Soldiers and Patriots

Soldiers & Patriots
space The Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County collects information about men and women who made contributions to the war effort and survived World War II. They may have had Mecklenburg County connections during the war or later in their lives.

If you are a World War II veteran or patriot, have Mecklenburg County connections and would like to submit information about yourself, please open our questionnaire page print the form and return by mail to:
Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room
Charlotte Mecklenburg Library
310 North Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28202 - 2139
Alphabetical Name Search
Aaron, Jethro - Seaman 1st Class
Abbott, Theodore M., Jr.
Abercrombie, Everard Andrews - Army
Abernathy, Lloyd – Tec-4
Abernethy, Richard H. – Sgt., Co. A, 34th Signal Training Battalion, Africa, Italy, Sicily
Adams, C. E. - Air Force
Adams, Eugene A. Jr. - Sergeant
Adams, Hazel
Adams, Leroy Cosmopolitan
Adams, Leroy Hammond Jr.
Adams, Thomas Crawford
Adams, William Ewart Jr.
Aderholt, P. H. - Staff Sergeant
Adkins, Frederick S.
Agnew, Norman McKee Jr. -10th Armored Infantry Bn., Army
Agnew, W. C., Jr.
Aiken, David Amick- Corporal
Aiken, William Bailley - Army
Alexander, Bennie - Women’s Army Corps
Alexander, Carl L. Jr. - Staff Sergeant
Alexander, Clarence W. - Army
Alexander, Harry W. - Captain
Alexander, James Franklin
Alexander, Jay W. Jr. - Major
Alexander, John McKnitt, Sr. - Army
Alexander, J. Wilson, Jr. - Major,Army Air Corps, Pacific
Alexander, Louis Franklin - Technician 4th Grade
Alexander, Mack Camine - Sergeant
Alexander, Nathaniel Somers
Alexander, Paul R. - Army
Alexander, Robert G. - Major, Army Air Corps
Alexander, Samuel Rosser
Alexander, Syd B. - Lt., Navy Allen, Andrew A.
Allen, Frontis Clyde Jr. - Navy
Allen, Harry A. - Major
Allen, Paul - Lieutenant
Alley, Jr., Herman - Army
Allison, Charles Walter Jr.
Allison, James - Staff Sergeant
Allison, James R.
Allison, LaRue
Allison, Robert M.
Allison, William A.
Almond, Hallie E. - 2nd Lieutenant
Alverson, M. Sydney Jr. - Navy
Amberson, James William - Seaman
Ammonds, Thomas M., Jr. - Captain, Army Anderson, Elmer A.
Anderson, Fred, Jr. - Major, 101st Airborne Division
Anderson, Jack
Anderson, John H. - Army
Anderson, John W.
Anderson, William G. - Navy
Andrews, Burnette Jr.
Andrews, Carlton Jr.
Andrews, Isum Werrell
Andrews, James Victor Jr. - Navy
Angen, Willard F. Dr. - Army
Anglin, Eugene F.
Anthony, Dewitt
Anthony, Grover C.
Anthony, Stewart Hamilton - Army
Arbuckle, Howard E. Jr.
Ardrey, Cleveland Junius
Armstrong, William
Arrowood, Oliver - Private
Ashcraft, Ben C.
Ashcraft, Carl S.
Ashcraft, Hugh G.
Ashe, John Raney Jr.
Ashley, J. W. - Staff Sergeant
Atkins, James B. - Technical Sgt., 98th Signal Batallion, South Pacific
Atwell, Billy - Private 1st Class
Atwell, William Dowd - Technical Sergeant
Aughtry, Edgar Harvey Jr.
Augustine, Robert W. Dr. - Army
Austin, Herman
Austin, James Harold - Captain, CBI
Austin, Jimmy Blair
Austin, Lester B. - Warrant Officer
Austin, Parks Neill - 2nd Lt., Army
Auten, R. R.
Avery, Elizabeth
Aycock, Bernard L. - Sergeant
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Badalson, Frank
Bailes, Charles L. - Carpenter’s Mate 2nd Class
Bailes, James H. - Seaman 1st Class
Bailey, John C. - Private
Bailey, Warren H. - Lieutenant
Baker, DeArmond A. - Seaman 2nd Class
Baker, Edgar R. - 1st Lieutenant
Baker, John H.
Baker, Richard W. - Corporal
Baker, Robert Banks - 1st Sgt. in WW II; 378th Engineer Combat Bn. in the Korean Conflict
Baker, William E. - Staff Sergeant
Baker, William H. - Staff Sergeant
Baldwin, Floyd - Navy
Baldwin, Herman Lee - Seaman 1st Class
Baletine, James M. - Staff Sergeant
Ball, Bill - Air Corps
Ballance, Gilbert S. - Captain
Ballard, F. Woodrow - Private
Ballard, Jay G. - Private
Ballard, Walter James
Ballard, Woodrow
Banks, Henry H.
Banks, Richard T. - Army
Banks, Thomas Jefferson
Barber, Jesse C. - Yeoman 3rd Class
Barber, John Beatty - Army
Bard, Eli Dr. - Army
Barkley, Albert
Barkley, Neal Oren - Seaman
Barkley, Robert Edward - Army
Barley, Joe W. - Ship’s Cook 3rd Class
Barnes, James
Barnette, J. William
Barnhardt, James Harper
Barnhardt, John
Barron, Raymond L. - Major, Army
Barr, Henry R. - Sergeant
Barr, Thomas J. Jr.
Barrier, Everett M. - Technician 5th Grade
Barringer, Brandon
Barringer, Rufus
Barringer, Sarah J. - Army Nurse
Barron, Raymond Lindsay - Army
Barwig, Fred E. Jr. - Private 1st Class
Bass, J. B. Jr.
Bass, Joseph H. - Navy
Bass, Peggy
Bauchspies, Rollin L. Dr. - Army
Baucom, Buford C.
Baucom, Claude - Sergeant
Baucom, James M. - Sergeant
Baucom, Lewis - Private
Baucom, Olin A. - Private
Baucom, Roland W. - Staff Sergeant
Beall, A. Jackson Jr. - Lieutenant
Beam, Edward L.
Beaman, Harold E. - Seaman 1st Class
Beard, Joseph T. - Signal Corps
Beardon, Paul H.
Beatty, John D. - Navy
Beatty, Lawrence - Major
Beatty, Marvin E. Jr. - Navy
Beatty, Ralph H. - Air Force
Beatty, Reece - Air Corps
Beaty, Charles Lee - Seaman 2nd Class
Beaty, S. W. – Pvt., Infantry, Army
Becham, John N.
Beckham, Elliott D. - Sergeant
Bedinger, Laura - Army Nurse
Beecham, Charlie - Corporal
Belk, Earl R. - Sergeant
Belk, George - Navy
Belk, Henderson - Specialist’s Mate 3rd Class
Belk, Irwin - Private, Bomb. Sqdn.
Belk, J. D. - Navy
Belk, J. O. - Navy
Belk, John M. - 2nd Lieutenant
Belk, Robert - Private
Belk, William Henry Jr. - Lieutenant
Bell, Armelle - Army
Belue, John Furman Jr.
Benfield, Bob - Navy
Benfield, Claude - Private
Benfield, Clayton - Private
Benfield, Jack O. - Private First Class
Benfield, William L.
Bennet, James E. Jr.
Bennett, Ola W. - Army Nurse
Bennett, Samuel Walker - Naval Construction Battalion, Guam and Saipan
Benton, Thomas III
Berg, Clifford H. - Technician 4th Grade
Berkley, William T. Jr.
Bernardo, Samuel Lewis
Berry, Gordon C.
Berry, Raymond Russel - Army
Berryhill, Aaron - Chief Petty Officer
Berryhill, Joseph - Seaman 1st Class
Berryhil, Parks I. Jr. - Navy
Bethea, Alexander
Bickett, Joe Francis - Army
Biggers, Madelene
Biggerstaff, Ransom S.
Binderman, John T.
Bingham, Joseph Guy
Bingman, Clyde M. - Marines
Bishop, Herbert E.
Bishop, Lindsey - Seaman 2nd Class
Black, David C. Jr. - Army
Black, Floyd Wilson - Motor Machinist, 2nd Class, 5th Amphibious Corps, Navy, Pacific
Black, Fred L. - Col.
Black, Julian R. - Ensign
Black, Paul - Private
Black, William E. Jr.
Black, William O. - Shipfitter, 1st Class, USS Bataan
Blackburn, John H. – T-3
Blackwell, D. F. Jr.
Blair, William J. - Navy
Blakeney, Preston
Blalock, William Rennie
Blanchard, Charles Basil - Army
Blocker, Walter L. - Staff Sergeant
Blythe, Francis Earle - Marines
Blythe, Jackson S. - Sergeant
Bobbitt, Sarah
Bogan, Robert C. - Technician 5th Grade
Bogart, William Marton Jr. - Army
Bonner, Ernest - Hickham Field, Pearl Harbor, 12/7/1941
Booker, Edward McK.
Bookout, Conrad Beam - Electrician’s Mate 1st Class
Boone, Henry - Sergeant
Boone, John Edward - Corporal
Boone, Stephen Jr.
Bowen, Winford Paul
Bowers, Betty - 222nd Quartermaster Pin-Up Girl
Bowers, James Enid - Captain
Bowers, Thomas Lane
Bowlin, Brown Low “Buck”, Jr. - Private
Bowman, Alfred S.
Bowman, Frederick A.
Boyce, Adger C. Jr. - Merchant Marine
Boyd, Frank C. - Technical Sergeant
Boyd, Granberry D. Jr. - Army Dr.
Boyd, John - Army
Boyd, Lawrence L. - Lieutenant Colonel
Braber, Paul - Corporal
Brackett, Joe - Private
Brackett, Luke
Brackett, Martin Luther - Private
Brackett, Thomas C. - Navy
Bradey, John R. - Gunner’s Mate 3rd Class
Bradley, Page - Army
Bradley, Phil - Navy
Bradley, Ruth - Army Nurse
Bradley, Thomas A. - Corporal
Bradshaw, Charles W. - Army
Bradwell, Richard M. - Navy
Brafford, Robert
Bragg, Otis
Bramlett, Hugh Thomas
Braswell, Jack - Electrician’s Mate 2nd Class
Bratton, Huston
Brawley, Jeter Porter - Sergeant
Breen, Paul - Sergeant
Breen, Schealy - Private
Brenizer, Addison G. Jr.
Brenizer, Chase Jr. - Lieutenant
Brewer, Gene
Brewer, Gordon Vann - PFC Army
Brice, White - Corporal
Bridges, Lawrence J. - Machinist’s Mate 2nd Class
Bright, Colen E. - Petty Officer 1st Class
Brinkley, Charles Blane - Lieutenant
Brinkley, Wilton Russell - Lt., Asia and Africa
Britt, C. B. Dr. - Army
Brockmann, Victor D. - Navy
Brodger, Robert - Sergeant
Brooks, Benjamin H. - Army
Brooks, Clayton Calvin - Sergeant
Brooks, George
Brooks, Judge W. - Private
Brooks, R. M.
