Mecklenburg County Divorces

Mecklenburg County divorce records indexed on this site are available at the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room and the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. To request a complete copy of the record from the library, please contact us at 704.416.0150, or email us. The abstracted records available at this site will only have the name of the plaintiff, the defendant and the year of the divorce.

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Plaintiff Last Namesort descending Plaintiff First Name Defendant Last Name Defendant First Name Year
Wilson Hoyt Lee Wilson Adellaide 1941
Wilson Blanche Biggers Wilson Willie 1945
Wilson Velna Wilson Marshall B. 1934
Wilson Inez Lear Wilson Charles H. 1944
Wilson Buna Lee Wilson Frederick R. 1949
Wilson Virginia McManus Wilson Marion 1937
Wilson Ionia Jones Wilson Floyd 1943
Wilson C. E. Wilson Hattie Belle 1920
Wilson Walter T. Wilson Esther Elizabeth 1953
Wilson Ira Wilson Lizzie 1921
Wilson Carl E. Wilson Ruby Blanche 1946
Wilson Walter W. Wilson Florence 1920
Wilson James Wilson Elma 1944
Wilson Carl C. Wilson Gussie B. 1954
Wilson Carl R. Wilson Hilda Vann 1953
Wilson Wilene Wilson Raymond 1941
Wilson James E. Wilson Mary Carnes 1946
Wilson Carlos Eugene Wilson Mary Edith 1952
Wilson William W. Wilson Ruby Lee Spain 1947
Wilson Maggie Wilson Jeff 1906
Wilson Carrie Wilson Lonnie 1923
Wilson John S. Wilson Mary E. 1943
Wilson Christine Baker Wilson Edwin Yates 1946
Wilson Julia F. Wilson John 1945
Wilson Deany Wilson Daniel 1920
Wilson Kathaleen Reeder Wilson Clyde Monroe 1945
Wilson Maybelle M. Wilson P. Turner 1935
Wilson Dorothy Wilson R. M. 1937
Wilson Lacy K. Wilson Madie Candler 1943
Wilson Mildred Rives Wilson Robert Edward 1947
Wilson E. C. Wilson J. H. 1894
Wilson Lelia Wilson L. O. 1917
Wilson Mills Hunter Wilson Madge McIntyre 1942
Wilson E. F. Wilson V. W. 1927
Wilson Lillian Ann Wilson J. Elbert 1951
Wilson Myrtle Wooten Wilson William S. 1928
Wilson Earl C. Wilson Jessie A. 1945
Wilson Lillie Mae Garris Wilson James Thomas 1944
Wilson Nollia Barber Wilson Ernest 1930
Wilson Elizabeth Wilson James 1939
Wilson Lola Bell Wilson Sam Hill 1937
Wilson Ogretta Beatrice Miley Priestly Wilson William W. 1947
Wilson Elsie Turner Wilson Horace B. 1941
Wilson Lula Wilson Will 1922
Wilson Olive Virginia Wilson Johnny 1946
Wilson Evelyn Payne Wilson Warlick C. 1940
Wilson Lydia Wilson H. L. 1934
Wilson Opal Wilson Woodrow 1936
Wilson Flora Mae Wilson Howard 1954
Wilson Madge Bartlett Wilson Maurice W. 1934
Wilson Oscar Wilson Lillian 1919
Wilson Florine Wilson F. H. 1914
Wilson Mamie Ruth Wilson Frank Lee 1944
Wilson Ozella Wilson Walter 1943
Wilson Floyd Edward Wilson Mary Rose 1948
Wilson Margie Bradshaw Wilson Coleman Earl 1948
Wilson R. L. Wilson Aurora 1941
Wilson Robert Wilson Madge Auten 1947
Wilson Frank Wilson Ada Hatcher 1949
Wilson Marjorie Grovene Wilson James Blair 1941
Wilson Robert Wilson Pearl 1925
Wilson Frank S. Wilson Lucy 1944
Wilson Marjorie S. Wilson L. S. 1953
Wilson Robert Lee Wilson Gladys Fisher 1948
Wilson George Eugene Wilson Martha Ann Terrell 1945
Wilson Martin L. Wilson Willie 1929
Wilson Robert Wilson Arbutus Moss 1949
Wilson Geraldine Patricia H. Wilson Clarence E. 1946
Wilson Marvin Wilson Ruby Yandle 1942
Wilson Rose Wilson Cole L. 1944
Wilson Gladys Wilson T. L. 1927
Wilson Mary Wilson Hoyt 1942
Wilson Ruby Vinson Wilson James Bryce 1943
Wilson Gladys Alberta Wilson Mack 1933
Wilson Mary Elizabeth Wilson J. Sam 1934
Wilson Ruth Wilson Claude 1946
Wilson Gladys McCoy Wilson Howard W. 1946
Wilson Mary Frances Cates Wilson Charles Buford 1941
Wilson S. P. Wilson Bessie E. 1939
Wilson Louis D. Wilson Grace M. 1926
Wilson Mary Jo Wilson James S. 1955
Wilson A. J. Wilson Mary Blanche Wrenn 1945
Wilson Sam Wilson Lillie Bell 1944
Wilson Grace M. Wilson Louis D. 1935
Wilson Mary Magdalene Wilson Joseph S. 1946
Wilson A. L. Wilson Mattie L. 1914
Wilson Sarah E. Payne Wilson Millard W. 1953
Wilson Gus Wilson Lillian Nell 1950
Wilson A. W. Wilson Beulah Boyd 1939
Wilson Sarah Register Wilson Harmon Porter 1946
Wilson Helen D. Wilson D. W. Wilson 1930
Wilson A. W. Wilson Helen Ruth McNabb 1937
Wimberly Mae Elizabeth Wimberly Arthur Eugene 1939
Wimbush Zellie E. Wimbush Samuel W. 1943
Winchester Joyce Ann Winchester Jerry Thomas 1954
Winchester Thomas L. Winchester Frances Ayers 1945
Windom Lucille Windom Asborne 1945
Windsor Dawn Sutton Windsor Jack William 1948
Winecoff J. H. Barnett Roy 1948
Winecoff Edna Leon Winecoff James Henry 1949