Mecklenburg County Divorces

Mecklenburg County divorce records indexed on this site are available at the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room and the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. To request a complete copy of the record from the library, please contact us at 704.416.0150, or email us. The abstracted records available at this site will only have the name of the plaintiff, the defendant and the year of the divorce.

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Plaintiff Last Namesort descending Plaintiff First Name Defendant Last Name Defendant First Name Year
Ayers W. L. Ayers Billie May 1937
Ayres Bertha Ayres Charles 1948
Ayres Henrietta Sexton Ayres John 1947
Ayres T. B. Ayres Molly 1921
Azer Annie Azer John 1921
Azer Jenell Grant Azer Fred Paul 1944
Babb Kate P. Babb Rex O. 1941
Babbitt Mattie Smith Babbitt Leonard 1922
Babcock Jessie Mae Avery Green B. 1936
Babcock Jessie Mae Avery Green B. 1936
Backstrom R. J. L. Backstrom Wynona 1933
Bacot Alma Bacot Colin 1944
Bacot Nell Bacot Lewis 1947
Badgett F. W., Mrs. Badgett Valentine 1942
Bagley Clara Letitia Moore Bagley Ellis L. 1947
Bagley Florence Bagley K. F. 1934
Bagley John Bagley Sudie 1942
Bagley Louise Bagley W. D. 1937
Bagley Margaret Peninger Bagley Jesse Mack 1947
Bagley Martha Allen Bagley Robert H. 1946
Bagley Martha M. Bagley Robert H. 1950
Bagley Reba H. Bagley Horace L. 1946
Bagley Willie Elizabeth Bagley Joe Riley 1942
Bagwell Harold Bagwell Ethel 1934
Bagwell Nellie L. Bagwell Ernest Plummer 1924
Bailes Fay Moore Bailes Leonard B. 1945
Bailey Alex Bailey Odessa 1927
Bailey Aline Bailey Julius W. 1951
Bailey Arthur R. Bailey Maggie May Gaston 1945
Bailey C. B. Bailey Hattie L. 1937
Bailey George Bailey Carrie C. 1944
Bailey James Bailey Hettie 1944
Bailey Jenny Williams Bailey Alexander Alec 1944
Bailey Jessie Mae Bailey Thomas 1941
Bailey Letha Bailey F. C. 1947
Bailey Mattie Tallent Bailey John Knox, Jr. 1955
Bailey Mavis W. Bailey McCaskle J. 1942
Bailey Milo L. Bailey Dorothy I. 1952
Bailey Prentiss W. Bailey Edna S. 1944
Bailey Virginia Bailey Robert Lee, Jr. 1952
Bailey W. J . Bailey Ellie 1927
Bailey Will Bailey Mary 1945
Bain May Thompson Bain John Spurgeon 1937
Baines Jeff Davis Baines Eutha R. 1931
Baird C. Harland Baird Vivian 1947
Baker Helen H. Baker Edward A. 1946
Baker Houston S. Baker Ruth Bartlett 1947
Baker J. C. Baker May Aleene Hanson 1937
Baker Jennie C. Baker William 1911
Baker Joseph K. Baker Jaynelle M. 1953
Baker Lewis M. Baker Anna Marie 1942
Baker Lizzie Baker J. H. 1914
Baker Louise R. Baker Ira Lloyd 1951
Baker Margaret Hatchell Baker Elzie Wylie 1951
Baker Robert B. Baker Luena W. 1949
Baker Ruth Baker Hubert 1942
Baker Vernon E. Baker Nettie E. 1948
Baker Violet Baker J. Louis 1935
Baker Annie Brewer Baker George W. 1952
Baker Annie Mae Pritchette Baker W. Lubin 1950
Baker B. O. Baker Selma 1930
Baker Betsy Ross Baker William Erskine 1945
Baker C. W. Baker Maggie 1941
Baker Charles L. Baker Sarah Ann Crowell 1951
Baker Charles W. Baker Mamie 1909
Baker Elizabeth R. Baker Samuel H. 1920
Baker Emma Odessa Baker Daniel W. 1952
Baker Harry L. Baker Nancy Rozena 1936
Baldwin Herman Lee Baldwin Peggy Myers 1945
Baldwin Josephine Robertson Baldwin Floyd 1946
Baldwin Kenneth E. Baldwin Dorothy Helen 1952
Baldwin Marianna C. Baldwin Howard James 1949
Baldwin Minnie Belle Norton Baldwin Raymond Lee 1945
Baldwin Peggy M. Baldwin Herman L. 1946
Baldwin Ruby K. Baldwin Raleigh T. 1928
Baldwin Thelma Mae Baldwin Joseph H. 1954
Balentine Ann Woods Balentine Wm. H., Jr. 1968
Ball Elnora Ball Emmett 1932
Ball Inez Wilson Ball G. F. 1942
Ball R. Shepherd Ball Cordelia 1921
Ballard Docie Ballard Earl 1917
Ballard E. R. Ballard Docie 1940
Ballard Edna Smith Ballard Glen H. 1934
Ballard Gertrude Ballard Ernest 1954
Ballard Ida B. Ballard Oliver J. 1935
Ballard J. G. Ballard Elizabeth Smith 1945
Ballard J. W. Ballard Minnie Morris 1946
Ballard Lennie Ballard O. L. 1924
Ballard Nettie N. Marshall Ballard Earl R. 1952
Ballard Roy Ballard Beulah 1926
Ballard Tilda Newman Ballard Arthur G. 1946
Ballard Tommy, Mrs. Ballard M. C. 1935
Ballard Viola Ballard Archie F. 1949
Ballard C. Howard Ballard Love Morgan 1955
Ballenger Lida Ballenger J. W. 1923
Ballenger Walter E. Ballenger Amanda Stuchlik 1941
Ballew Raymelle Torrence Ballew Jack Francis 1948
Bankhead Mildred Lillian Glenham Bankhead Harry L. 1944
Banks H. L. Banks Estelle M. 1923
Banks Hosea Banks Annie Belle 1945