Broome, Gene - Navy
Broome, James Clifford - Warrant Officer
Broome, James T. - Seaman
Broome, Paul - Sergeant
Broome, Tayor C. - Corporal
Brotherton, Horace G.
Browder, E. Preston Jr.
Browder, Jay D.
Brown, Allen
Brown, Bernard - Sergeant
Brown, Charles
Brown, Clyde Homer
Brown, Ellis
Brown, Hallie
Brown, Henry - Staff Sergeant
Brown, James Madison
Brown, John W. - Army
Brown, Leon - Technician 5th Grade
Brown, Paul J. - Lieutenant
Brown, Robert O. - Sergeant
Brown, William
Brown, William F. - Seaman 2nd Class
Brown, William Wilson Jr. - Navy
Buchanan, Willie E. - Sergeant
Buice, Joe Lyon – Staff Sergeant
Bunch, Charles Dr. - Army
Burdell, Francis Marion
Burgess, Opal M. - Army Nurse
Burgess, Violet - Army Nurse
Burgin, Ralph - Navy
Burnett, Clyde W. - Technical Sergeant
Burnett, Earl E. - Yeoman 2nd Class
Burnett, Haskell - Army
Burnette, Howard W. - Captain
Burnham, James M. III - Major
Burton, S. Marvin - Army
Burt, Alexander Worth - T-4 Army; Pacific Theater
Burts, Theron Eugene
Butner, Edwin - Corporal
Buzhardt, Boyd - Marines
Byars, William R. - Sergeant
Byers, Eddie
Byers, Howard H.
Byram, Robert T.
Byrum, Charles L. “Buddy” – Merchant Marine, Atlantic, Mediterranean and Pacific Theaters
Byrd, Eddie L. - Steward’s Mate 1st Class
Byrd, William B.
Byrnes, Thomas H. Dr. - Army
Byrum, Lindsey - Army
Byrum, Robert O. - Technician 4th Grade
Byrum, Walter Jr. - Private 1st Class
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Cadden, Walter J. - Sergeant
Cadieu, Joseph Henry - Private 1st Class
Cadieu, Robert H. - Motor Machinist 2nd Class
Cagle, Dan F.
Calder, Duncan G. Jr. - Army Dr.
Caldwell, G. Bryan
Caldwell, Harriett E.
Caldwell, Melvin Grimes Jr.
Caldwell, Richard Earl – Army
Caldwell, Thomas Porter - Navy
Caldwell, Wilber Reid - Army
Calvert, Lewis Jr. - Private 1st Class
Calvert, William H. Jr. - Corporal
Commander, Harold - Navy
Camp, Jr., J. D. - Army
Campbell, Carroll
Campbell, Frank Odell
Campbell, Fredrick W. A.
Campbell, Hannah A. - Army Nurse
Campbell, James E.
Campbell, James H.
Campbell, Lenora - Army Nurse
Campbell, Lockwood - Navy
Campbell, Marvin - Captain
Canipe, George P. – Private, Quartermaster Corps in the 1st, 3rd and 9th Armies in Europe
Cannon, Joe F. – Army’s ferry command pilot and President of Cannon Aircraft Sales & Service Corp.
Cannon, Preston
Cannon, Wanda G.
Cantrell, James Andrew
Canup, Coy - Private
Canup, Ray - Private
Carmichael, George K.
Carmichael, H. C. Jr.
Carmouche, Ernest N. Dr. - Army
Carpenter, Edwin F. - Private
Carpenter, Joseph N.
Carr, John Lawrie
Carriker, Noah W. Jr. - Sergeant
Carson, Arvel - Corporal
Carson, McAlister Jr.
Carson, Robert A.
Casey, William J. - 1st Lieutenant
Cash, A. Manuel
Cathcart, Thomas Harold
Cathey, Hamlin - Staff Sergeant
Cathey, Henry Asbury
Cathey, Lloyd Wade - Lieutenant
Cato, Benjamin Ralph Jr.
Caton, Howard V.
Caudill, H. D.
Caudle, James - Private
Caudle, L. O. - Army
Caudle, W. Roddye - Staff Sergeant
Causey, Charles - Private
Causey, James W. - 2nd Lieutenant
Chambers, Ruby B. - Army Nurse
Chance, James E. - Sergeant
Chance, Paul L. - Seaman 1st Class
Chapman, Harry L - Lieutenant
Chappell, William Harlon - Army
Charles, Donald S. Jr. - Navy
Charles, Harry M. - Lieutenant
Cherry, Charlie
Cherry, Earnest
Childers, Jeff P. - Private
Childress, Arthur B. - Private
Childress, Jack M. - Private
Childress, Mack H. - Private
Childress, Norman Falls - Private
Choate, Henry Lee
Chrisman, Allan S. – Doctor, Navy
Christenbury, Allen
Christenbury, Joseph William - Aviation Machinist’s Mate 2nd Class
Christensen, Hans S. - Technical Sergeant
Christie, Robert R.
Christmas, Henry C. Jr. - Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class
Clanton, William Pritchard
Clark, Charles E. - Private 1st Class
Clark, Franklin S.
Clark, Jack H.
Clark, James R. - Airman
Clark, Johnnie - Army
Clark, W. Murray Jr. - Private 1st Class
Clark, William E. - Private 1st Class
Clontz, John H. - Sergeant
Clontz, Juanita M. - Army Nurse
Clum, Gus - Private 1st Class
Cobb, Cecil H. - Navy
Cobb, Max L. - Flight Officer
Coble, George S. Jr. - 1st Lieutenant
Coble, James H.
Cochran, Mack - Private
Cochran, Robert B.
Cochran, William Lafayette
Cochrane, James C. - Private 1st Class
Cochrane, Lawyer
Cole, Elwood - Navy
Coleman, Louis Cardinal
Colerider, Mary Frank
Coles, Richard
Collins, James Eustace Jr.
Collins, Spurgeon L. - Lieutenant
Conder, John P. Jr. - Seaman 1st Class
Conder, Tommy - Seaman 2nd Class
Conley, Charles B.
Connelly, Willard C.
Conner, William S. - Private
Conrad, Eugene B. - Major
Cook, Ernest - Army
Cook, I. M. Jr.
Cook, Thomas M. - Corporal
Cooper, Mark Grier - Army
Cooper, Percy H. - Sergeant
Cooper, Robert L. - Master Sergeant
Cooper, Steve - Navy
Copley, McRae - Gunner’s Mate 3rd Class
Coppala, Charles W. Jr.
Coppala, Edward
Coppala, Wilson - Navy
Corley, Charles B. Jr.
Corley, Myrtie - Women's Army Corps
Cornatzer, James A. - Technical Sergeant
Cornelius, Jr., Forest - Army
Cornell, William S. - Colonel
Correll, Torrence E. - Petty Officer 3rd Class
Corriker, Bill
Corriker, Blalock - 2nd Lieutenant
Corriker, Robert
Cothran, Frank H. - Private 1st Class
Cothran, James C. - Major
Cothran, Samuel A. - Lieutenant Colonel
Covington, Bruce Watkins Pharmacist’s Mate, 3rd Class, Navy, Pacific
Covington, James C. Captain, Army Air Corps pilot
Covington, Fred H. Ensign, Navy pilot
Covington, Vic - Women’s Army Corps
Covington, William T. Jr.
Cowan, Gene - Army
Cowan, George
Coward, Robert Maurice
Cox, Flora - Army Nurse
Cox, James W., Jr. - Lieutenant
Cox, Junior Smith
Cox, Loring D. Talmage, Jr. – Naval Reserve
Crafton, Tommy - Navy
Craig, David J., Jr. - Lt. ( jg), USNR
Craig, John W. - Major
Craig, Morris L. - Private
Craig, Samuel M., Jr. – Private 1st Class
Cramer, Charles W.
Crane, Henry - 1st Lieutenant
Cranford, Dorothy - Army Nurse
Cranford, William R. - Army
Crannell, Mrs. W. H. Jr.
Craven, Frank N. - Corporal
Craven, Kiffin R. - Captain
Crawford, John M. Dr. - Army
Crawford, Kenneth - Seaman, 1st Class
Crawford, William B. Dr - Army
Crawley, Walter G. Jr. - Army Dr.
Crayton, Billie L.
Criminger, William R. Jr.
Crocker, Howard Pipkin
Cronic, H. T. - 2nd Lieutenant
Crotts, Hubert Douglas - Corporal
Crowell, Bert - Army
Crowell, James Claude Jr.
Crowell, Joe Lee - Ship’s Service Man L (Laundry) 3rd Class
Crowell, Johnny O. - Lieutenant
Crowell, Roy C. Jr. - Private 1st Class
Crowell, Sidney A. - Seaman 2nd Class
Croxson, Everett F. Jr. - 1st Lieutenant
Crump, Baxter Olen
Crump, Horace Woodrow - Private
Cullingford, Bert T. - Radioman 3rd Class
Culp, Davidson Simpson
Cump, Thomas K. Jr. - Private 1st Class
Cunningham, Sammie Lee
Curry, George F., Jr. - Gunners Mate 2nd Class
Curry, William O.
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Dalton, Harry McRae, Yeoman 3/C
Dalton, James Gossett, Sergeant
Dalton, Parks Hutchison
Daly, J. Astor Jr. - Sergeant
Daniel, Arthur F. - Ensign
Daniel, Walter Clarence - Lieutenant
Daniels, Joe C. - Petty Officer
Davant, Eugene M. - Pacific
Davenport, H. A. - Sergeant
Davidson, George Donnell Jr.
Davidson, James - Private 1st Class
Davidson, William Ralph - Lieutenant
Davis, Cecil W. - Sergeant
Davis, Clarence Weed - Electrician’s Mate
Davis, Eugene F.
Davis, Herbert Carl
Davis, John Sample Jr. - Master Sergeant
Davis, Tomm - Army
Davis, Whit - Seaman 1st Class
Davis, Wilbert
Davis, William A. - Motor Machinist Mate 3rd Class
Dawkins, Vernon Earl - Seaman 1st Class
Dawkins, William L. - Private
Deal, Garnett Norman Jr. - Private 1st Class
Dean, Billie Ward - Baker 1st Class
Dean, James
Dease, Jack - Private 1st Class
Dease, Samuel L. - Private
Dease, Van W. - Master Sergeant
DeBerry, James - Technical Sergeant
DeCamp, Allen Ledyard - Dr.
Deese, Ervin
Dellinger, Clyde Thomas - Army
Dellinger, Marshall M. - Private 1st Class
Dellinger, Samuel - Army
Denning, Walter S. Dr. - Army
Denton, Beecher Tate Jr.
DeVonde, Jacques S. Jr. - Corporal
Dewease, Calvin - Corporal
DeYoung, Robert M. - Lieutenant
Dickson, William Kenneth
Diehl, Marion – Lieutenant (jg), Navy
Diggs, Andrew Jr.
Diller, Richard Wells
Dillingham, Z. Reed - Army
Dixon, Franklin Parks
Dixon, Melton H. - Staff Sergeant
Dixon, Walter R. Jr.
