Kenneth Esley Chitwood (1909 - 1960)

Kenneth E. Chitwood
Tennessee native, Ken Chitwood played for the Concord Weavers and was notorious for aiming at the batter's head. Fights usually broke out when one of Chitwood's pitches struck the batter.
Ulmont Baker recalls teammate, Ken Chitwood, "And then I remember Ken Chitwood. He had jumped a contract with Knoxville before I came to Concord. Ken was a tough pitcher. He would throw at some of those big hitters. I remember "Pick" Biggerstaff, manager of Valdese, cussed Ken when he was going down to first base. Now when you cussed Ken, he would "choose you" (colloquialism meaning he would pick you to fight). Gosh, what a guy that Chit was. Chit was quick as a cat and he popped Pick upside the head and brought blood. Well, Pick grabbed Chit around the neck, and they were rolling on the ground. It took a bunch of us to separate them. He nearly twisted Chit's head off. He couldn´t pitch for a week. He walked around with his head practically over on his shoulder."