Camp Greene Hospital by the Moons, 1918

In September of 1917, the Moons received permission to photograph individuals or groups. However, as many of the panoramas reveal, Moon did shoot buildings and other areas of Camp Greene that were off limits. Records indicate that their privileges may have been revoked because on November 10, 1917, a memo from Brigadier General Wedgewood reissued a pass to the Moons with the same restrictions. (10 November 1917, Memo from Brigadier General George A. Wedgewood, Camp Greene Headquarters, Charlotte, North Carolina, National Archives, Washington, DC). Whatever the case, between 1917 and 1918, the Moons photographed Army military companies, buildings and a mix of soldiers and buildings. (23, June 1918, Military Pass, Captain Louie G. Huffman, Headquarters, Camp Greene Headquarters, National Archives, Washington, DC.) Panoramic shots from the World-War-One era and beyond can be seen in the Carolina Room.