Mecklenburg County Divorces

Mecklenburg County divorce records indexed on this site are available at the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room and the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. To request a complete copy of the record from the library, please contact us at 704.416.0150, or email us. The abstracted records available at this site will only have the name of the plaintiff, the defendant and the year of the divorce.

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Plaintiff Last Namesort descending Plaintiff First Name Defendant Last Name Defendant First Name Year
Alexander John O. Alexander Sadie Trammell 1921
Alexander Sillar Alexander W. A. 1953
Alexander Andrew J. Alexander Bessie 1922
Alexander John Van Buren Alexander Jessie Mae 1947
Alexander Ted Alexander Isabelle B. 1947
Alexander Annie L. Alexander William V. 1954
Alexander Josephine M. Alexander J. 1933
Alexander Thelma Funderburk Alexander Pete D. 1952
Alexander B. L. Alexander Gussie Weddington 1893
Alexander Julia Alexander Archie 1941
Alexander V. F. Alexander Eva C. 1953
Alexander Bennetta Heath Alexander Odom 1934
Alexander Julius Alexander Ophelia 1910
Alexander Valerie Molyneaux Alexander Ansley Query 1945
Alexander Beulah Alexander John 1935
Alexander Julius S. Alexander Carrie 1941
Alexander W. C. Alexander Odell S. 1943
Alexander Boyce W. Alexander Mattie Moore 1945
Alexander L. B. Alexander Mabel Rankin 1921
Alexander Walter Alexander Ellen Leviston 1918
Alexander Bryte G. Alexander William W. 1947
Alexander Laura Frances Alexander William K. 1920
Alexander Wardell Campbell Alexander Oscar 1954
Alexander Burley Edwards Alexander Hazel Joel 1942
Alexander Lee Alexander Esther 1900
Alexander Will Alexander Palphelia Walker 1948
Alexander Catherine M. Alexander Howard B. 1931
Alexander Lee A. Alexander Mary Elizabeth 1944
Alexander William H. Alexander Grace Louise McCarthey 1948
Alexander Collie Alexander Nannie Lou Ford 1951
Alexander Leon Alexander Odessa 1951
Alexander Willie Alexander Lillian McRee 1945
Alexander Dorothy Peeler Alexander Harold S. 1946
Alexander Leonard Alexander Ruby Cleo 1950
Alexander Willie B. Alexander Harvey McKee 1920
Alexander Elizabeth Alexander Jacob 1945
Alexander Lillie May Alexander Clyde C. 1922
Alexander Willie C. Alexander Odessa 1928
Alexander Etta Piercy Alexander Archie Lee 1949
Alexander Lula Belle Alexander Paul Samuel 1950
Alexander Eva Cathey Alexander Vinson F. 1954
Alexander Frances McAdams Alexander William Kirkpatrick 1924
Alexander Hattie Alexander Milas 1923
Alexander Helen Lucille Washam Alexander James M. 1944
Alexander Henry Alexander Carrie 1926
Alexander Hilda B. Alexander Richard C. 1943
Alexander Horace Alexander Bessie 1916
Alexander Mae L. Alexander Thomas D. 1935
Alexander Huldie Alexander Summie C. 1922
Alexander Margaret Alexander C. R. 1930
Alexander Huldie Alexander S. C. 1929
Alexander Margie Lou Alexander Harold S. 1953
Alexander J. G. Alexander Amy Lee Bowens 1933
Alexander Marie Alexander Richard B. 1948
Alford Evelyn J. Alford F. W. 1939
Alford G. Loyd Alford Dorothy Lee 1946
Allen Dorothy L. Allen Roy H. 1944
Allen Ruth Allen Gilbert W. 1935
Allen Dorothy Thomas Allen Roy Harris 1945
Allen Ruth Hill Allen William G., Sr. 1955
Allen Edwin Ross Allen Nita Louise 1950
Allen Thomas E. Allen Gwendolyn Scott Raft 1955
Allen Elaine Allen Gene 1933
Allen Thomas I. Allen Annie K. 1942
Allen Elizabeth M. Allen McDonald Howie alias Donald L. Howie 1953
Allen Vancy Jewell Allen Samuel Brown 1948
Allen Elizabeth M. Allen Donald L. Howie alias McDonald Howie 1953
Allen Vashti Lee Edwards Allen Aubry 1946
Allen Elsie C. Allen Ralph T. 1949
Allen W. R., Jr. Allen Ruth Marie Dennis 1946
Allen Emmie Louise Allen Baxter 1943
Allen William H. Allen Annie C. 1920
Allen F. R. Allen Vivian C. 1915
Allen Fair L. Allen Herbert M. 1934
Allen Fannie E. Allen Eugene Allen alias Gene E. Allen 1934
Allen FannieE. Allen Gene E. alias Eugene Allen 1934
Allen Fred C. Allen Mary 1943
Allen Gerald D. Allen Frances B. 1955
Allen Gertie Mae Allen Paul William 1946
Allen Grace L. Allen James Gold(en) 1950
Allen Helen M. Allen Floyd A. 1944
Allen Henrietta R. Allen John L. 1947
Allen Herbert Stanley Allen Rose Edna 1949
Allen Inez L. Fowler Allen Albert Henry 1940
Allen James G. Allen Grace L. 1951
Allen James Young Allen Marjorie Brantley 1945
Allen John L. Allen Henrietta R. 1948
Allen John M. Allen Dorothy Young 1952
Allen Alfred Allen S. C. 1896
Allen Amos G. Allen Minnie O`Neal 1952
Allen Lucille P. Allen James Young 1941
Allen Annie K. Allen Thomas I. 1940
Allen Margie Adleen Allen Julian Herschel 1951
Allen Bonnie Ulery Allen James Joseph 1952
Allen Marie Bass Allen Leslie J. 1946
Allen C. L. Allen Ione Mitchell 1943
Allen Nannette Allen William (Billy) Durburd 1954
Allen Callie M. Allen Andrew A. 1935
Allen Nellie (Jean) Allen Robert Allen 1939
Allen Carlton Allen Dela 1937