom Esther Baucom J. L. 1934
Baucom Gwynne Baucom W. Glenn 1948
Baucom J. B. Baucom Margaret E. 1944
Baucom James B. Baucom Sallie 1941
Baucom James Loyde Baucom Ethel Lee 1947
Baucom Sue S. Baucom Robert E. 1948
Bauer Betty Franklin Bauer Lawrence P., Jr. 1966
Baugh George H., Sr. Baugh Lena Mabel 1948
Bauguess Wilma Bauguess Walter 1939
Baumgardner Gaither L. B. Baumgardner Reola L. 1949
Baxley J. P. Baxley Angeline McMillian 1929
Baxter A. F. Baxter Emma Field 1947
Baxter Newton J. Baxter Mattie 1931
Baxtresser Ruth Gilbert Baxtresser Vincent 1943
Bayer Milton J. Bauer Rose 1949
Bayles Frances Holmes Bayles Brewster Y. 1947
Bayne John S. Bayne May T. 1945
Bayne Lloyd Bayne Bessie Mae 1947
Bayne Louise T. Bayne Neely W. 1950
Bazemore Grace Ilene Bazemore Warnie Nathaniel 1945
Beach Eva Beach Carroll 1943
Beach Glenn W. Beach Inez K. 1955
Beach Horace Eugene Beach Marie Barge 1946
Beach Lilly King Beach Mark Neil 1952
Beach Mark N. Beach Lilly King 1953
Beacham Ann Davidson Beacham George Lester 1945
Beachum Edith D. Beachum Ray D. 1952
Beadle Florence M. Beadle William A. 1920
Beagle Doris Veneta Bell Beagle John Charles, Jr. 1949
Beagle Madge Beagle John C. 1929
Beagle Madge Fisher Beagle John C. 1945
Beam Alonzo C. Beam Nettie 1910
Beam Bernice Price Beam James C. 1949
Beam Eula Mae Beam David Glenn 1947
Beam Garth E. Beam Kathleen Lovern 1942
Beamon Margaret Lee Beamon William Harold 1945
Beamon Robert J. Beamon Helen Vivian 1955
Bean Roby L. Bean Alma 1945
Beane-Gilmore Rachel Gilmore Roy W. 1945
Beard Clarence B., Jr. Beard Wilma Rhye 1941
Beard Edna Hughes Beard James Milton 1942
Beard Henry Lee Beard Gertrude 1934
Bearden S. L. Bearden J. W. 1912
Beardon Virginia Rouse Beardon P. A. 1942
Beasley Allie Lee Surratt Beasley William H. 1947
Beasley Rosa Lee Beasley Lee I., Jr. 1946
Beattie Robert A. Beattie Hattie E. 1904
Beattie Helen Caldwell Beattie William Goler 1945
Beatty Benny C. Beatty Thelma L. 1947
Beatty Charles E. Beatty Johnnie Mae 1950
Beatty Ella Gillespie Beatty John 1934
Beatty Ellen Elizabeth Beatty Robert Earl 1941
Beatty James E. Beatty Lugenia Bowers 1932
Beatty James I. Beatty Nona Pat 1954
Beatty Jewell Clafton Beatty James Russell 1955
Beatty Johnnie Mae Ross Beatty Charles E. 1953
Beatty L. F. Beatty Drucilla B. 1941
Beatty Mary E. Beatty Henry E. 1958
Beatty Mattie Lee Beatty Haywood 1951
Beatty Robert Z., Jr. Beatty Ethel Elizabeth Brewer 1945
Beatty Willie Mae Beatty W. O. 1929
Beaty Dorothy Barnett Beaty James Herron 1944
Beaver C. R. Beaver Ethel 1934
Beaver E. Winston, Jr. Beaver Laurelle 1941
Beaver Hiram E. Beaver Lizzie M. 1936
Beaver R. N. Beaver Mary E. 1935
Beaver Stelle E. Beaver Paul 1945
Beavers Roy Linton Beavers Hattie Marie 1940
Beck Doris King Beck Ralph W. 1952
Beck Evelyn T. Beck Joe D. 1954
Beck Hazel Ino Beck William Carl 1955
Beck L. H. Beck Connie H. 1946
Beck Mary C. Beck Alvin T. 1945
Beck Mirian Louise Beck Mack 1942
Becker Charles H. Becker Maude 1946
Becker Margaret O. Becker Walter W. 1937