Doar, Jean P. - Lieutenant
Donaldson, Walter T. - Private 1st Class
Dorton, James - Aviation Metalsmith 2nd Class
Doster, R.C. - Seaman 1st Class
Doubilet, Henry Dr. - Army
Dover, Charles L. - Navy
Dover, Howard - Private 1st Class
Dover, William J. - Navy
Downer, Andrew - Sergeant
Downer, W. E. - Staff Sergeant
Downs, Henry
Driscoll, Richard Hopkins – West Point
Drummond, Arthur Page Jr.
Drye, P. B.
Duckworth, Paul E. - Signalman 3rd Class
Dudley, Edward B., Jr. – Ensign
Dukes, Lee - Navy
Dul(e)s, James Moore - Lieutenant Commander
Dulin, Lee Roy - Army
Dunaway, Howard Yates – S / Sgt., Pacific
Dunaway, Kemp - Ensign
Duncan, Austin - Army
Duncan, Lloyd - Seaman 1st Class
Dunlap, Robert E. - Army
Dunlap, Robert S.
Dunn, Burgess
Dunn, Jackson F. - Lieutenant
Dunn, Mary – Private 1st Class
Dunn, Maurice Beaty
Dunn, Raiford F. - Private
Durham, Edwin V. - Sergeant
Durham, Joseph McLure
Durrence, Eldred W.
Dwelle, John M. - 1st Sergeant
Dwyer, Charles O. Jr. - Sergeant
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Eargle, M. L. Jr. - Technical Sergeant
Early, Albert Terry - Navy
Earp, Walter L. - Navy
Easterling, Ralph – 1st Lt., Army Air Corps, Pacific
Eatman, Otto O'Neil - Corporal, Army Air Corps, European Theater
Eaves, Charles - Sergeant
Eckard, Sara J. - Army Nurse
Eddens, Stephen J.
Edge, Mrs. Kathleen Williams - Women’s Army Corps
Edley, Phillip
Edwards, George T. - Corporal
Edwards, John D. - Sergeant
Eggleston, John F.
Elam, James F.
Ellenburg, John M. - Sergeant
Eller, Velma - Army Nurse
Elliott, James B. - Ensign
Elliott, Randa
Elliott, Robert B., Jr. – Private 1st Class, Engineer
Ellis, John Webster
Ellis, Oscar Neal - Private 1st Class
Elrod, Craig - Captain
Ervin, Joe W. - State Representative
Eskridge, Robert Dixon
Estridge, Johnnie L. - Private 1st Class
Eudy, J. Blanton - Sergeant
Eury, Martin L. - Private 1st Class
Evans, Robert Ernest - Corporal
Evans, Spoffard
Evans, Thomas Clancy Jr.
Evans, William Jr. - Dr., Army
Everett, Charles
Ewing, Bert - Army
Ewing, William Carl - Captain
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Faile, Grady L. - Corporal
Faires, Nick Joe
Faison, Abner Moseley III
Faris, Daniel M.
Farley, Roy
Farmer, Grady Junior - Private
Farmer, Henry E. - Private
Farr, Rosser C. - Staff Sergeant
Farr, Thomas N. – T 3/c, Mediterranean
Farrar, C. H. Jr. - Seaman
Farris, Harold D. - Private 1st Class
Farris, Ray S. – Master Sgt., ETO
Faud, Otis George
Feemster, James
Felts, James R., Jr. – Capt., Italy
Felts, William Lacy – 1st Lt., Marines, Pacific
Ferebee, Tom - Enola Gay Bombardier
Ferguson, Bonnie Frank
Ferguson, Crawford J. - Staff Sergeant
Ferguson, Joe C. - Staff Sergeant
Ferreira, Jake - Navy
Ferreira, Maurice L. - Marines
Ferrell, Herman M. – Private 1st Class
Ferrell, Maurice E. - Navy
Fesperman, Howard F. - Staff Sergeant
Fesperman, Tom - Sergeant
Finch, Jack H. - Steward’s Mate 2nd Class
Fincher, James - Private 1st Class
Fisher, Charles C. Jr. - Army
Fisher, Elvin J. - Sergeant
Fisher, Jack - Corporal
Fisher, James E. - Private
Fisher, Joseph J. - Corporal
Fisher, William F.
Fisher, William Nelson Jr. - Seaman Apprentice
Fite, Charles M. Jr. - Seaman 1st Class
Fleenor, Herbert
Fleidner, Martha G. - Army Nurse
Fleming, Laurence E Dr.
Flenniken, Jack W. - Private 1st Class
Fletcher, James - Army
Flowe, Herbert L. – Staff Sergeant
Flowe, Oscar
Floyd, Hubert - Private
Foard, Charles G.
Foard, Richard - Navy
Folden, Hazel - Navy
Fortune, Lawrence A. - Lieutenant j.g.
Foster, J. B. Jr.
Foster, Jay S. - Navy
Foster, Omer - Army
Fowler, Roy N Jr. - Water Tender 2nd Class
Fowler, William Mundy
Fowlkes, Robert B. Jr. - Navy
Fox, Charles
Frank, Lewis C. - Lieutenant
Frankel, Ernest – Lt., Marines
Freeman, Henry M. - Private
Freeman, James D. - Aviation Ordnanceman 2nd Class
Freeman, Jesse Bryan - Radar Man 2nd Class
Freeman, Ralph
Freese, Robert J. - Private 1st Class
Frieze, William Scott, Jr., - Army
Frodge, J. C. - Private
Frost, John D. Jr. - Commander
Frowein, Paul
Frye, Lucille - Army Nurse
Frye, Sheppard L.
Fryer, Hazel Hernden - Red Cross
Fullbright, Bessie V. - Army Nurse
Fullerton, Jack Emerson
Fulwood, James
Funderburk, Donald Killian
Funderburk, Fred W. - Captain
Funderburk, William H. - 1st Lieutenant
Furr, Joe - Seaman 2nd Class
Furr, Lloyd Brantly - Sergeant
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Gabriel, N. S. - Navy
Gadd, Craig B. – Technical Sergeant
Gailes, Irene - Army Nurse
Gainey, Clyde - Staff Sergeant
Gainey, Melvin - Private
Gaither, James E. - Baker 3rd Class
Gallagher, John Marion - Chief Petty Officer
Galloway, James C. - 1st Lieutenant
Gant, Allen - Private 1st Class
Gardner, Donald Albert
Garren, Howard W.
Garrett, Jesse Waters Jr.
Garrison, James H. Jr. - Navy
Gatlin, Gordon A. - Private 1st Class
Gatlin, Oscar A. - Sergeant
Gay, Charles H. Dr. - Army
Gay, Harold
Gayle, Walter W. Jr. - Corporal
Genin, Francis G. Dr. - Army
Gerber, John H. - Lieutenant Commander
Gibson, Carl
Gibson, Gerald - Aviation Cadet
Gibson, John R.
Gill, David H.
Gill, Jack
Gill, Joseph Russell
Gillard, Henry E. - Private
Gilleland, Elbert A.
Gilleland, J. R. - Army
Gilleland, Ray
Gillie, Howard - Army
Gillis, James
Gilstrap, Sam A. - Private
Givan, Frank M. – Lt., 7th Army, Quartermaster Truck Co.
Gladden, Preston - Army
Glasby, Willie C. - Private 1st Class
Glasco, Clarence
Glasco, Wayne
Glasgow, Douglas - Captain
Glasgow, Sam - Captain
Glenn, John L., Jr. – Captain, Army Infantry
Glenn, Walter L. - Technical Sergeant
Gluck, Earle - Commander
Godfrey, Delton Davidson
Godfrey, Earl D. - Corporal
Godfrey, Howard
Godfrey, P. Vernon Jr.
Godfrey, Ray - Seaman 1st Class
Goforth, Clyde D. Jr. - Captain
Goforth, William S. - Private
Goins, Harry - Private
Goodman, Arthur Jr. - Seaman 2nd Class
Goodman, Charles Richard - Army
Goodman, Ralph E. - Sergeant
Goodson, Elwood K. - Lieutenant Commander
Goodson, Miles G. - Staff Sergeant
Gore, James B. - Seaman Apprentice
Gover, Alex McGarvin - Army Lieutenant
Gowan, Reginald J. - 2nd Lieutenant
Gowdy, Myrtle
Gower, Mary - Army Nurse
Grady, Ernest "Sandy" D. Jr. - Navy
Grady, Ernest D. Sr.
Graham, Eugene B. III
Graham, George, III –Lieutenant, Army
Graham, Reuben H., Jr. – Lt., Pacific
Graham, Robert G. – Staff Sgt.
Grant, Pee Wee - Army
Grass, Mack Herbert Jr. - Sergeant
Grathwohl, Henry Jr.
Gray, Donald Reid - Ensign
Gray, Harrill - Corporal
Green, Buford L. Jr. - Sergeant
Green, Charles L. Jr. - 1st Sergeant
Green, Douglas
Green, Ethel - Army Nurse
Green, John L. Jr. - Private 1st Class
Greene, Jesse Douglas – Army Engineers, 8th Air Force
Greene, Robert F. Jr. - Sergeant
Greene, Wallace M. Jr.
Greg, James W.
Gregory, Eugene R. - Private 1st Class
Gregory, Hazel E. - Army Nurse
Grice, Joe W.
Grier, Charles
Grier, James C. Jr. - Private 1st Class
Grier, John C., Jr. – Doctor, U. S. Coast Guard
Grier, Joseph W. Jr.
Griffin, Albert S. - Corporal
Griffin, Henry – Private 1st Class
Griffin, James C.
Griffin, Leonard F. "Ike" - Army
Griffin, Robert L. - Private 1st Class
Grimes, David L. - Seaman 2nd Class
Griswold, M. E. Jr.
Grosselfinger, Harold W. Dr. - Army
Grubb, O. G. (Reddy) – Navy, Pacific
Guin, Paul - Seaman
Gulledge, J. Earl – Corporal, Army
Gunter, Joe Don
Guy, Kayron - Army Nurse
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Habernicht, Francis - Chief Petty Officer
Hackett, Robert S. - Staff Sergeant
Hackney, Claude J. Jr.
Hackney, Robert
Haddock, Ralph - Chief Petty Officer 1st Class
Hadley, Raymond Britton
Hager, Merle - Army Nurse
Hagler, Bunyen Martin
Hagler, Charles William – Private 1st Class, 20th Infantry
Hagler, Jack L. – Corporal, Army
Hall, Earl P. - 1st Sergeant
Hall, Harrison H. - Private
Hall, Horrace Edward
Halliburton, Ed
Hames, William C. - Sergeant
Hampton, L. Milford - Navy
Hamrick, Eris - Army Nurse
Hamrick, Margaret L. - Army Nurse
Hancock, Witt - Associated Press Reporter
Hand, Frank R.
Hanes, John C. - 1st Lieutenant
Hanson, Edward J. – Major, Army, WW I and WW II
Hardin, John G. Jr.
