What's There Now?

What's There Now

Throughout this exhibit, you have seen how different Charlotte looks today when you compare it to how the city appeared over a hundred years. In this section, you discover what is there now and what use to be there many years ago.

  • Today 614,330 of Mecklenburg’s 801,137 residents live inside the city limits of Charlotte.
  • As of 2002, there are only 300 farms left in Mecklenburg County.
  • Recent data indicates that only 24,442 acres of farmland exists in Mecklenburg County. The county is 526 square miles.
  • The Phifer House is the site of the Hal Marshall Government Building.
  • Mrs. Stonewall Jackson’s house was torn down and office complex replaced it.
  • South Graded School is part of the interstate.
  • The site of the Myers Street School is part of the Metro School and the Aquatic Center.
  • North Graded School is a parking lot.
  • Presbyterian Hospital purchases Elizabeth College when the staff and students moved to Virginia. The buildings are part of the hospital complex.
  • Good Samaritan Hospital is now the site of the Bank of America Football Stadium.
  • Presbyterian College becomes apartment buildings, and was later torn down. The lot remains empty.
  • The North Carolina Medical College still stands on the corners of Sixth and Church Streets.
  • Clinton AME Zion Church is now the site of the Bank of America Football Stadium.
  • First Baptist Church # One (Whites) is known as Spirit Square.
  • First Baptist (Black) moves to west Charlotte in 1976. It is now known as First Baptist West. The older church was torn down in 1976.
  • The Bee Hive has been replaced with office buildings.
  • Carolina Clothing Company is the site of the Charlotte Observer.
  • The Ed Mellon Store was torn down in 1907 to build the Independence Building
  • The Independence Building was torn down in 1970 and replaced with a building using the same name.
  • The Trust Building burned down in 1922 and was replaced with office buildings.
  • The Carolina Theater replaced the City Hall in the 1920s.
  • The United States Mint is dismantled and moved to Randolph Road.. It is now the Mint Museum of Art.
  • A tornado strikes Charlotte on April 6, 1936. Rushing water washes out the dam at Lakewood Park and wipes out the facility. The park never recovers from this natural disaster.
  • The Charlotte Auditorium is dismantled in 1932 and moved to Tuckaseegee Road. It is now the Garr Tabernacle.
  • Belk Brothers becomes a regional chain of stores. The uptown store is torn down in 1988 to make way for The Bank of America Building.
  • The W.I. Van Ness Store is now Phil’s Deli.