William Thomas Lindsay (1860 - 1932)

Morse’s partner, William Thomas Lindsay deserves some attention because so little is known about him. According to his son’s birth certificate and Lindsay’s own death certificate, he was born in Texas in 1860, and depending on which document you go by, he was either born in Fort Worth or Waco, Texas. (North Carolina Death Certificate, 21 February 1932.) The spelling of his surname is quite different on these official documents. According to his granddaughter, the correct spelling is Linsday. (Oral interview with Kelly Paige, Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County, 25 October, 2002.) Where Lindsay was between 1860 and 1918 is unknown. By 1918, Lindsay was living in Charlotte and working at the Lindsay & Morse studio at 208 South Tryon Street. (Charlotte, North Carolina City Directory, 1918, p. 364.) Two years later, in 1920, he was working at Lindsay’s Picture Factory in the Latta Arcade, which was owned by his landlady Mrs. P.V. Moody. (Charlotte, North Carolina City and Suburban Directory, 1920, p. 392.) Interesting enough, the 1920 census lists Lindsay as born in New York. (Fourteenth Census, 1920, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, E.D. 151, p. 4-B.) Soon after this Lindsay moved to Birmingham, Alabama where he worked as a salesman, married and had two children. (Paige interviews and Polk’s Birmingham, Alabama City Directory, 1924, p. 969 and 1925, p. 815.) The Lindsay family returned to Charlotte, but William Thomas Lindsay died of tuberculosis in the Mecklenburg Sanatorium on the 21st of February 1932. (The Charlotte News, 22 February 1932, p. 10