Harding, Jack
Hargrove, Marion - Sergeant
Harkey, Harold Walker - Lieutenant
Harkey, Henry – Lt. Col., ETO
Harkey, Ralph - Captain
Harkey, Williamson Mack – 1st Marine Division, Pacific
Harman, Margaret Bullard - shell plant worker
Harmon, J. O. – Lt., Quartermaster Base, Charlotte, NC
Harmon, Josephine - Army Nurse
Harney, James N. Dr. - Army
Harris, James D. - Seaman 1st Class
Harris, James J. - Lieutenant Commander
Harris, Marion - Army
Harris, Marshall - Army
Harris, Margaret Louise Hamrick – Nurse, Navy, U. S. and Pacific
Harris, Richard V. - Marines
Hartman, S. B. - Navy
Harton, Bill - Army
Harwell, Robert R. - Private 1st Class
Hassell, Willie
Hasty, James R. - Private
Hatch, Chalmers U.
Hatch, Donald
Hatch, Elizabeth
Hathcock, Bill
Hathcock, Robert L - Navy
Hatley, Clyde W. - Technical Sergeant
Hawes, George Aubrey Dr. - Army
Hawfield, Robert R. - Army
Hay, Ike - Lieutenant Colonel
Hayes, Thomas
Haynes, Roy
Hazolwood, Edward
Heath, Ben, III – Lieutenant (jg), Navy
Heath, Henry
Heath, Wesley - Private
Hefner, Jack B. - Army
Hellinger, J. D.
Helms, Albert Jr.
Helms, Blake Hartsel
Helms, Charles C. - Private
Helms, Chasker T. “Chuck” - Staff Sergeant
Helms, E. V. - Lieutenant
Helms, Earl - Private
Helms, Harvey Z. - Private
Helms, Howard Carter
Helms, Ira T. - Sergeant
Helms, Jess - Carpenter’s Mate 2nd Class
Helms, Kenneth Dillon - Navy
Helms, Ray - Private
Helms, Robert Earl - Navy
Helms, Stephen
Helms, Welden - Navy
Hemphill, Bishop
Henderson, Charles J. - Lieutenant
Henderson, Dallas Morris
Henderson, David H. - Major
Henderson, E. Morris - Corporal
Henderson, Frances - Lieutenant
Henderson, George R. - Rear Admiral
Henderson, Jim - Captain
Henderson, John Richard, Jr. – Naval Reserve
Henderson, Robert O. - Corporal
Henderson, William
Henry, William Ezell
Hentley, Arthur H.
Hersey, John - Time Magazine Correspondent
Hickerson, James J. - Lieutenant
Hicklin, James A. - Sergeant
Hickok, Bernard P. – 1st Lieutenant
Hicks, Imogene - Army Nurse
Hicks, Robert Shields
Highsmith, Eleanor - Army Nurse
Hildreth, John - Seaman 1st Class
Hildreth, Miller – 1st Battalion, B Co., 505th Paracute Infantry, 82nd Airborne Div.
Hill, Arthur Jamison - Pharmacist Mate
Hill, Billie - Army Nurse
Hill, Fred O. - Corporal
Hill, Marvin J. - Private
Hilton, Charles E. - Fireman 1st Class
Hilton, Curtis J. - Machinist’s Mate
Hilton, Marjorie H. - Army Nurse
Hilton, William J. Jr. - Private
Hines, G. W. "Bert"
Hines, Lemuel
Hinson, Billie Roy
Hinson, Charles - Marines
Hinson, Harry C.
Hirschmann, Henry
Hitch, Herbert - Lieutenant Commander
Hobbs, Allen M. - Captain
Hobbs, Vance K. – Ensign, Pacific
Hodges, Joseph H. - Navy
Hogland, Robert J.
Holbrook, Clarence L. - Private
Holbrook, Mabel - Women’s Army Corps
Holbrooks, Willie - Private
Holder, Graham C. - Sergeant
Holder, Robert Lofford
Holland, Margie N.
Hollifield, William E. - Warrant Officer
Holliman, Earl - Sergeant
Holmes, Charles S. - Sergeant
Holmes, Eddie Mason - Jr.
Holton, John
Honeycutt, Fritz - Captain
Honeycutt, H. B. - Staff Sergeant
Honeycutt, James Glenn
Honeycutt, Ralph W. - Private
Honeycutt, Ted - Sergeant
Hood, William L. - Staff Sergeant
Hood, William Milton, Jr. – Sergeant, 5th Div. 28th, Marines, Pacific
Hooks, Thearon G. - Sergeant
Hooper, Harry B. - Electrician’s Mate 1st Class
Hope, William Torrence - Private 1st Class
Hopkins, Glenn W. Jr - Seaman 1st Class
Horn, Weldon
Horne, Alton J. - Private
Horne, Donald R. - Private
Horne, Frank R. - Private
Horne, James G. - Seaman 1st Class
Hough, Bertha - 2nd Lieutenant
Hough, James E. - Private
Hough, James T. Jr. - Lieutenant
House, George A. - Corporal
House, John A. Jr. - Sergeant
House, William C. Jr. - Aviation Ordnanceman B (bombsight mechanic)
Houser, Thomas E. - Private 1st Class
Hovis, Jack - Navy
Howard, George Z. - Staff Sergeant
Howard, Paul B. - Staff Sergeant
Howard, William H. - Army
Howell, Rachel - Army Nurse
Hoyle, Robert Turner - War Dept. Accountant
Hubbard, Donald B. - Major
Hubbard, Henry C.
Hubbell, Joe C. - Coast Guard
Huffstetler, Evans - Private 1st Class
Hughes, Claude R. - Private 1st Class
Hughes, Grady M. - Corporal
Hulse, Herbert B. - Major
Humphries, Don - Sergeant
Humphries, John - Private
Hunt, Carl - Buffalo Soldier
Hunter, Charles - Army
Hunter, Cicero - Army
Hunter, Coyte Jr. - Petty Officer 3rd Class
Hunter, Dallas W. - Lieutenant Commander
Hunter, Ernest B. Jr. - Private 1st Class
Hunter, George Sloan
Hunter, Hazel M. - Army
Hunter, Jack - Army
Hunter, James
Hunter, James Boyce, Jr. – 2nd Lt., Marines
Hunter, Ray - Petty Officer 3rd Class
Hunter, Robert N. – Sergeant
Huntley, Ben – 1st Lt., Air Force
Huntley, Jessie H. Jr. - Technical Sergeant
Huntley, Wilburn E. - Corporal
Hursey, Frank H. - 1st Sergeant
Hursey, Joseph C. - Technician 4th Grade
Hursey, Winnifred Coltharp
Hutchinson, Jasper Byers - Sergeant
Hutchinson, R. S. – Lt. (jg), Navy, Pacific
Hyland, William E.
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Imes, Pat R. Dr. - Army
Inman, Marshall
Ireland, Leonard S. Jr. - Staff Sergeant
Irwin, James H. – Aviation Machinist, 3rd Class Navy
Ivey, George Melvin, Jr. - Lt., USNR
Ivey, William
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Jackson, Mac - Air Corps
Jackson, Samuel
Jackson, Willie
Jacobs, David - Staff Sergeant
Jacobs, Julian E. Dr. - Army
Jacobson, Wyman E. Dr. - Army
James, Harvey Walter - Sergeant
James, Joseph
Jamison, James Randolph Jr. - Corporal
Jamison, Johnny – T-5
Jefferson, Hubert - Petty Officer 2nd Class
Jeffries, James Warren - Air Corps
Jenkins, Fred Cline - Army
Jenkins, Jasper T. - Lieutenant
Jenkins, John L. - Major
Jenkins, Paul R. - Private
Jenkins, Thomas A.
Jeter, D. D. – Reserve Calvary Captain and active duty, Army
Johnson, Alton
Johnson, Beatrice - Nurse
Johnson, Bill - Staff Sergeant
Johnson, Bob - Lieutenant
Johnson, Girleen - Corporal
Johnson, Lloyd M. - Sergeant
Johnston, Cecil - Private 1st Class
Johnston, Harry S. Jr.
Johnston, James - Pharmacist Mate 1st Class
Johnston, John M., Jr. - Private
Johnston, Lindsay L. - QMC
Johnston, Oscar Mark
Johnston, William O. Dr. - Army
Jones, Eddie E. Jr.
Jones, Edwin L. Jr. - Lieutenant
Jones, James Henry to Jones, James Henry – Staff Sergeant
Jones, Lemuel Bert - Army
Jones, O. Hunter - Captain
Jones, William R. - 1st Lieutenant
Jordan, James
Jordan, Julian
Jordan, Plummer Y. Jr. - Private 1st Class
Josephs, Alex R. - Captain
Justice, Sam
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Kahn, Edwin L. – Sergeant, Europe
Kanipe, Dail S. – T-5
Karres, Andy M. – S 2/c
Kavanaugh, William P. Dr. - Army
Keesler, Lenoir Chambers Sr.
Keller, Winfred - Technical Sergeant
Kelley, Pat Jr.
Kelley, Walter
Kendall, Frank - Navy
Kendrick, Vaiden B. - Major 38th Evac.
Kennington, James E. - Lieutenant
Kenyon, John R. – Ensign, Pacific
Kerr, Edwin Miller – Aviation Ord., 2nd Class, Navy
Ketchie, J. M. - Army Captain
Ketner, Bernard O. - Sergeant
Kiker, Jimmie - Navy
Kiker, Tony
Kiker, William T. - Staff Sergeant
Killough, Russell L. - Army
Kimble, Bobbie L. - Air Force
Kimbrell, Clyde Banks - Jr.
Kimbrell, J. A. - 1st Lieutenant
Kimmons, Harold A. - Sergeant
King, David Leonard – Army, Corporal and Crew Chief, B-24, 13th Squadron, AAF, Pacific
King, Henrietta - Army Nurse
King, Kenneth J. - Corporal
King, Mack H. Jr. - Corporal
King, Parks Jr.
King, William D. - Private 1st Class
Kinley, Billy - Army
Kinley, Robert Lee - Corporal
Kinmon, George H. Jr. - Lieutenant
Kinmon, Philip R. - Staff Sergeant
Kirkley, Cleo - Navy
Kirkpatrick, J. Parks Jr.
Kirkpatrick, Thomas L., Jr. – Major, 3rd Army, Europe
Kirkpatrick, William - Private
Kiser, Harry W. - Sergeant
Kiser, Ralph W. - Major
Kissiah, Robert T. - Sergeant
Klutts, Boyce R. - Technical Sergeant
Klutts, Patrick Henry - Seaman 2nd Class
Klutz, Frank J. - Sergeant
Knebel, Herman
Knight, Aubrey H. - Technician 5th Grade
Knight, Charles H. - Corporal
Knight, Lewis Buck - Private 1st Class
Konemann, Charles F. - Sergeant
Koon, Frank D. - Army
Kornegay, Robert C., Jr. – Private 1st Class
Kramer, Earl Thurman Jr.
