John B. Readman (1851 - 1903)

Readman first appears in the Charlotte directory around 1899. (Maloney’s Charlotte City Directory, 1899-1900, p. 436.) Born in New York in April of 1851, his father was from England and his mother was a New Yorker. Readman’s studio was located at 18 South Tryon Street, and he lived in a boarding house on 3rd Street. (US Population Schedule, Mecklenburg County, Charlotte, North Carolina, 1900, p. 14A.) By 1902, his wife, Emily, joined him, and they lived at 237 South Tryon Street, which was just a few blocks down from Readman’s Studio that was now located at 27 South Tryon Street. (Walsh’s Charlotte City Directory, 1902, page 408.) Sadly, John Readman died in 1903.
Above, cabinet card of Sydenham Alexander after his marriage to Mary Robertson in 1898.
From Mary Brevard Alexander Howell Papers