Ulmont Baker (1908 – 1997)

Ulmont Baker
 Born in Kentucky, second baseman, Ulmont Baker began his baseball career in Greensboro, North Carolina in the Piedmont League in 1928. During the early thirties, Baker played for a variety of teams from Texas to Florida to South Carolina. Like so many of the players in the ICBL, Baker was drawn to the Concord Weavers in 1938 because of the money. Sadly, that was the last year of the league. Baker continued playing baseball until 1942 when he was drafted during WWII and Baker joined the Navy Seabees. 
"I played baseball year after year with players all around me that went to the big leagues, and I didn´t go. I should have played five years and got on out, but I loved it. I loved the game. I always thought, next year I´ll go to the top."