The Renwick-Wilkes Connection


Jane Jeffrey Renwick Jane Jeffrey Renwick  (pictured left) and Lieutenant Charles Wilkes married on April 26, 1826. The couple  eventually settled in Washington, DC, where they raised their four children.
  1. —John “Jack” Wilkes (March 31, 1827-July 6, 1908). m. Jane Renwick Smedberg of New York City.
  2. —Jane “Janey” Wilkes (January 3, 1829-August 17, 1921)
  3. —Edmund “Em” Wilkes (February 4, 1833-November 24, 1913) m. Bessie Van Buren of Ohio.
  4. —Eliza Wilkes (July 18, 1838-August 16, 1908) 
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