Identification of Persons in Group Pictures

Public School Class in 1898

Seated in front: Ed Holton. First row, left to right: Rebecca Lindy, Jesse Caldwell, two unidentified, Grace Rigler, Edith Ward, Nell Culpepper, Esther Shannonhouse. Second row: Elsie Calder, Mary Holton, Naomi Cook, Mamie Grady, Mary Lance, Mary Brockenborough, Lucy Smith, Annie Lee Blair. Back row:Gus Spong, Eugene Alexander, Duncan Tillett, Yates Faison, Risden Asbury, unidentified, Graham Knox, Tom Hayes, Murray Alexander.
Police Department circa 1910
Seated, left to right: Hugh Shields, Cliff Bell, J. T. Farrington, D. D. Johnson, B. J. Summerow. Standing:M. M. Earnhart, Charles Ayers, Lee Hargett, J. E. Crowell, J. M. Earnhart.

Charlotte Gun Club

Seated, left to right: George A. Howell, Walter Brem, Walter Brem, Jr., E. R. Dodge, Charles M. Creswell, Frank Dowd, Sr. Standing:John Carson, John W. Todd, Hamilton Justice, Col. J. T. Anthony, Winston D. Adams, Douglas Fox.

Charlotte Social Group

Seated: Walter Brem, Sr., Annie Parks Hutchison. Standing, left to right:Adele Hutchison, Selene Hutchison, Bessie Sanders, Will Parker, and Annie Graham Shaw.

School Commissioners, 1916

Front row, left to right: Guy M. Beaty, T. T. Smith, J. D. McCall, Mayor T. L. Kirkpatrick, Arthur Wearn, Plummer Stewart. Back row: unidentified, M. J. Green, S. F. Tomlinson, J. H. Wilson, J. Landrum Brown, unidentified, Harry P. Harding, D. M. Abernethy, and D. R. Yarboro.

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