Ernest Rufus “Red” Evans (1903 – 1973)

"Red" Evans
Originally from Dodgeville, Wisconsin, Ernest Rufus “Red” Evans began his pitching career with the Omaha Packers, a Nebraska Minor League Ball Club. While with the Packers in 1933, Evans pitched a double header and won both games. Evans became the ace pitcher for the Valdese Textiles in 1937 and was known for not putting up with any of the antics of other ball players. When Valdese played against the Charlotte Hornets, Evans was well aware of the tampered balls used by pitcher Bud Shaney. The latter was notorious for inserting phonograph needles in his balls before pitching. The team produced their own set of tamper-free balls. Evans handed two dozen balls to the umpire C. T. Skidmore and along with some profanity told Skidmore, "Don't miss a ball or strike on me at any time, and use these baseballs. If they beat me, they will do it using good baseballs.