Mecklenburg County Divorces from 1846-1969

Mecklenburg County divorce records indexed on this site are available at the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room and the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. To request a complete copy of the record from the library, please contact us at 704-416-0150, or email us. The abstracted records available at this site will only have the name of the plaintiff, the defendant and the year of the divorce.

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Plaintiff Name Defendant NameYear
Haberstroh, CarlvsHaberstroh, June Ruth1950
Hackley, IsaacvsHackley, Lena1920
Hackney, Connie E.vsHackney, Robert H.1942
Haddock, Beverly H.vsHaddock, Paul F.1955
Haddock, Dorothy H.vsHaddock, Jack1946
Hadley, MattievsHadley, D. A.1922
Hafer, U. L.vsHafer, Lillian1939
Hagan, Bessie B.vsHagan, John A.1949
Hager, Dan M.vsHager, Arsonia Mae1950
Hager, Ethel MaevsHager, Luther1949
Hager, Helen CarriganvsHager, Columbus W.1942
Hager, Helen JohnstonvsHager, Charles W. (alimony)1955
Hager, HoseyvsHager, Elaine S.1948
Hager, James EdwardvsHager, Addie Louise Boyd1957
Hager, Jennie V.vsHager, Cleveland1922
Hager, L. G.vsHager, Beatrice Barnett1940
Hager, Lena HoopervsHager, Marvin1935
Hager, LouisvsHager, Margaret Cooper1955
Hager, Louise JamesvsHager, Ralph C.1947
Hager, Mattie AnnvsHager, Albertus B.1942
Hagler, A. G.vsHagler, Constance Mae Gillis1945
Hagler, C. A.vsHagler, Maggie (alias Maggie Christenbury)1926
Hagler, John S.vsHagler, Louise J.1947
Hagler, Margaret MillervsHagler, Leonard Banks1941
Hagler, PaulinevsHagler, John1953
Hagler, Robert S.vsHagler, Denice1929
Haigler, Charlie A.vsHaigler, Nellie (alias Nellie Jones)1918
Hailey, AndersonvsHailey, Hattie1918
Hailey, C. R.vsHailey, Flossie1935
Hailey, PearleyvsHailey, Charlie1944

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Thanks to Natalie J. Mitchell, volunteer in the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room, and Ellen Poteet, member of the Olde Mecklenburg Genealogical Society, for transcribing these documents.

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