Past Presidents of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce

Organized about 1879

Samuel Wittkowsky Earle Witton
J. H. Weddington Coleman W. Roberts
J. L. Chambers Alton L. Bland
F. C. Abbott Fred Anderson
E. R. Preston George M. Ivey, Sr.
W. S. Lee Roy A. Palmer
Clarence O. Kuester J. Herbert Bridges
Charles C. Hook J. N. Pease
Capt. John A. Parker McAllister Carson, Sr.
David Ovens H. H. Everett
Paul C. Whitlock John F. Watlington
E. A. Cole C. W. Gilchrist
Robert Lassiter, Sr. George W. Dowdy
V. J. Guthery Stowe Moody
T. L. Kirkpatrick Paul R. Younts
Cameron Morrison Thomas L. Robinson
Charles A. Williams Buell C. Duncan
J. Luther Snyder Stanford R. Brookshire
Charles E. Lambeth
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