Alton Waller Franklin (1879 - ?)

These three lovely portraits show the romantic style of Alton Waller Franklin, who was born around 1879 in Petersburg, Virginia. He worked as a photographer from 1905 to sometime in the 1920s. Around 1908, Franklin became an itinerant partner with a Mr. Hicks, who is listed in the 1909 Charlotte City directory, and his studio was located at 1 West Fifth Street. (Walsh’s City Directory, 1909, p. 221.) According to the 1920 city directory and the census, he employed Inez or Meg Flowers as an artist in his studio. The young woman boarded with Franklin and his wife, Claudia, in their home at 302 North Tryon Street. (Miller’s Charlotte, NC City and Suburban Directory, 1920, p.260 and Fourteenth Census, 1920, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, ED 132, p. 13A.)

From the Craft Family Papers