Kuester, Clarence O., Sr. – Sergeant, 38th Evac Hospital
Kuester, Faison - 1st Sergeant
Kyaw, Edward
Kyaw, William Charles - Private
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Lafferty, John Ogden - 1st Lieutenant
Lagna, Joseph J.
Lamback, Charles H. - Captain
Lambert, Roy J. - Private 1st Class
Lambeth, Charles E. – Commander, WW I and WW II
Lambeth, Walter, Jr. – Lieutenant, Army
Lampke, Donald Bernard
Land, Edward Champion Jr.
Lands, Edward E. – Navy, Pacific
Langston, Bobo - Lieutenant
Larsen, John R. - Staff Sergeant, Pacific
Lassiter, Hanes - Lieutenant j.g.
Latimer, Edwin P. - Major
Lazar, Clemontine - Army Nurse
Lazenby, Avery - Army
Leary, Charles Donald - Army
LeClerc, Jean N. - Dr. Army
Ledford, John W. - Private
Lee, Eddie
Lee, Robert Edward
Leeper, Melvin Waddell
Leonard, Joe
Leonard, William P. Jr. - Dr. Army
Levi, James Cobb Jr.
Liggett, Harry H. - Staff Sergeant
Ligon, S. Cater
Liles, William Jackson - Mail Specialist 2nd Class
Lindenstruth, H. J.
Lindow, Milo W. - Major
Lindsay, Harry R.
Lindsay, James M. – Sergeant, 4th Div., Marines, Pacific
Lineburger, Louis - Staff Sergeant
Lingle, Emily B. - Army Nurse
Lipford, W. B. - Sergeant
Lippard, Eugene - Sergeant
Lisk, Dick - Corporal
Lisk, Milton - Private 1st Class
Little, Cleo
Little, Jackson C. - Sergeant
Little, Marvin D. - Lieutenant
Little, Mike - Sergeant
Lively, Paul
Lloyd, Stella S. - Army Nurse
Lobdell, Hugh – Major, Army, Europe
Locklair, Wriston H.
London, Alvin A. - Captain
London, John B. – Lieutenant Commander, Navy
Long, Knox - Captain
Long, Robert H.
Love, Frank T. - Technical Sergeant
Love, Harry L. - Private
Love, Marvin - Seaman
Lovelace, Kenneth Lee
Lowe, David A.
Lowe, Thomas
Lowman, Thomas D. - Private 1st Class
Lowrance, Bomar Arp - Lieutenant
Lowrance, Frank S. - Lieutenant
Lowrance, Treva - Army Nurse
Lucas, Charles D. - Seaman 1st Class
Lunday, Robert Frank - Army
Lyles, Henry - Sergeant
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MacDonald, H. M. - Captain
MacInnes, Angus Jr. - Navy
MacKorell, Jacob S. Jr. - Captain
MacNeill, John C.
Maer, Stanley - Major
Mahaffey, Lester Neal - Army
Major, James H. – 1st Lieutenant
Mangum, Brown A.
Mangum, Carl S. - Sergeant Major
Mann, Dalton Miller - Lieutenant
Manus, Donald Lee Sr - Air Force
Marks, Ray H.
Marley, Samuel J. Jr. - Captain
Marley, William M. - Corporal
Marshall, Marie - Army Nurse
Marshall, Mildred Taylor
Martin, Cecil E. - Aviation Machinist Mate 2nd Class
Martin, Crawford
Martin, George D. - 1st Lieutenant
Martin, Loyce Joe - Petty Officer 3rd Class
Martin, Marion
Martin, Max - Seaman
Martin, N.Clark - Navy
Martin, Roby - Private
Martin, Vito - Army
Martin, W. Francis Dr. - Army
Martin, Wesley
Martin, William N. - Private
Mason, Wally
Massey, Benjamin B. - Private
Massey, Benjamin F. - Ship Fitter 3rd Class
Massey, Rawlinson
Matheson, Gordon G. - Lieutenant Commander
Matthews, David McGill - Sergeant
Matthews, George Franklin - Seaman 1st Class
Matthews, Reuben O. - Staff Sergeant
Matthews, William C. Dr - Army
Matthews, William Siler Jr.
Mauldin, Hazel - Army Nurse
Mayes, James C. - 1st Sergeant
Mayhue, James Clyde - Navy
McAlpine, Tom E. Jr. - Lieutenant
McAnulty, Zeb - Corporal
McArthur, Arthur Lee III
McArthur, Robert B. - Lieutenant
McAtee, Azel V. - Army Nurse
McAteer, Harold T. - Staff Sergeant
Mccachren, James R. - Navy Lieutenant
McCachran, W. H. “Bill” – Lt., Navy
McCain, Ruby E. - Army Nurse
McCall, Cyrus Taylor
McCall, David J. "Jim" - Navy
McCall, George M. - Private
McCall, Jack W. - Private 1st Class
McCall, Robert E. Jr. - Army Dr.
McCall, Tom - Army
McCann, Charles Joseph
McCann, J. C. - Corporal
McCarty, George S. Jr. - Seaman 1st Class
McClain, Herbert
McClanahan, John B. - Lieutenant
McClellan, Carl - Seaman 2nd Class
McClellan, Robert Franklin
McClelland, James Myron - Army
McClelland, John R. - Lieutenant
McClintock, John B.
McClintock, Latimer Jr.
McClintock, B. Gales Jr.
McClure, Robert Warren
McCorkle, John - Private
McCorkle, Ralph E. - Sergeant
McCorkle, William H. - Lieutenant
McCoy, Ralph A. - Private 1st Class
McCrary, Charles E. - Staff Sergeant
McCray, D. W.
McCready, Jack T. - Lieutenant
McCrory, Seaborn M. Jr. - 1st Lieutenant
McCuen, Roy L. Jr. - Corporal
McCulloch, William A. - Corporal
McCullough, James A.
McCurry, Cornell
McCutchen, Carl
McDonald, Angus Monk - Commander
McDonald, Curtis L. - Technical Sergeant
McDonald, James Allen
McDonald, John R. - Technical Sergeant
McDowell, Robert E. Jr. - Captain
McFarland, John C. - Private 1st Class
McGinnis, Joe
McGinnis, Ted R.
McGirk, Eddie
McGowan, Dempsey Ernest - Fireman 1st Class
McGrath, Frank B. Dr. - Army
McGraw, James P. - Seaman
McHam, R. C. Jr. - Private 1st Class
McInnes, Robert C. - Navy Ensign
McIntyre, Sandy
McKee, Nash D. - Sergeant
McKeel, Charles B. “Sandy” - Private 1st Class
McKeown, Anderson B. - 1st Lieutenant
McKeown, H. W. - Army
McKinnon, Bill - Army
McKinnon, D. Clell - Corporal
McKinnon, Joseph A. - Apprentice Seaman
McLaney, Joseph W. Jr.
McLaughlin, Calvin S. Jr. - Army Dr.
McLaughlin, Harry D. – Private 1st Class
McLaughlin, James Brice – Private, Infantry, Army
McLawhorn, Thomas
McLendon, Robert Lewis - Private
McLeod, Arch Max - Private 1st Class
McLeod, Eugene Jr. - Marines
McManus, Ben – Marines
McManus, George Willis Jr. - Army
McManus, Jackson
McMehan, Grady Herbert
McNeely, James - 1st Lieutenant
McNeil, Alan H. - 2nd Lieutenant
McRae, Charles
McRorie, Clifford F. - Electronics Technician 1st Class
McSwain, Dennis B. - Private 1st Class
McSweeney, Miles E. - 1st Lieutenant
Meador, Cardwell - Army
Means, Lawson
Mebane, Prof. William Nelson, Jr. – atomic bomb research
Medearis, William F. Dr. - Army
Medlin, Leonard - Seaman 1st Class
Medlin, Thomas E. - Sergeant
Meeks, Robert F. Jr. - Corporal
Melton, Tom
Melvin, Christina S. - Army Nurse
Mendler, John Lewis Jr. - Army
Merritt, Harry A. - Major
Merritt, Jack
Metts, Sara Frances - Army Nurse
Meyer, Ted - Lieutenant
Middleton, James A.
Milam, Jack M. - Lieutenant
Miles, Alva M. - Technical Sergeant
Miller, Albert S. “Pete” - Seaman 2nd Class
Miller, Billy Robert - Army
Miller, Earl H. - Private 1st Class
Miller, Frances S. - Army Nurse
Miller, Frank Thomas Jr. - Captain
Miller, John E. - Captain
Miller, Henry E. - Private
Miller, J. C. - Technician 5th Grade
Miller, J. R.
Miller, Leon - Navy
Miller, Paul - Sergeant
Miller, Ray Thomas - Corporal
Miller, Robert Brice – Army Air Corps
Miller, Robert P. Dr. - Army
Miller, Vernon H. Jr.
Miller, William P. – Private 1st Class
Mills, Jessie William - Private
Mills, Joel R. - Lieutenant j.g.
Mills, William
Milstead, Andrew D. – Lieutenant, Navy
Mingus, Garland J. - Private
Mitchell, Martha P. - 1st Lieutenant
Mitchell, Marvin M. - Storekeeper 3rd Class
Mitchell, Raymond M. "Jack" Jr. - Major
Mitchell, T. J. - Corporal
Mizelle, Margaret - Army Nurse
Mobley, Ezekiel
Modlin, Bain - Private
Moeller, Robert Henry Jr. - Army
Monroe, Stokes Jr. - Army Dr.
Monteith, Dowd C. - Navy
Monteleone, Joseph Dr. - Army
Montgomery, Alexander
Montgomery, John C. - Captain
Montieth, Horace Elliott
Montieth, Horace Elliott
Mooney, Lee M. - Marines
Moore, Alfred
Moore, Charles Dwight - Corporal
Moore, Clyde Edward - Army
Moore, Dorothy Y. - Army Nurse
Moore, Fred - Private
Moore, George Ivey Jr. - Technical Sergeant
Moore, Howard Wilson - Pharmacist Mate 3rd Class
Moore, Joseph Hunter
Moore, Kenneth Robbins - Sergeant
Moore, Leo - Private
Moore, Richard T. - Private
Moore, Robert Brevard - Commander
Moore, Ronald E. - Corporal
Moore, William C. - Private
Morgan, Ernest M. - Major
Morgan, Fletcher B. - Captain
Morgen, Edward F. - Lieutenant Colonel
Morris, Jack R. - Aviation Machinist 2nd Class
Morris, John Henry
Morris, Laura E. - Army Nurse
Morris, Luther Newton
Morrison, Robert Hall Jr. - Major
Morrow, Fred J. - Corporal
Morton, Faye - Technician 5th Grade
Morton, Fred S. III - Lieutenant
Morton, Herman
Morton, John Henry – Navy, Seaman 1st Class
Morton, John J. Jr. - Army
Moser, Charles Beverly
Moser, Lawson D.
