Members of Governing Bodies: City of Charlotte

Note: A list of city officials for years prior to 1900 is included in the City Code, published 1902. A copy of this book may be consulted in the Carolina Room of the Public Library of Charlotte, or in the office of the City Clerk.
A complete list of city officials who served both before 1900 and up to the present is an official record of the City of Charlotte and on file in the office of the City Clerk.
A list of Council members who have served since adoption of the City Manager form of goverment in 1929 follows:

Aitken, G. Douglas, 1949-51
Albea, Claude L., 1931-45, 1947 - to date
Allison, T. T., 1931-33
Anderson, L. E., 1929-31
Atkins, J. Murrey, 1943-45
Babcock, Randolph, 1959 - to date
Baker, J. A., 1941-45
Baxter, H. H., 1935-41, 1951-59
Beasley, C. C., 1941-43
Boyd, Basil M., 1949-55
Boyd, John F., 1931-37
Britt, C. S., 1939-41
Brown, Herman A., 1953-59
Bullard, W. Irvin, 1943-45
Childs, T. A., 1945-49
Coddington, Wm. I., 1949-53
Cope, Joe E., 1943-45
Daughtry, C. H., 1941-45
Daughtry, James H., 1949-51
Delaney, E. S., Jr., 1947-49
Dellinger, Steve W., 1951 - to date
Doggett, G. O., 1921-31
Durham, John F., 1935-39
Evans, Martha W., 1955-59
Foard, Ernest W., 1957-59
Griswold, T. V., 1937-39
Guthery, V. J., 1929-33
Hinson, J. Sam, 1945-47
Hitch, Herbert, 1959 - to date
Hovis, W. N., 1935-45
Hudson, W. Ray, 1935-41
Huntley, J. H. 1935-41
Johnston, J. H., 1945-47
Jones, J. A., 1929-31
Jordan, S. D., 1947-53
Kahn, Max, 1933-35
Lambeth, Charles E., 1947-49
Little, A. P., 1937-43
McIntyre, Fred H., 1945-47
McKee, Nash D., 1947-49
Myers, Brevard S., 1959 - to date
Nance, J. S., 1935-41
Newson, Henry G., 1945-47
Painter, L. H., 1941-45
Price, A. Z., 1941-45
Puette, Ross, 1945-47
Ross, C. B., 1941-43
Sides, L. R., 1935-41
Slye, L. W., 1941-45
Smith, Gibson L., 1959 - to date
Smith, James S., 1953-55
Squires, Dr. Claude, 1933-35
Tipton, J. S., 1935-37
Van Every, Philip L., 1951-53
Ward, J. S., 1939-45
Wearn, Arthur, 1932-34
White, John P., 1945-49
Whittington, James B., 1959 - to date
Wilkinson, Emmett M., 1949-51
Wilkinson, J. L., 1935-41
Wilkinson, W. E., 1953-59
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