Welcome Soldier!

Junior Chamber of Commerce Booklet, Welcome Soldier!
space Welcome Soldier! was published by the Charlotte Junior Chamber of Commerce to help newly stationed troops become familiar with the city. Each section is presented as a PDF file so that you may view the contents in a way that is as close to its original format as is possible over the web. Adobe Acrobat Readeris required.
Welcome Soldier! View Pages 1 to 5
Greetings from the Charlotte Jr. Chamber of Commerce
View Pages 6 to 10
Photo of downtown Charlotte, photo of NC Governor Broughton, Greeting from NC Governor, photo & greeting of Mayor Currie
View Pages 11 to 15
Photo & greeting concerning the Charlotte Defense Rec. Comm., Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, photo of Courthouse
View Pages 16 to 20
Photos & list of restaurants, photo of 3 hotels & churches.
View Pages 21 to 25
Info. on Y.M.C.A., Catholic Men's Club, Y.W.C.A., photo of Charlotte Country Club, Defense Rec. Office
View Pages 26 to 30
Jewish Men's Club, Victory Belles, soldier's names on plaque, Traveler's Aid & Salv. Army Soldier's Center
View Pages 31 to 35
Duke Power Co., 1942 football schedule, radio, newspapers, schools
View Pages 36 to 40
Medical ctr.'s, City buses, Info. on transport, banks, points of interest
View Pages 41 to 45
Recreation, Mint Museum, Public Library, Enlisted Men's Club
View Pages 46 to 51
Historic dates, Sponsor list, 2 photos of monuments, notes page, patriotic quote

Pamphlet courtesy of the Charlotte Junior Chamber.