Mecklenburg County Divorces

Mecklenburg County divorce records indexed on this site are available at the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room and the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. To request a complete copy of the record from the library, please contact us at 704.416.0150, or email us. The abstracted records available at this site will only have the name of the plaintiff, the defendant and the year of the divorce.

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Plaintiff Last Namesort descending Plaintiff First Name Defendant Last Name Defendant First Name Year
Williams Collie Williams Irma K. 1948
Williams Virginia Grigg Williams Hazel David 1946
Williams Mary Yandle Williams James D. 1946
Williams Constance Small Williams Charles E. 1936
Williams Virginia Moore Williams William Allison 1950
Williams Henry C. Williams Fanny 1875
Williams Martha Williams Lawrence E. 1952
Williams David W. Williams Patsy Jean 1955
Williams W. C. Williams Inez Hoyle 1949
Williams Ida Williams Frank 1905
Williams Charles E. Williams Minnie Lee 1944
Williams Dick Williams Jerry Hoffman 1939
Williams W. H. Williams Fiona Abernathy 1944
Williams Iva I. Williams S. L. 1936
Williams Miriam Bergeron Williams Faison R. 1951
Williams Doris Burrage Williams Jack David 1945
Williams Walter F. Williams Braddie T. 1944
Williams J. C. Williams S. Baker 1914
Williams Muriel B. Williams Henry 1948
Williams Dorothy Tyson Williams Robert Crayton 1948
Williams Wilda Williams James H. 1951
Williams June Watson Williams Ray 1945
Williams Myrtle Williams Claude W. 1930
Williams E. C. Williams Frances W. 1927
Williams William C. Williams Annie Lois 1945
Williams John Williams Anna 1912
Williams Naomi L. Williams E. L. 1928
Williams E. M. Williams J. E. 1925
Williams William M. Williams Nettie 1917
Williams John O. Williams Mary 1929
Williams Nell Lark Williams Robert 1948
Williams Nellie A. Williams Robert V. 1941
Williams Edna M. Williams Ralph 1943
Williams W. T. Williams Rosetta Berry 1945
Williams Johnnie Williams Inez Hammond 1936
Williams Nellie S. Williams Larry 1945
Williams Edward J., Jr. Williams Florence Joyce 1951
Williams Wilson Williams Emma 1905
Williams Johnnie Lee Williams Ella Chisholm 1947
Williams Norva H. Williams James M. 1923
Williams Elizabeth Williams W. C. 1939
Williams Joyce Elizabeth Morgan Williams Harley McCray 1943
Williams Ola Mae Williams Elijah 1945
Williams Elizabeth Bell Williams Howard 1928
Williams Juanita A. Williams J. H. 1934
Williams Paul E. Williams Estelle Hucks 1946
Williams Elizabeth Brown Williams Edgar Williams 1945
Williams K. C. Williams Myrtle Robinson 1941
Williams Pink Williams Mary Walker 1944
Williams Ella Williams M. Jackson 1944
Williams Katherine Grey Williams Henry P. 1940
Williams Polly Parker Williams Eugene Bateman, Jr. 1951
Williams Estell Williams Lester 1925
Williams Larry Garland Williams Johnnie Etta Parker 1947
Williams Adell Elder Williams Fred James 1948
Williams Alfred M. Williams Mildred 1944
Williams R. G. Williams Lelia 1921
Williams Ethel Terrell Williams Oliver Benjamin, Dr. 1950
Williams Lelia May Williams William Claude 1935
Williams Alma Jane Robinson Williams Robert Earl 1947
Williams Robert C. Williams Leora W. 1937
Williams Eunice Cochrane Williams Guy Orien 1937
Williams Lena Bailey Williams Jack Crow 1948
Williams Annie Bell Williams John Baxter 1946
Williams Robert Henry Williams Margaret Newton 1946
Williams F. D. Williams Gladys 1938
Williams Lillian Gillard Williams Sam 1948
Williams Archibald T. Williams Lillaverne 1942
Williams Robert R. Williams Ruth 1955
Williams Frank Williams Thelma Hoyle 1943
Williams Lillian Howie Williams Doyle Ivey 1948
Williamson Maude Williamson Frank R. 1951
Williamson Pearl Jeane Williamson W. L. 1929
Williamson Scott Williamson Lucy Belle Debbs 1945
Williamson Sudie Smith Williamson O. S. 1921
Williamson Sue Wright Williamson W. Jordan 1949
Williamson Anna Williamson W. M. 1934
Williamson W. M. Williamson Anna 1934
Williamson Charles A. Williamson Lulu 1897
Williamson Harriette S. Williamson William Fred 1945
Williamson Lillian R. Williamson J. Fred 1951
Williamson J. Fred Williamson Lillian R. 1957
Williamson Laura Williamson W. Clarence 1917
Williamson Loraine L. Williamson O. S. 1933
Williamson Louise Williamson Ralph 1938
Williamson Lula Belle Williamson Albert 1939
Williamson Madie D. Williamson A. H. 1936
Williford Jessie Williford Benjamin A. 1924
Willis Courtney Jones Willis A. Murat 1947
Willis L. T. Willis J. C. 1923
Willis Margaret W. Willis Norman B. 1939
Willis Sarah Holley Willis E. Parker 1953
Willmerton D. A. Willmerton Richard 1921
Willoughby Ronell Willoughby S. C. 1927
Wills Lugenia Wills Samuel 1952
Wilmore Annie Wilmore Charlie 1952
Wilson Robert Wilson Arbutus Moss 1949
Wilson Lelia Wilson L. O. 1917
Wilson E. C. Wilson J. H. 1894
Wilson Rose Wilson Cole L. 1944