Man of the Year in Charlotte

In 1944 the Charlotte News established its Man of the Year Award as a tribute to the person who had made notable contributions to the community in the year under consideration. Announcement of each annual award is made in the Charlotte News during the final week of December, usually the 31st, with details concerning the recipient and his contributions to the welfare of the community. The following men have been awarded this distinction:

1944 Coleman Roberts
1945 Cecil W. (Pat) Gilchrist
1946 J. B. Marshall
1947 George M. Ivey, Sr.
1948 Col. J. Norman Pease
1949 Henry C. Dockery
1950 David Ovens
1951 John F. Watlington, Jr.
1952 H. H. Everett
1953 James P. McMillan
1954 John C. Erwin
1955 J. Spencer Bell
1956 John L. Stickley
1957 Carl G. McCraw
1958 Oliver Rowe
1959 Zeb C. Strawn
1960 James J. Harris
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