Baumgarten vs. Broadaway

In 1872, Baumgarten and Broadaway became entangled in a lawsuit that dragged on for a number of years. Apparently, Baumgarten bought out Broadaway's business with a stipulation that Broadaway not open another studio in Charlotte for ten years. It soon became obvious that Broadaway never meant to keep this part of the agreement, and Baumgarten filed suit. Shortly after the case went to trial, an injunction was issued preventing Broadaway from offering his photography services in Charlotte. The matter eventually made its way to the North Carolina Supreme Court which ruled in favor of Baumgarten. (North Carolina Supreme, Court, 77:8, Baumgarten v. Broadaway, 8 June 1877, p. 77) By 1880, Broadaway was living with his family and working as a photographer in Greenville, South Carolina. (Eleventh Census, 1880, Population Schedule, Greenville County, Greenville, South Carolina, ED 80, p. 22.)