Moser, Robert E. - Private 1st Class
Moser, Robert H. - Private 1st Class
Moss, Eddie - Lieutenant
Moss, James Snowden
Moss, William J. - Master Sergeant
Moyle, Clifton Gallant – Chemical Warfare Division, Army, Philippines and Japan
Moyle, Jack - Aviation Machinist's Mate 1st Class
Moyle, John Charles McAllister - Radioman 2nd Class
Moyle, Mack - Radioman's Mate 2nd Class
Mozeley, Henry T. – Sgt., Army, Radio Operator, Troop Carrier Squadron, Southwest Pacific
Muller, Kurt E.
Mullican, Charles S. - Corporal
Mullis, Charles E. - Seaman 1st Class
Mullis, Hurbert Johnie
Mullis, John H. - Lieutenant
Mullis, Ray D. - Private
Mullis, Vance Condary Jr.
Mullis, Walter T. - Corporal
Mullis, William Andrew
Munroe, Colin A. Dr. - Army
Munroe, Henry Stokes Jr. - Major
Murphy, Edward. F. Jr. - Captain
Murphy, Joe - Private 1st Class
Murrill, Hugh A. - Colonel
Musche, Charles - Sergeant
Myers, Charles F. Jr. - Lieutenant
Myrick, Luther W. - Staff Sergeant
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Nance, Envoy F. - Staff Sergeant
Nance, Hoyt F. - 1st Lieutenant
Nance, Thomas Ray - Electrician’s Mate 3rd Class
Nance, William E. - Staff Sergeant
Nash, H. Boyd - Navy
Nash, John Raymond Jr. - Staff Sergeant
Naumoff, Philip - Captain
Neely, John S. - Private
Nelson, Charles S. – Lt., (jg), Pacific
Nipper, Helen M. - Technician 5th Grade
Nipper, William M. - Private
Nisbet, Thomas G. – Captain, 36th Division
Nixon, Robert Edgar - Navy
Noell, Hugh Jr. - Air Corps
Nolan, Lonnie E. - Corporal
Norket, Jay W. - Gunner’s Mate 3rd Class
Norman, Howard W. - Coxswain
Norment, Cecil - Lieutenant jg
Norsworthy, Thomas Wardlaw Jr. - Navy
Norwood, Margaret - Army Nurse
Nossar, James J. - Sergeant
Nourse, Robert - Navy
Novich, Max - Captain
Nowacki, Stanley M. Dr. - Army
Nowlin, Preston - Lieutenant Commander
Nunn, Loften - Army
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O’Herron, Edward M., Jr. – Captain, Pacific
O’Kelley, Joseph C. – Lt., 31st AAFTTC
O’Neal, Roy - Ensign
O’Shields, Hurl E. “Buck”
Oates, Mildren - Women’s Army Corps
Oautaw, W. H. - Private
Obston, Overburt B. Jr.
Odom, Arrie Ozel – S2c V6 USNR SV
Odom, Ray Harvey - Navy
Oliver, James William - Shipfitter 1st Class
Orr, Mark T. - Army Corporal
Ormond, John O. Jr.
Osborne, Wallace S. - Lieutenant
Overcash, Floyd (Ray) - Staff Sergeant
Overcash, Omer - Navy
Overton, E. Monroe - civilian POW
Owen, Andrew F.
Owens, Kenneth D. - Sergeant
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Pace, Frank
Padgett, Chester - Army
Padgett, Rex - Army German Shepherd
Page, Leroy L.
Page, Robert C., Jr. – Y3/c, Navy, Pacific
Page, T. N.
Palmer, John L. - 1st Lieutenant
Parker, Edna M. - Army Nurse
Parker, Elmer - Army
Parker, Ernest - Navy
Parker, Haskell - Army
Parker, James H.
Parker, John J. - Judge
Parker, Milton - Air Corps
Parker, Newell
Parker, William M. – Staff Sergeant
Parker, Wm. T., Jr. – Navy, Hospital Apprentice, 1st Class
Parks, Livingston
Parnell, Tony
Paschall, Tom W.
Patterson, Charles W.
Patterson, H. Buford Jr.
Patterson, Vernon W. - Corporal
Patterson, Virgil V. - Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class
Patterson, Virgil M.
Patton, Debois
Patton, Joseph C. Jr. - 1st Lieutenant
Paty, Charles Malvern Jr. - Radioman 2nd Class
Paxton, John, Jr. - Sergeant
Payne, Joseph T. Dr. - Army
Peabody, E. Bruce - Army
Pearce, Joe C. - Private 1st Class
Pearson, Nathan A. - Lieutenant Commander
Pease, Norman J. - Colonel
Peck, R. W. - Army
Peele, Ernest E. - Sergeant
Pegram, Martha E. - Army Nurse
Pegram, Robert Reese
Pennell, Edward B. - Private 1st Class
Pennington, William H. Dr. - Army
Pepper, Morris Julius “ Doc” – U. S. O.
Pergamo, Paul J. - Captain
Perry, Ava L. - Army Nurse
Perry, Claud W. Jr. - Army Dr.
Perry, Ernest
Perry, Glenn G. Dr. - Army
Perry, James V. - Technical Sergeant
Perryman, Olin C. Dr. - Army
Peterson, Cameron L. - Sergeant
Peterson, Jack C. - Seaman 2nd Class
Peterson, Mrs. M. W. – Chairman of the Supply Div., 1945 Red Cross War Fund Drive
Petrie, James L. - Lieutenant
Pettice, Hazel Rogers
Pettus, Carl - Sergeant
Pfaehler, Richard Jr.
Pharr, Jones Y. Jr.
Phifer, Marvin
Philemon, H. G. – Private 1st Class
Philemon, Mack – Seaman, Navy, Pacific
Philemon, Paul - Navy
Philipps, Atma F. Jr.
Phillips, Conrad - Private 1st Class
Pierce, R. A. - Master Sergeant
Pigg, C. C. - Master Sergeant
Pinson, Walter E. - Sergeant
Pistole, Robert
Pitser, Harold L. - Major
Pittman, Charles “Sam” - Army
Pitts, C. E. - Seaman 2nd Class
Pitts, William R. - Major
Plair, Harold
Plummer, R. J.
Plummer, Woodrow Wilson - Army
Plyler, Morris - Gunners Mate 3rd Class
Poe, Albert - Staff Sergeant
Pogue, K. D. S. - Captain
Polites, Lee - Staff Sergeant
Pomper, Irving Dr. - Army
Poole, Ernest - Army
Poole, Ernest E. Jr.
Poole, Harry E. - Master Sergeant
Pope, Benford A. - Army
Pope, Charles Baxter - Aviation Mechanic
Pope, Clarence Abram - Private 1st Class
Pope, Claude F. - Captain
Pope, James F. - Private
Porter, Brown L. “Speck” - Army
Porter, Charles B. Dr. - Army
Porter, James R. - Major
Porter, Lucy G. - Army Nurse
Porter, Richard B. - 1st Lieutenant
Porter, Willie
Posey, Hester Washington - Army
Postelle, J. M. - Gunners Mate 3rd Class
Postelle, Tommy W. - Private
Poston, Willie
Poteat, Charles
Potts, Betty M. - Army Nurse
Potts, John
Powell, Frank T. - Army
Powers, John S. Dr. - Army
Prause, John J. - Major
Preslar, Leighton W. - Private
Preslar, Worth Benjamin – Seaman 1st Class, Navy
Pressley, Carl K. - Private 1st Class
Pressley, Claude Ervin – Corporal
Pressley, Henry F.
Pressley, Lawrence Ed. - Corporal
Pressley, Lester Ray - Private 1st Class
Price, JO or LG? - Staff Sergeant
Pridgen, Jack Jr. - Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class
Pridgen, Vernon - Fireman 1st Class
Pridgen, Wilbur - Seaman 2nd Class
Priest, Leroy - Private 1st Class
Primm, Ray J. - Corporal
Prioleau, John Henry
Pritchard, John Gordon - Army
Privette, Herman W. - Aviation Radioman 3rd Class
Privette, J. M. - Corporal
Privette, Kenneth M. - Private 1st Class
Privette, Walter B. - Seaman 1st Class
Proslar, Roy Julius
Pruitt, Robert L. - Private
Prunty, Robert W.
Pugh, George E. Dr. - Army
Purdy, Charles I. Dr. - Army
Purser, Vance
Putnam, James M. - Technician 4th Grade
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Qualls, Walter T.
Query, Leonard Griffin - Air Force
Query, Richard Z. Jr. - Army Dr.
Quinn, John William
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Rabb, Raymond A. - Technical Sergeant
Radusin, Bessie - Pharmacist’s Mate 2nd Class
Ragin, James
Raley, Miller Jr. - Army
Raley, Truman - Captain
Ramsey, Calvin - Army
Ramsey, Charles - Army
Ramsey, David L. - Lieutenant Colonel
Ramsey, Edward B. - Technical Sergeant
Ramsey, W. E. III
Randall, Fred W. - Sergeant
Ranson, J. Oliver – Lt. (jg), Navy Air Corps
Ranson, John L. – Captain, Marine Corps, Europe
Ranson, Robert Query – Lieutenant, Navy, Pacific
Ranson, W. E. Jr. - Technical Sergeant
Rash, Marvin C. - Pharmacist’s Mate 1st Class
Rasmussen, Earl Dr. - Army
Ray, Marvin - Lieutenant
Raymer, Jack L. Dr. - Army
Rea, Latham W. - Lieutenant
Reavis, Garland
Redmon, James - Private 1st Class
Redmon, Thomas T. - Coxswain
Reeves, Jones B. Jr. - Staff Sergeant
Regans, Thomas E. – Staff Sergeant, Air Corps, Europe
Reid, Arthur Lee - Seaman 1st Class
Reid, Jack L. - Staff Sergeant
Reid, James R. Jr. - Gunner's Mate 3rd Class
Reid, Jennings B. - Chaplain
Reid, Lola Carolyn – Lieutenant (jg), USNR
Reid, Ralph
Reid, William Gordon - 1st Sergeant
Reinhardt , A. Ray - Private 1st Class
ReQua, Eugene M., Jr. - Corporal
Revels, Mack, Jr. – Private 1st Class
Revels, Roy V. - Staff Sergeant
Rhodes, T. R. Jr. - Lieutenant
Rhyne, Mary E - Army Nurse
Rhyne, Robert
Rice, Muriel - Army Nurse
Richards, Gordon S.
