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The Carolina Room Historic Maps collection includes a wide variety of items. There are maps in a series, such as the U. S. Geological Survey topographic maps and flood insurance maps. Sanborn fire insurance maps for various cities in North Carolina are available on microfilm, providing a unique record of changes that took place over a period of years. Individual road maps for cities and counties in North Carolina are available as well as road maps for the entire state. Learn more . . .


The Geospatial Information Services Division of Mecklenburg County developed an online exhibit of historic maps with the assistance of the Carolina Room. This website is maintained as the Carolina Places in Time Collection. Its purpose is to "locate and digitally preserve maps of historical interest in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg region and allow greater public access to these resources for education and research." Visit their website


The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library subscribes to ProQuest® Sanborn Maps Geo Edition™. ProQuest says about the collection, "Sanborn® fire insurance maps . . . chart the growth and development of thousands of American towns and cities across a century. Because of this scope, urban specialists, social historians, architects, geographers, genealogists, local historians, and others will find the maps a valuable tool." Library cardholders can use this database to search North Carolina towns and cities by address and location. 
Several full-color, bound editions of Sanborn maps of Charlotte are available in the Carolina Room. For details, type "Sanborn Maps" in to the library's online catalog.

James B., James W., and Thomas Spratt made maps of Mecklenburg County in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. They platted parcels of land throughout the county, showing precise boundaries and the names of neighbors. Many of the original maps have come into the possession of Chuck Ketchie of Charlotte, who has donated copies for viewing in the Carolina Room and made an index to the maps.