Multimedia Collection

Thank you for your interest in the Carolina Room's multimedia collection. We have videos and audios in various formats on the shelves, as one may see in the catalog.
In addition, the following videos belonging to the library are available for viewing online through the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center:
1. "Charlotte Mecklenburg United Appeal" (1952)
This black and white promotional film outlines the United Appeal fundraising campaign that took place October and November 1952. 13 mins.
2. "The Billy Graham Charlotte Crusade" (1958) 59 mins.
This black and white film captures speeches by Billy Graham and others in the Charlotte Coliseum on October 18, 1958. 
3. "An Interview with Floyd "Chunk" Simmons" (2007) 1 hr. 57 mins.
Floyd Simmons, was a Hollywood actor, Olympic athlete, artist and World War II soldier. He is interviewed by Jane Johnson of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.