Richardson, George E. Jr. - Captain
Richardson, Samuel
Ridout, William P. Jr - Electrician's Mate 3rd Class
Rigney, Claude Johnnie
Riley, Harold - Staff Sergeant
Ringsmuth, Johny - Sergeant
Rippy, Leon - Corporal
Ritch, Charles F. - Private 1st Class
Ritch, Grady - Private
Ritch, Julius - Private
Ritch, Willis - Private
Ritchie, Charles A. - Lieutenant Colonel
Rivenbark, Ernest - Private
Rives, George P. Jr. - Captain
Rizzo, Glenn D. - Corporal
Roach, Jack W. - Seaman 1st Class
Robbins, Haywood - Lieutenant Commander
Roberts, Ed Sr. - Sergeant
Roberts, Littleton S. Jr. - Army
Roberts, Littleton S. - Army
Roberts, Marion Nesbit – Shipfitter, Navy, Pacific
Robinson, Bland H., Jr. - Sergeant
Robinson, John M., Jr. – Lieutenant (jg), Navy, Pacific
Robinson, Macabe - Navy
Robinson, Monroe - Captain
Robinson, O’Dell William
Robinson, Walter S. Jr. - Captain
Robinson, William S. - Navy
Rochester, Charles P. - Sergeant
Roddey, James - Navy
Rodman, Eddie - Sergeant
Rogers, Carl Franklin - Army
Rogers, J. T. - Private
Rorie, James Marshall – Infantry, Army
Rorie, Raymond - Army Medic
Rosich, John E. - Private
Ross, Charles B. Jr. - Lieutenant
Ross, Frank
Ross, James M. - Navy
Ross, N. O. - Lieutenant
Ross, Ralph Frank - Corporal
Ross, Robert G. Jr.
Ross, Thomas Dr. - Army
Ross, John Phelps
Rountree, Albert C. Jr. - 2nd Lieutenant
Rowe, George C. Dr. - Army
Royall, James G. - Army
Rudder, William Fred
Rudisill, R. Mack - Seaman 2nd Class
Rushing, Jack - Sergeant
Russe, J. L.
Russell, George Wilson
Russell, Lela O. - Army Nurse
Russell, Ralph L. - Private
Russel, Roy L. - Sergeant
Russell, Walter A. Dr. - Army
Russel, Whary Lee
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Sadler, James C. - Technical Sergeant
Salem, Edward N. - Seaman 1st Class
Samonds, John M. Jr. - Lieutenant
Sanders, Henry C. - Seaman 1st Class
Sanders, James A. - Private
Sanders, James L. - Army
Sanders, Marion
Sanders, Wade P. - 2nd Lieutenant
Sandifer, Paul
Sanger, Paul W. - Lieutenant Colonel
Satterfield, Steven McClain - Army
Sauls, H. Austin Jr.
Saunders, Guy Thompson Jr. - Yeoman 3rd Class
Saunders, L. M. - Major
Saunders, R. L. - Navy
Sawyer, Carl - Private 1st Class
Sawyer, Roma M. - Private
Schirmer, Robert H. Dr. - Army
Schneider, Joseph - Air Force
Scholl, George S. - Private
Schwartz, James - Private
Scruggs, Summey A.
Sealey, Joe - Seaman 2nd Class
Searcey, Frank - Navy
Sease, Eugene J. - Corporal
Sebrell, J. Emmett – Lt. (jg); Pacific
Sechrest, James Murphy - Motor Machinist’s Mate 2nd Class
Sells, D. R. - Staff Sergeant
Sellers, William T., III – Staff Sergeant
Senter, Marie - Yeoman 3rd Class
Setzer, Joseph C. - Lieutenant
Shannon, Edward - Air Corps
Shannon, Walter B. - Corporal
Shannonhouse, James M. – Lt. Commander, Navy
Sharpe, Albert – Co. F, 120th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division
Sharpe, James W. Jr. - 2nd Lieutenant
Shaver, Samuel G.
Shaw, Benny - Private
Shaw, Victor Jr. - Lieutenant
Shelton, Reuben Clifton, Jr. - Private
Shepherd, W. Scott – Lieutenant., USNR
Sherard, Charles M. Jr. - Seaman 2nd Class
Sherrill, Frank O. Jr. - Private 1st Class
Sherrill, Nicolas J. Jr. - Corporal
Shields, William - Lieutenant
Shirah, William G. - Sergeant
Shoaf, Edwin H.
Shoe, Mildred - Women’s Army Corps
Shoemaker, Basil - Seaman 2nd Class
Shoemaker, Johnnie - Army
Shook, F. H. - Lieutenant
Shore, Bert L.
Shore, Herschel A.
Short, Glenn
Shoup, Ellen M. - Sergeant
Shouse, Thomas Carl - Army
Shu, Fred W. - 1st Lieutenant
Shue, Coy A. - Corporal
Shue, George F. - Staff Sergeant
Shue, Ira - Private
Shuman, Nicholas O’Brien - Aviation Machinist’s Mate 1st Class
Shuman, W. P. Jr. - Midshipman
Shumate, Gene Jr. - Captain
Sidle, Winant - Major
Sigmon, Arthur - Electrician’s Mate
Sikes, Harvey A. - Seaman 2nd Class
Simmons, Hazel A. - 2nd Lieutenant
Simons, Wilson - Sergeant
Simpson, Charles R. – Private 1st Class
Simpson, Ernest - Corporal
Simpson, Eugene W. - Motor Machinist’s Mate 2nd Class
Simpson, Hartsell S. - Staff Sergeant
Simpson, Hazel – Navy, 7th Fleet (partially)
Simpson, I. G.
Simpson, Lura - Yeoman 3rd Class
Simpson, Ramona - Seaman
Simpson, Ray
Simpson, Richard W. - Captain
Simpson, Wallace W. - Lieutenant Colonel
Simpson, William Hoover
Simril, Robert W. - Private 1st Class
Sims, E. C. - Seaman 2nd Class
Sims, James
Sims, Jimmie
Sims, Richard J. - Private 1st Class
Sinclair, George Thomas Jr - Chief Petty Officer
Siskron, Harry C. - Quartermaster
Siskron, Herbert E. - Sergeant
Sizemore, Archie C. - Gunners Mate 2nd Class
Sizemore, Marvin Paul - Private 1st Class
Skerry, Robert A. - Lieutenant
Skidmore, William Carl
Slater, Victor J. - Technical Sergeant
Sledge, Elinor - Women’s Army Corps
Sloan, Edward W. - Navy
Sloan, Frank Jr. - Army
Small, Polly - Women’s Army Corps
Smathers, Oda A - Master Sergeant
Smith, Bill - Private
Smith, Buddy - Navy
Smith, Charles Samuel - Jr.
Smith, Charlie L.
Smith, David B.
Smith, David Woodrow
Smith, Floyd R. - Private 1st Class
Smith, George - Sergeant
Smith, Harry - Lieutenant
Smith, Huit S. - 1st Lieutenant
Smith, Jimmy - Private 1st Class
Smith, Joseph D. Jr.
Smith, Lloyd W. - Technician 4th Grade
Smith, Marvin B. - Technician 5th Grade
Smith, Mary E. - Army Nurse
Smith, Paul W. - 1st Lieutenant
Smith, Raymond - Private
Smith, Samuel V.
Smith, Samuel W.
Smith, William Griswold – 2nd Lt., 8th Army Air Corps
Smith, Will J. - Private
Smith, William L. - Captain
Smith, William L. – Captain, AAF
Smith, Woodrow - Seaman 1st Class
Sneed, Paul - Corporal
Sneed, Pete - Navy
Snyder, Bruce W., Jr. – Staff Sgt., A. A. F. band
Snipes, Colie - Private
Snyder, George C. - Major
Snyder, J. E. “Jake” – Lieutenant (jg)
Solomon, Ardery - Navy
Somers, Benjamin F. - Warrant Officer
Sossomon, D. C. – Sergeant, Army
Sotirion, George A. Dr. - Army
Sowell, Herbert N. - Private 1st Class
Spear, Warren Howard - Lieutenant Colonel
Speer, David S. Dr. - Army
Spence, Thomas
Springs, Joseph T. - 1st Lieutenant
Sprouse, Manuel Charlie
Spurlin, Jack H. - Private 1st Class
Spurrier, E. L. - Army
Stacks, Joseph M. - Aviation Machinist's Mate 2nd Class
Stacy, J. Lindsay
Stancill, John L. Jr. - Staff Sergeant
Starnes, Calvin Ray - Army
Starnes, Dayton A. - Lieutenant Colonel
Starnes, James Leon – Coxswain (T), Navy, Pacific
Starnes, William Hillard – Seaman, 1st Class, Navy
Starnes, Woodrow Wilson - Army
Staten, James
Staton, Billy D. - Private
Staton, Clarence O. - Chief Radioman
Staton, James - Army
Steel, Charles L. - Colonel
Steele, Burton H. - Navy
Stegall, Billy W.
Stegall, Carrie - Yeoman 1st Class
Stegall, Joe W. - Private
Steinberg, Bob
Stephens, George A. – pilot, Army Air Corps
Stephens, George A. – Sergeant, Army Air Corps
Stephens, Louis Jr. - Navy
Stephens, Robert C. - Private 1st Class
Stephenson, Clifford
Stepp, Jessie F.
Stevens, Curtis Jr. - Cook 3rd Class
Stewart, Earl W. - Sergeant
Stewart, Ivey W. Jr. - Army
Stewart, James - Seaman 2nd Class
Stewart, John F. - Army
Stewart, William - Army
Stewart, William G. - Navy
Stickley, Sidney S. - Seabee
Stilwell, Donald B. - Captain
Stilwell, Robert L. - Staff Sergeant
Stinson, Jack T. - Lieutenant
Stirewalt, Hazel B.
Stith, Robert B. Dr. - Army
Stitt, Eugene
Stogner, Francis B. - Yeoman 3rd Class
Stokes, Gene M. - Staff Sergeant
Stokes, James A. Jr.
Stokes, Robert F.
Stokes, William C.
Stone, Edward E. Sr. - Private 1st Class
Stone, Eugene - Private
Stone, Walter V. - Army Dr.
Stover, Elbert
Stover, Lloyd - Private
Stowe, Mrs. Harry R. - Draft Board clerk
Strate, Charlie - Private 1st Class
Stratford, Willie
Strawn, Harrell G. - Staff Sergeant
Strawn, Robert Earl - Ensign
Stringfellow, Earl - Corporal
Strong, Clyde
Strong, J. M.
Strong, Leroy Sylvester - Warrant Officer
Stroud, Gerson - Supply Sergeant
Stroupe, Vance R. - Private 1st Class
Stuart, W. P.
Stutts, Wallace Durand
Suddreth, John Henry – Navy, Pacific
Suggs, Clarence K.
Sullivan, Maurice - Army
Sullivan, Richard Edward - Lieutenant Colonel
Summerville, Charles William - Army
Surratt, Jean G. - Aviation Cadet
Suther, John H. - Lieutenant
Sutton, Howard W. - Lieutenant
Swearngan, Franklin Arthur – Staff Sgt.
Swearngan, Nalle - Navy
Sweatt, Henry B. - Army
Swift, Henry
Swindler, Robert H. - Sergeant
Sykes, Coy - Private
Sykes, Harley A. - Yeoman 2nd Class
Syrkin, Mark - Marines
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Tadlock, Billy
Tadlock, Warren O. - Captain
Tallent, John B. Jr.
Tallent, Robert G. - Sergeant
Tate, George Wilson - Lieutenant
Taylor, Albert - Corporal
Taylor, Andrew Dr. - Army
Taylor, Bob
Taylor, Frank V. - Corporal
Taylor, Harry C.
Taylor, Henry O. Jr. - 2nd Lieutenant
Taylor, Jack - Army
Teague, Asa L. - Seaman 1st Class
Teasdale, L. R. Dr. - Army
Teaster, Charles M. - Private 1st Class
Teeter, M. A. - Sergeant
Teeter, McDaniel Sr.
