Local News from May 1899

May 2 J. D. McCall was elected mayor. People voted by force of habit. There was no interest or opposition to this Democratic nominee. He won in all 4 wards.


May 3 Thompson Orphanage & Training institution held a board meeting. There are now 62 children.
Grace AME Zion on S. Brevard St. decided to build a larger, more modern building.
  Grace AME Zion Church
Buford Hotel and Belmont Hotel Annex advertised the "First & Finest Elevator Ever placed in Charlotte."
Buford Hotel Advertisement 
from 1899 City Directory


May 4
W. E. Christian was appointed general agent of the passenger department of Seaboard Air Line. He was once editor of The Charlotte Democrat and associated with the Washington Bureau of The New York Herald.


May 5
The Commercial National Bank reports $175,000 in capital and $210,000 in surplus.


May 9
The Confederate reunion starts today in Charleston. Mrs. Stonewall Jackson and her granddaughter, Miss Julie Jackson Christian and Mrs. General Rufus Barringer left Charlotte to attend.
  Anna Morrison Jackson,
widow of General Stonewall Jackson.
Mr. C. F. King, general manager of the New England Newspaper League has been touring the south and wishes to come to Charlotte on May 25th. He writes Vinton Liddell, President of the Manufacturer's Club, to request cooperation for their visit.
Manufacturer's Club on Trade Street  


May 11 The convention of Southern Cotton Spinners met in the Superior Court Room of the new court house. Many of the most prominent cotton mill men attended.


May 14 The Souvenir Silver Jubilee 2nd Presbyterian Church publication containing the addresses and sermons of the previous pastors and their sermons were for sale for $ .25 at Stone and Barringers and the Queen City Paper Co.

Professor Thomson's school at Sharon closed Friday for a big picnic.
The auditorium in Charleston, SC was designed by Charlotte architect Milburn. It normally seats 7,000 but held 10,000 during the Confederate reunion.
The new Elks Temple was taking shape. The iron work arrived and was being placed.

The YMCA board met and approved a handsome souvenir to celebrate the association's 25th anniversary,which will be on November 11th.
  YMCA on Tryon Street.


May 16 The Hornet's Nest Riflemen had a meeting at the armory.


A teller at the Merchant & Farmer's Bank caught a bill that had been tampered with by someone changing the "1" to a "V."
Advertisement for 
Merchants and Farmers Bank


May 17 Charlotte public schools had 24 students in the Class of 1899.


May 18
Presbyterian College will send out invitations for commencements, to be held May 28-June 1st. They have 10 students.
  Presbyterian College


May 19 Newell High School had commencements last night.

Bones were found this week at the Rudisill Mine, but they turned out to be from a hog.

May 20 Co. E, Second N.C. State Guard, known as the Lee Rifles, celebrated today by having competitions and awarding medals.


May 21 The congregation of Seventh Street Presbyterian Church worshiped in the new church today. The church was reported to be the most handsome colored church in the city and had in their membership the faculty and students from Biddle University. Dr. Wyche was pastor.

Dixie high school will graduate Wednesday and Thursday.

People came from all over yesterday to celebrate Mecklenburg Independence Day, even though there were no official activities.
S. Tryon Street c. 1880s  


May 23 The bathing pool at Latta Park opened to the public.


May 25 A party of Charlotte cyclists plan to arrange a century run to Statesville. Even though it's not 100 miles, they plan to lap and make it 100.


The Cranford Book Club had its last meeting for the year.  
  The members of the Cranford Book Club.


May 26 Davidson College announces their 62nd commence on June 4-7.

Pineville High School's commencements just ended yesterday.

May 27 Mr. F. D. Alexander attended the Davidson-Parks wedding in Hopewell on Thursday. He was enthusiastic about the road work that had been completed. He thought that having one supervisor over each township was better than having different overseers for different roads.


  St. Mark's Lutheran will be closed tomorrow. The pastor will be delivering the commencement at N. C. College in Mt. Pleasant. The timing was good, since the church is being painted.
St. Mark's Lutheran Church  

Honorable Amos J. Cummings of New York stopped by The Observer office yesterday. He is a Democratic Representative in Congress from New York and a leader in the House. He is a very gifted politician and newspaper man that spent several days in Charlotte in that capacity several years ago.

May 28
Presbyterian College started its commencements.  
  Presbyterian College.


May 30 The Eclectic Book Club met today.

A meeting was held last night at the court house to organize a chamber of commerce or board of trade. About 50-60 people showed up.