Maps in Carolina Room


The Carolina Room map collection includes a wide variety of items. There are maps in series, such as the U. S. Geological Survey topographic maps and flood insurance maps. Sanborn fire insurance maps for various cities in North Carolina are available on microfilm, providing a unique record of changes that took place over a period of years. Individual road maps for cities and counties in North Carolina are available as well as road maps for the entire state.

Other individual maps, mainly of historic interest, are also owned. Each is described in this list to provide a guide for users in deciding which maps will be most useful for their purposes. A sample description with explanation follows:

MKb6 (1) Mecklenburg…road map (2).—Lloyd McC. Ross, engineer (3). Scale: ½”-1 mi.(4); 16 ½” x19 ½”(5).—1929(6). Includes legend of road surfaces, etc. “Compliments of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce” at top. 3 copies: c.2 lacks “Compliments…:” c.3 includes population information 1930 & estimated population for 1938; reverse has illustrations & “Forward with 1938.”

(1) = locator symbol needed by staff member to find the map
(2) = abbreviated map title
(3) = name of person or agency that produced the map
(4) = Scale as state on map [ns or na (not stated or not applicable) may be used]
(5) = size of map rounded to nearest ½” with width stated first
(6) = date as stated on map [date as stated on map [nd (no date) may be used, but an approximate date will be given in the notes section whenever possible
= notes; any other information deemed useful appears here, including significant variations in copies

Descriptions are arranged in broad geographic or subject categories, and these are subdivided into broad chronological periods represented by the maps. The geographic and chronological division, useful in limiting a search to descriptions of particular interest, are outlined in the Table of Contents.

Borrowers frequently request copies of maps in our collection, and in many cases, we are able to provide this service. Maps that have not been mounted on cardboard, have not been encapsulated, are not in poor condition, and are not copyrighted can be reproduced. The fee is $10.00 for the first map (or sheet) and $5.00 for each additional map or sheet. All fees must be paid in advance, and because payment by credit card will go into the general fund rather than the NCR fund, only cash or check can be accepted.  A minimum of seven (7) working days should be allowed for copies to be made.

Those who want to have copies made should provide the staff member with the call number of the map, telephone number, and payment for the copy.  A receipt will be issued to the borrower.

Sometimes borrowers want copies to be enlarged or reduced.  The company we use may be able to provide the size needed, but there is an extra fee of approximately $20.00.  If an estimate is wanted a non-refundable fee of $10.00 must be paid in advance.  Once the estimate is obtained, if the borrower decides to order a copy, the fee will be applied to the total cost.