Clang, Clang Clang Went Charlotte's Trolley

Streetcars or trolleys first appeared in Charlotte in 1887 as a mule-drawn operation. In 1891, The Charlotte Consolidated Construction Company, commonly known as the Four C's, contracted with the Edison Electric Company to install an electric trolley system. This mode of transportation connected Charlotte's various neighborhoods and remained popular until the advent of automobiles and buses. In March of 1938, streetcar No. 85 became the last trolley to run on the streets of Charlotte. Today good, old No. 85 continues to run from the Charlotte Trolley Museum as a means of creating interest in revitalizing the streetcar system. Many Charlotteans advocate the return of the streetcar as a means of easing the city's congested roads and highways.

View of one of the early trolleys.

The last trolley comes to a stop in 1938.