Mecklenburg County Divorces

Mecklenburg County divorce records indexed on this site are available at the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room and the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. To request a complete copy of the record from the library, please contact us at 704.416.0150, or email us. The abstracted records available at this site will only have the name of the plaintiff, the defendant and the year of the divorce.

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Plaintiff Last Namesort descending Plaintiff First Name Defendant Last Name Defendant First Name Year
Weaver J. D. Weaver Rose Vanderburg 1903
Weaver Mary A. Weaver Frank M. 1925
Weaver Maude Weaver Lloyd 1940
Weaver Wendell I. Weaver Agnes H. 1940
Webb Richard Kendrick Webb Mary Elizabeth Rhyne 1940
Webb S. E. Webb Belle Powers 1951
Webb W. H. Webb Edna Edwards 1942
Webb Alma Webb Grantham 1936
Webb Bobby Gene Webb Dorothy Couch Garrett MacLeod 1951
Webb Dorothy Madeline Webb Coy Anderson 1941
Webb Dorothy Webb William D. 1948
Webb Estelle H. Webb William R. 1940
Webb James Samuel Webb Jane Adams 1951
Webb Mary McLean Webb Edwin Yates 1944
Webb Mayme Webb C. R. 1921
Webb Nora Mae Webb Earnest William 1945
Webber Cora P. Webber Paul G. 1951
Webber Nell Colson Webber Darvin 1937
Weber W. J. Weber Bertha Bell 1924
Webster Edith C. Webster Edmon P. 1951
Webster Edmon Pate Webster Ruth Pugh 1946
Webster Linda Jolly Webster Charles F. 1946
Webster Naomi Webster Herman 1943
Webster Sadie S. Webster D. W. 1941
Weddington Dorothy Wilcox Weddington Dwight B. 1946
Weddington Effie Weddington Eugene 1955
Weddington Grace N. Weddington Claude M. 1955
Weddington Irene C. Weddington J. F. 1905
Weddle Frances Weddle Clyde L. 1950
Weikel G. N. Weikle Catharine 1934
Weinman Eleanor B. Weinman Harry T. 1942
Weis Evelyn A. Weis Paul A. 1944
Weisbecker Charles, III Weisbecker Amelia Lister 1943
Weisner Sadee Weisner Charles C. 1922
Weissenborn Julius Sims Weissenborn Pauline Laue 1940
Welborn Adolphus J. Welborn Jean S. 1954
Welborne Myrtle Smith Welborne Cromer C. 1942
Welch Dorothy Pauline Welch George G. 1941
Welch John H. Welch Gertie Smith 1945
Welker Clarence R. Welker Jeannette R. 1935
Wellman Bessie Knox Wellman Roy 1922
Wellman Betty T. Wellman Arthur L. 1945
Wellman Della Scott Wellman Roy 1921
Wellman Thomas H. Wellman Edith Sain 1945
Wells B. W. Wells Myrtle 1929
Wells Bessie C. Oliver Wells Miles F. 1941
Wells Margaret Wells Phillip G. 1940
Wells Mildred N. Wells Edward D. 1939
Wells Nannie Bell Wells William G. 1945
Wells Alice L. Wells Lewis 1924
Welty Evelyn L. Wells Clifford James 1943
Welty Lucy B. Welty Thomas B. 1953
Wengert Dora Fox Wengert Robert Russell 1952
Wensil Edgar L. Wensil Edna Funderbuck 1940
Wensill Annie W. Wensill Wilbur J. 1946
Wentz D. W. Wentz Wanda 1936
Wentz Lorene E. Wentz W. Bryan 1947
Wentz Maurice L., Cpl. U.S. Marine Corps Linke-Wentz Dorothy Mary 1946
Wentz Zelda McCall Wentz Roy W. 1940
Werder William Werder Diane 1967
Werner Elenora Werner Adolphus 1903
Werts Jay Lester Werts Orelia 1946
Wesley Addie Bolick Wesley Henry 1943
Wesson Grace Wesson Ray 1933
West Sara West L. S. 1938
West Catherine Kinzy West L. Mitchell 1946
West Clara Jump West Mack Curtis 1949
West David West Katerina Darnelly 1949
West Delmas O. West Marie B. 1942
West G. C. West Daisy 1931
West Katherine Lester Torrence West Britton Andrew 1950
West Lucille Williamson West Nelson Keith 1947
West Marie West D. C. 1942
West Mildred Harris West Edward James 1955
West Myra Moss West Ralph D. 1948
West Nelson Keith West Annie Garrett 1941
West Ralph Dixon West Louise Starnes Irving 1948
West Regine W. West James A. (Jim) 1954
Westberry Martha A. Westberry Johnny Clyde 1966
Westberry Mary Westberry Syndey F. 1945
Westbrook Edith Glass Westbrook Edwin Hall 1946
Westbrook Fellie Doris Westbrook William C. 1943
Westbrook Mary Dixon Westbrook Fred 1951
Wester Cynthia M. Wester Woodrow W. 1952
Wester Irene Lewis Wester Willis Leon 1949
Westervelt David Franklin Westervelt Virginia Z. 1950
Westmond Joseph Westmond Pearl Farris 1941
Westmoreland Herbert Y. Westmoreland Annie Nadine 1937
Westmoreland Nelson Westmoreland Etta Mae 1947
Westmoreland Ruth Price Westmoreland Joseph Shelly 1934
Westmoreland Thomas William Westmoreland Lenda Lee LaRue 1946
Westnedge Daisy Westnedge William L. 1905
Weston Claretta F. Weston Frank E. 1951
Westrum Carrie E. Westrum Allen C. 1941
Wetmore Harry Elizabeth Wetmore Ernest Baxter Wetmore 1928
Weyrick Edna Weyrick Donald Weyrick 1946
Whalen Arthur J. Whalen Virginia Dare Shafer 1943
Whall Mary M. Whall Ralph French 1945
Wheatley Rex H. Wheatley Elizabeth Phelps 1946
Whedon Parker Whedon Betty Jean 1946