Mecklenburg County Divorces

Mecklenburg County divorce records indexed on this site are available at the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room and the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. To request a complete copy of the record from the library, please contact us at 704.416.0150, or email us. The abstracted records available at this site will only have the name of the plaintiff, the defendant and the year of the divorce.

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Plaintiff Last Namesort descending Plaintiff First Name Defendant Last Name Defendant First Name Year
Clark Susie E. Clark Walter E. 1939
Clark William T. Clark Margaret L. 1920
Clark Alma Clark Walter Cecil 1953
Clark Betty Jean Clark Edwin Monroe 1954
Clarke Evelyn Dorothy Clarke William E., Jr. 1947
Clarke Henry L. Clarke Velma Rogers 1952
Clarke James Marshall, Jr. Clarke Helen Sittig 1947
Clarke Lucille M. Clarke Wilbur E. 1946
Clarke Margaret Henderson Clarke Howard Turney 1942
Clarke Myrtle B. Clarke William E. 1949
Clarke Virginia Clarke Lloyd A. 1935
Clary Faye R. Clark Roy D. 1940
Clary Lena A. Clary David D. 1908
Clary Marna Jones Clary William W. 1929
Clary Pauline Sisk Clary Samuel C. 1947
Clawson L. H. Clawson Gethel M. 1939
Clawson William A. Clawson Bernice Knox 1941
Clay Ada Elizabeth Clay Sim 1941
Clay Charles W. Clay Manda 1890
Clayton Annie Glass Clayton Robey 1935
Clayton Bertie Redd Clayton Hubert 1945
Clayton Joshlyn Louise Clayton Donald W. 1953
Clayton Olen D. Clayton Irene B. 1943
Cleaver Howard W. Cleaver Brownlee 1942
Cleaver Irene Cleaver K. M. 1937
Clem Dorothy Elam Clem William L. 1949
Clement George Clement Alice 1940
Clements Louise Seagle Clements Elmer 1946
Clemmer Carroll D. Clemmer Katie S. 1944
Clemmer Ola E. Clemmer Perry 1923
Clemons Aubrey L. Clemons Ohmer W. 1939
Clemons Ellan Morrison Clemons Yokley Odis 1947
Clemons Ruby J. Clemons N. B. 1937
Cleveland Walter E. Cleveland Ellen C. 1943
Clifton Erskine Clifton Annie E. 1946
Climer MarinelTomberlin Climer Albert L. 1944
Cline Audrey Louise Cline William L. 1944
Clinton Harry D., Jr. Clinton Gladys Jane Secor 1939
Clinton Thelma Harkness Clinton Louis D. 1945
Clippinger Leroy F. Clippinger Jean Blakeney 1953
Clock Minnie Lee Law Clock Paul Clement 1949
Clock Paul Clement Clock Minnie Lee Law 1949
Cloniger Clara Oakley Cloniger J. C. 1946
Cloninger L.W. Cloninger Eunice 1940
Cloninger Miriam L. Cloninger Fred Dowell 1952
Cloninger Grady L. Cloninger Ruby H. 1955
Clontz F. M. Clontz Frances Tidwell 1950
Clontz Henry D. Clontz Mary Harrison 1949
Clopton Mary Lee Clopton Luther 1942
Cloud Lonnie Mae Cloud John Willie 1940
Cloud William Cloud Sarah Bell 1949
Cloud Willieminar Dunlap Cloud Willie 1949
Coan W. D. Coan Julia G. 1954
Coan William R. Coan Alice Cash 1950
Coates Florine Hill Coates Guy M. 1950
Coats G. C. Coats Beulah 1933
Cobb A. H., Jr. Cobb Charlotte M. 1942
Cobb Cecil Hurley Cobb Margaret G. 1955
Cobb F. Gordon (3 folders) Cobb Estelle Land 1929
Cobb Florence Cobb Paul E. 1929
Cobb June Delores Rizzo Cobb Roy R. 1947
Cobb Maggie V. Cobb Clarence V. 1943
Cobb Margaret Anne Gilliam Cobb Cecil Hurley 1953
Cobb Mattie Cobb J. W., Jr. 1917
Coble Helen Fincher Coble Roy 1947
Coble J. C. Coble Lottie 1942
Cochran Andrew Lee Cochran Ruth Caldwell 1953
Cochran Bernice D. Cochran Lionel E. 1947
Cochran Franklin Miller, Jr. Cochran Estelle Sarah 1949
Cochran Lillian Ervin Cochran Homer H. 1942
Cochran Mable Cochran W. Frank 1937
Cochran Parks C. Cochran Anna Wilson 1951
Cochrane Warren Cochrane Bettie 1908
Cochrane E. N. Cochrane Dorothy Mae 1951
Cochrane Hilda Holmes Cochrane M. O. 1941
Cochrane Maud Cochrane James O. 1922
Cochrane Paul David Cochrane Eula May 1954
Cocke Margaret T. Cocke Albert R. 1938
Cockrell Junie Bentley Cockrell Everett R. 1945
Cody Grover Cody Beulah 1942
Cody Kellie D. Cody Kathleen (Smith) 1943
Cody O. W. Cody Alice Craig 1946
Cody Ola Kinley Cody Grover 1945
Coffer John L. Coffer Bessie 1942
Coffey Mary E. Coffey John H. 1942
Cogan Jack W. Cogan Myrtle Thompson 1942
Cogar Charles F. Cogar Florence 1936
Cogdell John Alex Cogdell Elaine M. 1966
Coggins Bertie Lee Coggins Baymond Brooks 1948
Coggins Clyde Franklin Coggins Shirley Tilly 1954
Coggins Jerry M. R. Coggins Mary Lou 1911
Cohan Virginia Jo Cohan Foster B. 1955
Coiner Frances T. Coiner H. H. 1951
Coiner Sara S. Coiner John R. 1945
Coker Blanche Green Coker John Edward 1951
Colack Julius Colakc Katy 1920
Colbert Cora A. Colbert Luther C. 1945
Cole Harold M. Cole Catherine Rivoire 1954
Cole Mildred Cole Robert B. 1939
Cole William E. Cole Mattie Lou 1944