Source for Early History of Charlotte's Municipal Government

In 1902 there was published, by the authority of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, and compiled by Clarkson & Duls, City Attorneys, The Code of the City of Charlotte, containing "The Charter and all Acts amending it, and also the act providing for the establishments of Public Schools and the amendments thereof; act creating Water Commissioners; Primary Law and Election Law for the City of Charlotte, and all other acts pertaining specially to the government of the city, together with ordinances and street railway contracts, etc. etc."
At the back of this book there is a lengthy "Unofficial Appendix," which contains:

      List of members of the governing bodies 1816-1902

           Municipal indebtedness, itemized as of 1902

      List of properties owned by the City of Charlotte
      Partial Index to the Minutes of the City Council on the following subjects:
        References to the Male and Female Academy
        List of lots sold by the town commissioners
        Resolutions appropriating money
        Ordinances relating to railroad bonds
        Resolutions on the death of aldermen and other officials
        Water Works and Sewage matters
        Telephone, Telegraph, Light and Other Contracts
        Graded School matters
        Ordinances relating to the sale of liquors
        N. C. Supreme Court Cases which the City was a party to, and many other miscellaneous matters.

A copy of this book is shelved in the Carolina Room of the Public Library of Charlotte, and one in the office of the City Clerk of the City of Charlotte.

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