Rembrandt Studio

In 1913, the couple renamed their business Rembrandt Studio, which was the first Charlotte business to display electrical signs. (The Charlotte Observer, 7 August 1948, p. 10A) It was originally located at 127 ½ North Tryon Street. After Otis’ death in 1935, Sarah "Sallie" continued to run the studio. In 1938, she moved the studio to 139 West Fourth Street. (Hill’s Charlotte, North Carolina City Directory, 1938 p. 548.) In 1944, Sarah Rader sold the studio to Elizabeth Brumfield, who was a popular Charlotte photographer for a number of years. (Hill’s Charlotte, North Carolina Directory, 1944, 629, and The Charlotte Observer, 6 September 1986, p. 14 A.) Sarah Rader died on August 8, 1948.
Advertisement from The Caduceus, October 19, 1918, p. 7.