Temple, Ira - Navy
Temple, William A.
Terasek, Norman F - Sergeant
Terrell, Edgar A. Jr. - Captain
Therrell, James Gaddy - Marines
Thibodeau, Francis R. - 2nd Lieutenant
Thomas, Davis R. - Motor Machinist Mate 2nd Class
Thomas, Ed - Major
Thomas, Grady Lee
Thomas, James L. - Private
Thomas, Troy J. - Corporal
Thompson, Alfred J. - Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class
Thompson, Earnest Clark
Thompson, William W. - Supply Sergeant
Thompson, Margaret - 2nd Lieutenant
Thompson, Milton A. - Navy
Thomson Edward, Lieutenant
Thomson Judith Bullock, Lieutenant
Thornburg, Garland L. - Staff Sergeant
Thornburg, Margaret - Army Nurse
Thornton, Guy R.
Threatt, Jessie Walker
Thrower, Herbert Thacker Jr. - Aviation Cadet
Tillett, John, Jr. – 1st Lt., 9th Army Air Corps
Timmons, W. C. Jr. - Chief Petty Officer
Tipton, John S.
Todd, Carl - Staff Sergeant
Tolbert, A. R. - Staff Sergeant
Tolbert, Theodore
Tomberlin, Franklin Alexander
Tomberlin, Neil P. – Staff Sergeant
Tompkins, S. Austill
Toney, Fred R. - Sergeant
Torrence, Samuel O., Jr. – T-5
Tribble, Hal - Lieutenant jg
Trimmier, Francis K. Jr. - Flight Officer
Trotter, Robert
Troutman, Coit R. Jr. - Sergeant
Troutman, Rena L. - Army Nurse
Tucker, Hugh M. - Seaman 1st Class
Tucker, William R. Jr. - Technical Sergeant
Tucker, Bruce Harwood - Signalman 3rd Class
Tucker, James Jackson – Army to Tucker, James Jackson –Private, Army
Turner, Ben F. – Naval Reserve
Turner, Guy E. - Corporal
Turner, Billie - Private
Turner, Claxton
Turner, Jack Lewis – Staff Sgt., 8th Air Force
Turner, James A. – Lt., USNR
Turner, Joseph Earl - Radioman 2nd Class
Turner, Louie D. – Private 1st Class, Europe
Twining, Nathan F. - Lieutenant General
Tyson, Thomas D. Jr. - Army Dr.
Tyson, William B. - Private
Tyson, Robert M. - Technical Sergeant
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Upchurch, Charles W. Jr. - Lieutenant
Usilowitz, Max - Storekeeper 3rd Class
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Van Echop, George, Jr. – Lt. (jg), Navy, Pacific
Van Every, David H. - Captain
Van Hoy, Joe M. Dr. - Major
Van Ness, James H. – Lt., Navy
Vance, Clyde M. Jr. - Private
Vance, Fred Jr. - Technician 5th Grade
Vance, William - Staff Sergeant
Vassey, Charles S. - Technician 5th Grade
Vaughn, Woodrow – Private 1st Class
Vinson, Thomas J. - Navy
Voltz, Charles - Army
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Wade, Jane - Army Nurse
Wade, William D.
Wafford, William Lawrence
Wagstaff, Conner F. Jr.
Wahlrab, Edward - Gunner's Mate
Waldrop, Exum Lee
Walker, Bernard - Major
Walker, George
Walker, William - Navy
Wall, Loyd - Merchant Marine
Wallace, Albert W.
Wallace, Ernest B. Jr. - Sergeant
Wallace, Fay - Surgical Technician
Wallace, James Mendel
Wallace, Samuel R. – Ensign, USNR
Walls, William
Wallwork, Alan A. - Fireman 2nd Class
Wallwork, Dexter A. - Gunnery Sergeant
Walters, Fred Lewis - Sergeant
Waltman, J. R. - Staff Sergeant
Walton, Robert J. - Technician 5th Grade
Walton, Russell E.
Wanzer, Charles R. - 1st Lieutenant
Ward, Harold E. - Private
Ward, James
Ward, John Vernon - Lieutenant
Ward, Kenneth E. Jr.
Ward, Marion H. - Lieutenant
Ward, S. F.
Ward, C. L. Jr. - Corporal
Ward, Charles
Wardlaw, Charles Digby Jr. - Technician 5th Grade
Ware, Gordon D. Jr. - Navy
Warren, James C. Jr.
Warren, John D. - Technician Sergeant
Warren, Robert O. Y. Dr. - Army
Warren, William Palmer Jr. - Navy
Warwick, Durant G.
Washam, Heath
Washam, J. Ray
Washington, Emanuel
Washington, Raymond
Watkins, Chelsey C. Jr.
Watkins, George S.
Watson, William P. - Sergeant
Webb, Charles
Webb, James Rufus
Weeks, Harry - Lieutenant jg
Weisner, Bill - Captain
Welborn, J. Everette - Chief Carpenter’s Mate
Welborn, Robert J. - Seaman 2nd Class
Welling, Richard M. - Major
Wells, Elva E. - Army Nurse
Wells, Francis B. - Lieutenant jg
Wells, Theodore Edward
Welsh, Robert B. - 2nd Lieutenant
Wentz, Charles R.
Wentz, D. F. - Corporal
Wentz, Delwin Ashby Jr.
Werts, Arthur P. Jr. - Lieutenant Colonel
Wesson, Ray - Chief Petty Officer
West, James Jernigan
Westmoreland, Billy - Private 1st Class
Westmoreland, Emanuel - Private
Westmoreland, Thomas - Corporal
Wheden, Parker
Whisnant, A. M., Jr. – Europe, Washington, D. C.
White, Cary C.
White, Chalmers H.
White, Earl W. - Captain
White, Edgar E.
White, Francis J. - Staff Sergeant
White, Gene
White, Hugh - Captain
White, Perry W. - Lieutenant
White, Russell Stevens
White, Thomas Preston Dr. - Army
White, Ware W. - Army Nurse
White, Esker
White, Polly Bell - Army Nurse
White, William
Whiteside, John - Sergeant
Whitesides, Joseph A. - Private
Whitfield, Fitzhugh L.
Whiting, Brainard S.
Whitley, Charles W. - Master Sergeant
Whitlock, Paul Jr. - Captain
Whitlow, Franklin - Navy
Whitsett, Lemuel D. III - Seaman 1st Class
Whitted, Thomas B. Jr.
Whittier, Raymond W. Dr. - Army
Wilcox, James S. Jr.
Wilcox, William M. Jr.
Wiley, Garnett - Corporal
Wilkinson, Harry E., Jr. – Ensign, Naval Reserve
Wilkes, John - Rear Admiral
Wilkes, Robert Archie - Carpenter's Mate 2nd Class
Willard, Charles R. - Captain
Williams, Bob - Private 1st Class
Williams, Bradford - Private
Williams, C. L. - Captain
Williams, C. V. - Sergeant
Williams, Charles - Seaman
Williams, Clairmount C. - Sergeant
Williams, Clyde A. - Seaman 2nd Class
Williams, Delmer - Private
Williams, Earl - Corporal
Williams, Eugene Howard - Staff Sergeant
Williams, Evelyn G. - Seaman 1st Class
Williams, Frank - Seaman 1st Class
Williams, Horace J. “Pete” - Petty Officer 1st Class
Williams, Jack Newton - Army
Williams, Jackson C. - Aviation Machinist Mate 1st Class
Williams, Jane - Army Nurse
Williams, John - Private 1st Class
Williams, Kenneth D. - 2nd Lieutenant
Williams, McChord Dr.
Williams, Melvin - Sergeant
Williams, Olin - Private
Williams, Robert E. L. Jr. - 2nd Lieutenant
Williams, W. H. Jr. - Captain
Williams, George
Williams, Joe
Williams, Obadiah
Williams, Raymond A. Jr. - Seaman 2nd Class
Williamson, Eugene C. - Staff Sgt., 395th Infantry Reg., 99th Div., Army
Williamson, James A. - Technical Sergeant
Williamson, Robert L. - Private
Willis, Forrist
Wilson, Baxter B. Jr. - 1st Lieutenant
Wilson, Carl D. - Staff Sergeant
Wilson, Carl O. Sr. - Technician Fifth Class
Wilson, George H.
Wilson, James E. – Private 1st Class
Wilson, John Samuel
Wilson, John William
Wilson, William M. - Seaman 2nd Class
Wilson, Woodrow L.
Winchester, Rush B. - Lieutenant
Wingate, Leslie R. - Navy
Wingate, T. H. - Lieutenant
Winters, Arline
Winters, Louise - Surgical Technician
Winters, Virginia - Cadet Nurse
Wisdom, Stanley - Torpedoman’s Mate 3rd Class
Wise, Adrian Lee –Lt., USMC, Pacific
Wister, Charles Emery
Withers, Charles Albert - Ships Cook 3rd Class
Witter, Edwin A. – Army
Woerner, Phillip - Private
Wolfe, Daniel H., Jr. – Lt., USMCR
Wolfson, B. F. - Lieutenant Colonel
Wood, George Hall
Wood, George T. Jr. - Army Dr.
Wood, Helen - Army Nurse
Woodford, Phillip R. - 2nd Lieutenant
Woodle, McNair - Sergeant
Woods, Carl H. Jr. - Corporal
Woods, Jack F. – Tech. Sgt., Navy then later Army Air Force
Woodside, Margaret - Army Nurse
Woodside, Milton H. - 1st Lieutenant
Woody, Jack
Worrell, Howard D. - Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class
Worrell, Joe C. - Staff Sergeant
Worrell, William - Sergeant
Wray, Joe E. - Sergeant
Wright, Charles Calhoun - Ensign
Wright, Harold S. Dr. - Army
Wright, Harry L. - Lieutenant Commander
Wright, Huck
Wright, Herman D. - Sergeant
Wright, Lenoir - Navy Lieutenant
Wyatt, Robert J., Jr. – Army, Europe and North Africa
Wyche, Benjamin - Army Lieutenant
Wyndham, James William - Seaman
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Yandell, Charles - Lieutenant
Yandle, Hazel - Private
Yandle, Luke S. - Private
Yandle, Marcus Eason - Radioman 2nd Class
Yandle, Paul E. - Corporal
Yandle, Samuel - Private
Yandle, Bryan W. - Corporal
Yarborough, Winfred Y. - Corporal
Yarbrough, Layton E. - Technical Sergeant
Yoos, Herman Robert, Jr. – Ensign, U. S. Coast Guard
Young, Dolph M. Jr.
Young, L. Frank - Staff Sergeant
Young, Peter Marshall Brown - Lieutenant jg
Young, Richard L. - Technician 5th Grade
Youngblood, William L. - Sergeant
Youngblood, Glenn - Navy
Younts, Paul R. - Colonel
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Zeman, Paul V. - Sergeant
Zimmerman, Oscar C. – Captain, Marines
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